Monday, November 23, 2020

I Think I Can, I Think I Can’t, Can I? Yes, I Did!


Paisley, On

Monday, Nov. 23rd was a morning of indecision. Bill was up at his normal 5:30 and off to work by 6:30. I got up at my normal of 7:15 and went downstairs to make my tea. I packed a wee lunch snack of pepperettes (so good!), cut some cheese and got my thermos ready for a coffee-to-go. Upstairs, I downloaded a media player program onto Bill’s laptop, as he requested.

so, it looked pretty good from this vantage point
but it was too early to go

Oh!!! I need to tell you that Patrick, my IT guy who happens to be my son, got me set up so easily last night with a media player 'thingy'! It was first nice to talk to him again so soon and then to follow the ‘easy for Mom’ steps downloading and installing the program. Woohoo! We had a nice conversation about a few different ways to move me out of the ‘stone ages’, as he called it. 😊 He’s way ahead of us in his media/computer/tv stuff but that’s okay. I'm very appreciative for his help and often think, even though he is good at his cabinetry work, that he missed his calling.

The little external dvd player

As for me, (still last night) after Bill went in to watch his two movies and after my conversation with my #1 son (and only son) I popped in the Bee Gees dvd and sat on the bed with my book and my video playing on my laptop. Works like a charm! Bill’s daughter has a small tv we gave her a while back that she is regifting us. That means I can sit on the bed and watch a movie from across the room using the bigger screen. Winter is looking better all the time. I was still awake, reading when Bill came in at 11 and after he crawled into bed, I finished a couple more chapters before turning the light out. I was on a ‘high’.

Ptooties just doesn't know what to think
she is pretty in white but.........

This morning, back to my indecisiveness. I decided around 8:30 that, since the pavement was just wet, not snow covered and there was no precipitation falling, I would go to work. 

So, leaving Paisley area, the roads are good and the
evergreens are pretty

Easier said than done. I left around 9 after chatting with Susan for a bit and encountered on the southbound stretch of Bruce County Rd. 3 a bit of greasy pavement. Hmmm, I’d go a bit further and see what it was like at the corner that turns me east onto #4 hwy to Walkerton.

Then it got 'greasy'
I don't like greasy too much but I was careful

By then, it had changed and the pavement was clear. Good. By the time I passed through Walkerton and came out the other side, the roads again were snow covered and track bare. 

It wasn't getting any better so I was debating
at this point
'what to do, what to do'

Making it worse, at Hanover it was snowing big wet flakes. Not amounting to anything much BUT making the roads greasy again. What to do, what do do? I made a decision and pulled into Walmart at the very south end of town to get some groceries. 

And approaching Hanover, more indecision
So, I stopped at Walmart, texted Jamie and went for groceries

Looking further out of town towards Durham, it didn’t look good so I texted Jamie and told him I was turning around for home. I was in the store maybe 20 minutes and when I walked outside it was like a new day. No snow falling and it had warmed up by a couple of degrees. The pavement, from traffic, had cleared and was just wet. It was another 20 minutes to the Mat so I texted Jamie again with a quip about my entitlement to change my mind. 😊

'Um, Jamie? I'm going to the Mat'

The rest of the drive to Durham was fine, although it wasn’t warm, sunny, 82F as our buddy, Rob, assured me it was! I think he was in a state of ‘I wanna be in Arizona’ too. Ha ha, I got a kick out of his forecast. Needless to say, I finished cleaning the Mat, with just one ‘new’ customer who needed a bit of direction with the machines (hasn’t used a laundromat in decades), within the hour and headed for home.

The windows of the Mat were decorated for the season
I wondered if Emma or Aaron did that

I liked it!

And then I noticed every store front in Durham had the same
paintings on the windows
A town project - Cool!

Bill had texted that he too would soon be home so that would be nice. It was too wet for them to work on the roof of Murray’s bunky and they’d finished the Hanover fence first thing. Wes was home when I arrived and since Bill’s parcel was reported to be at the post office, after some soup, I walked to pick it up. When I returned, my sweetie had backed in the lane and was just taking his overalls off. This was his replacement jacket and it is a perfect fit this time. Happy man.

