Sunday, November 1, 2020

Spring Ahead, Fall Back – Going Back in Time - My First Mom Connection

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Nov. 1st I was awake at 7 but actually remembered that it was now only 6 so rolled over again. I dozed off a bit and then at 6:30 Standard Time, we both got up to greet this day. The temperature is a cold 2C/37F but no frost on the windshields. All the same it is nice that we don’t have to get up and go anywhere this morning.

My first taste of what's to come
a wet and sloppy drive to Port Elgin

We had our coffee and tea at our laptops upstairs and then after some cereal and a coffee at 10:30, I drove Ptooties to Port Elgin. We needed some bread plus a few meat items for the freezer. I was happy to find exactly what I needed plus a couple of extra things at my first stop. Giant Tiger had the good bread on that Bill likes so after finding all the things on my list, and probably cheaper, I didn’t have to stop at Independent.

I thought this would be the only evidence so took a picture
boy, was I wrong!

The drive over was interesting enough. It was just very light showers, off and on, when I left the house but I drove through heavier rain and then disappearing wet snow flakes. It didn’t amount to anything nor did it interfere with my driving but it was a strong hint at what was coming soon. It had stopped by the time I reached Port Elgin, 15 minutes later. 😊

I texted Bill when I was on my way home and he pulled Black Beauty out of the back spot so I could get in there first. We back in, making it easier for getting out in the mornings. Nice that they have a double wide, almost triple in spots, driveway for all the ‘wheels’. Their son and his girlfriend live upstairs in their building next door and use the same drive with their cars so it is a full house.

Looking out the front, the snow made a lot of squigglies in my view

I separated the big and little sausages plus the chicken thighs into individual meal packs for freezing. I thought 12 thighs for $10 to be a pretty good price and they look good. They do have the skin and bone but we don’t mind that. With those in the freezer, I tried a snack recipe for Maple Pecan Brittle. Just a small batch and it is in the freezer for an hour to see if it hardens. If so, it will be a ‘nibble’ keto snack.

My sister, Donna, and Gerry are coming for a visit this afternoon so we are expecting them at 2. It will be different, entertaining (so to speak) here so we had to make sure (with crossed fingers) Wes and Susan didn’t mind. It was on the list of questions we asked them on our first meeting with them. Feeding guests won’t be as easy so will have to figure that out over time but Bill is sure we can work it out.

And there was enough on the ground and on their car
to say it 'snowed' today

We had a lovely visit with D & G, before and after taking them on a tour and introducing them to Wes and Susan. Everyone hit it off and the 2 ½ hours went by swimmingly. Donna and I had a tea and sat with Susan while Gerry and Bill had a rum and Coke and got a tour in the bank from Wes. It was an extended happy hour. By the time they were ready to leave at 5, their car was covered in you know what and so was the grass. Yeuch! That earlier wet rainy snow stuff had taken on some substance!

supper was perfect for a snowy Sunday

I put our 3 ½ lb. beef roast in Madame IP and told Bill that supper would be late tonight. No worries, we’re not on any schedule although there is another Hallmark movie at 6 Bill will have to watch between upstairs and downstairs in the kitchen. 😊 The snow had stopped and as we moved up to the bedroom to wait for supper, I looked out the window. Yup, darkness has fallen already by 5:30. We are supposed to get more white stuff overnight so will see what our morning brings.

through our bedroom window before supper

Oh, me oh, my! Supper was wonderful! The roast beef was perfect, the potatoes and gravy were perfect and the corn delicious too. I pat myself on the back and yet Madame IP gets 90% of the credit on that meal. Yummy for a snowy Sunday night dinner. Bill watched the movie and I worked on the crossword puzzle finishing it before we did the dishes up.

Today, I got my first (because I know there will be more) message
from Mom
I missed it but Bill pointed out on the front of our (W & S's) building
is a Veteran memorial banner
No big deal, right, they are in a lot of small towns
Yes big deal
this one is my Aunt Fern, Mom's older and only living sister
My heart is swelling right now
As Donna says, "she knows where I am"
Good night!

Upstairs, he rejoined our hosts in the theatre room and I had my shower. I’m not feeling too tired today and I guess I really shouldn’t. It has been a nice low-key day with some shopping and some family and friend visiting. Now the work week can begin again in a new month. Whatever will November bring?

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  1. You knew it was coming and that's why you got those Tires.
    Glad you were able to visit.
    It's amazing how after we lose someone dear to us there are signs sent to us as a way to say they are good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yup indeed! Got the tires just on time! :)
      I love the little signs. I received a lot from Daddy, really prominent ones for the first year when no one else did so I'm hoping Mom shows her colours too. Donna has received more to this point, we get goosebumps. :)

  2. Hmmm I don't envy you the snow, but it sure is pretty.

  3. Yuck is right! I'm tired of cold weather already and it has just started.

    Lovely to get a message from you mom. Take care, and stay well.

  4. That's awesome about your Aunt Fern. That would give me goose bumps. Looks like your living environment is working out well for everyone.

  5. My Moms name was Fern. Not too many of those around

    1. You're right. They had plain names back then. Fern, Marjorie, Joan, Don, Fred, Jerry, Harold - at least those in Mom's family. :)

  6. Our snow is gone now and the weather was super today. A balmy 16 C. This probably will not last long, but I will take it.

    Seems as if your living arrangements for this winter are working well.

    God bless.

    1. Yay! about the weather because we know come Wednesday through Sunday, we're getting that warm stuff too! :) thanks for sending it along!