Monday, November 9, 2020

Two Great Days Bundled Together

Paisley and Fort Erie, On

Bill and I slept in until almost 7:30 before getting up on Sunday, Nov. 9th. Today is Bill’s step-mom, Marilynne’s birthday. She is 85 today. We had some cereal at 8:30 after our showers and packed a bag for overnight. The drive to Fort Erie was 3 ½ hours so we left at 10:45 and arrived at Bill’s step-sister, Caroline’s house at 2:15. We met out front and the boys discreetly moved the vehicles out of the drive and down the street.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive and a birthday

going over the Burlington skyway

The Bridge over Lake Ontario and Burlington Bay
allowed freighters to pass under

Chris, Caroline’s husband, drove the 10 minutes to pick Marilynne up, just for the afternoon. 😊 It was a surprise and when she opened the door to the back patio, she was overwhelmed. Very cool, surprising someone like that. The weather was gorgeous and we were blessed to be able to sit outside for the 3 hours before we left for supper. Caroline planned this day in September and after the snowfall last weekend, who knew what we’d be facing today.

Entering Niagara Falls so almost to our destination of Fort Erie

We had drinks and laughs and nibbles for Happy Hour and then drove to The Barrel, a few minutes away, for our meal. 

I'd say she was surprised

I ordered a panzerotti and a Caesar and Bill had fish and chips and a coffee. He was being good as he had to drive to the motel afterwards and had consumed a rum and Coke at their house. Supper was good and there was cake and other goodies for dessert. We were all very full and a few of us had doggie bags.

Marilynne wearing her hat of honour

Bill's 2 sisters on the left, their husbands, Chris and Caroline
his Mom and Marilynne centre stage

She enjoyed her cards and gifts but most of all
she enjoyed the surprise and the company

We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and drove the 10 minutes to The Comfort Inn Fallsview in Niagara Falls. Both Bill and I were happy not to have to drive home and happy to have booked the day off Monday. The room was nice, very sparse compared to what you usually see in motel rooms. No books, no channel card and just the basics for coffee, tea and bathroom essentials but that was okay since we mostly wanted to read and sleep.

At the restaurant, there was a gathering of the 'Vettes
so we admired them as we went in

Although the owner of this one doesn't know how to park,
it was chosen as a favourite

Happy Birthday, Marilynne!

I opted for a Red Velvet cupcake

On Monday, Nov. 9th we were awake at our normal time around 6:30 because it was 10 or so when we turned the lights off Sunday night. Early to bed, early to rise even though some of you have an earlier bedtime and an earlier rising. 😊 You know who you are! We didn’t bother with a coffee in the room although the supplies were there, instead we got washed, dressed and packed up by 8.

Couldn't find anything good on television
so read our books instead
We missed the finale of Why Women Kill so hope to catch it
through the week one night

The motel had given us a coupon for a $7.99 breakfast buffet across the street at the Country Chalet Restaurant. We checked out by 8:30 and walked down to eat. Because of Covid-19 rules there are different too. Instead of us helping ourselves to a walk-along buffet, the waitress gracefully brought us a tray of food to our table. We ordered coffees and juice and were waited on. Scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, home fries and ham, enough for two and then some. She even offered to refill anything we wanted. When we thought we’d had our fill, she brought Greek yogourt and dishes of fruit. It was really a nice meal.

The room was perfect for what we needed
and at a great rate

From Niagara, we drove to Guelph where we stopped at Regency Fireplace Products to see Bridgette, on the job, briefly. Their rules, governed by head office in B.C., were stricter still. We couldn’t go in but she could come out to see us, and we had to remain masked. Rules are rules and if we wanted to see her, we follow them. I wanted to give my children a small monetary gift from our inheritance plus one of Mom’s brooches. She was quite surprised and pleased. She’ll wear the sunflower pin often, I’m sure. 😊  (We snuck a hug)

The morning view

Just a couple hundred feet to the restaurant

The platter of food brought to our table
More if you wanted it

It was excellent for the price

Our last stop was 10 minutes away at Costco where we picked up the dairy items on our list and found some clothing items that were too hard to resist. Bill was thrilled to find a cheque from Costco for over $50 which decreased our already small total. Yay! After a fill-up for a ridiculously low 89.9¢/litre we left Costco’s parking lot and headed home. The traffic on Sunday was crazy and it was pretty busy today as well. It is a work day after all.

Beautiful day again for a drive

Across the bridge again headed west

We arrived home by 1:30 and unloaded all of our stuff, groceries included. It is always nice to get away but boy it is nice to get home too. Even to this home, where we feel ‘at’ home now. After emptying bags and suitcases etc., we curled up on the bed, spooned together and surprisingly slept. For Bill, not so surprising but for me, I went out like a light for almost an hour! We obviously needed that siesta. When we got up, I was thrilled that Michael finally received his registered letter so I can rest easy about that now too.

Bridgette's place of employment, locked down like a vault
for safety

Bill had a notice from the post office that an expected parcel was waiting for pick up so we had a cup of tea first and then walked together to check for it. Sure enough, there was more mail, even though Susan had been up today. Sometimes, the delivery is late and sometimes not sorted as promptly as they expect. Bill’s happy, I’m happy and all is good. We sat with our books until it was time to heat up supper. Leftovers tonight, nice and easy.

Gorgeous sky!

Pretty towns on our drive home

We went down around 5:30 and I warmed up the mac & cheese with wieners for Bill and the leftover panzerotti for me. It was very good and we cleaned up the Jell-o for dessert. That freed up a bit of space in the fridge too. 😊 After dishes, Bill made his lunch for tomorrow and joined me upstairs. He read while I caught up on this 2-day posting. This has been an awesome weekend and Monday for us in every way.

This gorgeous Presbyterian church in Harriston with a stunning steeple
caught my eye in both directions

And to top it off, I’m just chatting on FB Messenger with my siblings spread across Canada and we are all feeling so blessed with our loving connection to each other. Mom has brought us closer still even though distance sometimes keeps us apart. I hope you have all had a wonderful couple of days too.

this windmill outside of Paisley means
we're almost home

And before going down to start supper, this view
out the upstairs hall window
Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. How about early to bed and late to rise, all based on the caregivers' schedules!

  2. Among my favorite parts of what you wrote - boy is it nice to get home...this home..where we feel "at home" now. I'm so glad it's working out that way for all your sakes. What a great season you have had for seeing family,very nice. - Mary

    1. Thank you Mary, that is important, isn't it? Feeling at home wherever we find ourselves planted. :)

  3. What a wonderful two days you have had. I am glad that you are feeling "at home" now.

    God bless.

  4. What a super fun getaway!! Home is where you lay your hat ... and it appears to be in a very nice home at the moment!! Kind of a different vacation from your normal digs.

    1. It was a fun couple of days. Not as young as we used to be so motels are places to crash! haha
      That was a different vacation for us. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Marilynne! She looks awesome for 85! I stayed at the same motel many years ago with my volunteers ...good memories! The Red Velvet would have been my choice too. Oh that breakfast!! Beautiful pictures today and looks like awesome weather too. Nice to be able to give your kids a nice surprise! Good for you mom!

    1. Thanks Shirley. Too funny about the motel! :)
      It was a nice treat to get out and away for a night and a couple of good meals.

  6. Everything was beautiful. How cute that Marilynne matched the chairs!

  7. Elva, you are probably the only one to notice that Marilynne matched the chairs!!! That's so cute! :)

  8. Nice that you were able to attend Marilynne's Special Birthday.
    It also made for scratching the Itch a bit. LOL.
    Just getting caught up again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.