Leaving the place clean, I told Jamie it was done

Wet floor! Be careful!

We sat together for a while and when he crawled up on the bed for a snooze, I read a few chapters of my book. It will be another fast read. Around 3, I hopped in the shower and then went down to make my afternoon tea. We both agreed on a simple, no-nonsense, not good for us, supper of Kraft dinner and wieners. There were a few ribs leftover from last night but not enough for a meal. I checked online at the library site and was surprised that my 'hold' book was ready for pick up. They said they would either call or email so I was a bit disappointed. Then I realized that they aren't open today so they'll probably notify me tomorrow. I'll be ready for it!

Leaving Durham for home, things were clear for me

At 5:30 we went down to get our supper and it was a fast meal but still tasted pretty good. Bill had the leftover mixed vegetables and I had some canned tomatoes. I know my buddy Rob would be jealous of that! 😊 After dishes, we came up to our room. Bill had a movie to watch at 7 but after the first couple of minutes, realized they’d just seen it last week. He read his book until 9 when he went back in for the next 'new' Christmas movie.

Leaving Hanover, must be the Saugeen River again

I don't think the clouds are done with us yet but you can
see that we don't really have any snow up here

I worked on my blog, read a bit and then at 9 popped in my own movie! Yay! Tonight, The Adjustment Bureau filled my small laptop screen. I was quite content. This was a different kind of day as I realized how weather can play a big part in my life. One minute I think I’m going to work, the next I’m thinking I’m not and then finally that’s where I ended up. LOL a funny day indeed. It wasn’t terribly cold today either, reaching 3C/38F without sunshine. I found it to be a decent day all in all.

Our poor man's supper

A piece of mixed berry pie with ice cream
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we were up to on this Monday.


  1. We got about 20 cm. of that muck. It took me awhile to clean off the Vibe and Mr. M had to get the tractor going to get rid of the snowbank. By the time we got sorted here the highway to town was clear and wet.

    1. Wow! That's a lot of snow! I know you cleaned the car off but I hope it wasn't because you had to be somewhere. I like the option, should I stay or should I go even though a tough decision sometimes! haha

  2. That was a lot of back and forth decision making. I thought of you today while watching Deep Impact with your girl Madame Secretary.

    1. Ha ha yes but it all worked out. Seems I got worked up over nothing! LOL
      Ah yes, haven't seen Tea for a long time!

  3. That's great that you were able to get your laptop setup the way you want, and that the roads cleared up and you had a safe drive to and from the mat. I think it was a smart move to stop when you did and fortunately the weather turned for the better :-)

    1. Thanks MT. I'm sure there are going to be many of those indecisive days!

  4. And that is why I have four-wheel drive vehicles ... and I don't even live in the snow!! LOL Your dinner looks perfect to me. I love ANY kind of mac n cheese. At least you are getting out and about!!!

    1. The SUV is all wheel drive and I feel pretty safe in it but still don't like what greasiness can do to a vehicle. :S 4 wheel drive is a must for living in the desert too!

  5. Love the windows in town! You have to do what you're comfortable with and I'm sure Jamie understands. Dessert looks oh so yummy.

  6. Glad you were able to get your laptop set up for movie watching. I'm sure it will be even better when you have a television screen to connect to.

    Perhaps the weather is making the decision how much longer you'll be continuing to work at the Mat. I wonder if there is something in Paisley for you?

    Take care and stay well!

  7. You see a lot of the Saugeen River on your travels! It flows through Durham, Hanover and Walkerton!

  8. Cold here, but no more snow as of yet.

    I use our youngest son Kris for a computer/techie expert. We wait until he comes home and always have a list handy for him to help with. He usually just shakes his head and smiles at us.

    God bless.

  9. I could hear the whole discussion in my head. I do not miss driving on snow covered slippery roads. Glad the road conditions took a turn for the better and you were able to finish the drive safely.