Saturday, November 7, 2020

More Gorgeous Weather, The Joy of a Grandchild Makes for a Joyful Collage Collection

Paisley, On

It was 6:45 am when I first opened my eyes enough to glance at the clock on Saturday, Nov. 7th. Bill was still deep in sleep and we both got up around 7:15. Another lovely day was forming outside the window and I decided to slip out for a walk before my tea. Bill went down and made a coffee to start his day. We enjoy our first drinks up here on a weekend, as we read blogs to see what our friends are up to.

It was a very peaceful walk this morning before the town woke up
The pigeons on the old hotel and those flying
were the only movement

The Legionaires are creative with their propane tanks
Never miss an opportunity

I love this shot of the Saugeen River as I started my walk

The Pump House and Hose Tower portrayed an early
morning glow
It looks like a light is on but it is the sun shining through

Searching for the playground, I found it by the ball diamond
Two painted dugouts, the playground and a barn quilt

I wanted to double check for myself exactly how far it was to the playground area. It was going to be the type of day where we could entertain one little 1 ½ year old for a while. Susan was doing her laundry so after we sorted ours into two loads, I set it aside for later. Jess and Matt arrived with Easton around 11:30 and we welcomed them into the home to meet Wes and Susan.

First, we played blocks

We hung out in the games room and Easton was mostly entertained by playing with the large Lego blocks I’d picked up last summer for him. I’m so glad I did now! Jess had brought him some toys but isn’t it more fun to play with ‘new’ ones anyway? 😊 Our hosts were kind enough to eat first, and I know they planned a quick lunch for our benefit, and at 12:30 said the table was all ready for us.

Then we ate

And Easton ate too

I’d made up macaroni and cheese with weiners for lunch and heated some microwave ‘bites’ as well. Easton did really well, I thought, after Jess saying he eats at Day Care but not so good at home. He fed himself the noodles with a big fork and with little mess which impressed me. Jess said he’d never had Jell-o but he ate some for his dessert. We cleaned up after lunch and I loaded the dishwasher in our little kitchen. Saves taking time away from our visit.

Then we walked

We slipped on our shoes and went for a walk down along the Saugeen River to one of the playgrounds I’d found. It was 2 ½ blocks behind us and it was enough. Little Easton ran (or strutted) from one slide to the next, to the teeter totter (which he’d never experienced before) and then on the little springy horse things. These latter pieces of equipment are not often found in normal playgrounds anymore. He had fun and so did we, watching him go down the slides.

We did some running with sticks
Then we had to check out all 3 slides

We returned home around 2:30 and packed up the toys for another time. After saying goodbye to Wes and Susan and us, the small family, soon to be one more, loaded up and headed for home. It’s about 2 hours for them home to Stratford. We enjoyed having them and we are thankful to our hosts for accommodating the visit. They wouldn’t say so but it must be weird for them to have our company in their home.

Checking out something new to Easton
A teeter totter
Of course, we all had to check it out
Bottom right, Jess and baby on one end - no contest against Matt and Easton
Me on one end - no contest against Bill

Now it was time for us to do our laundry so I took the basket downstairs and popped the first load in at 3. We were both feeling quite pooped, sometimes just planning something new and different takes a lot more out of us than we’d think. We stretched out on the bed for an afternoon siesta while the wash was being done downstairs. I actually didn’t sleep though, instead got further into my book. It’s getting good after the first couple of chapters.

Another new thing

At 5, I went down to switch the 2nd wash load into the dryer and bring the first load up for folding. We weren’t overly hungry after our big lunch so decided on a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. We were ready to start it around 6 and had things cleaned up for the first Christmas movie at 7. I might sit with them to see if I like it and if not, I’ll come back to our room to read. It’s a Hallmark and I have only found less than a handful I can tolerate. 😊

A repeat of the slides again, a few times on his belly
Giggling all the way

The walk home
Matt was showing him how to grab an armful of leaves and toss them
I LOVE the big pix on the left - Look at Easton's face
"Are you really asking me to do this, Dada?"

This was a fun day. We had a really nice visit with Jess and Matt and Easton never ceases to make us laugh, brightening up an already great day.

A simple supper of grilled cheese and onion
and Jell-o for dessert

And our company left after a fun visit
Good night!

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Those little ones are so precious and bring many smiles to us grandparents. You and Bill seem to be adjusting to your new winter home. The homeowners seem to be very accommodating. We watched 2 Hallmark Christmas movies last night. I'm a sucker for sappy movies. Did you make it through yours?

    1. They sure do bring wonderful joy.
      Wes and Susan are great landlords. 😁
      I made it through but played games on my phone the whole time. Lol

  2. What a fun visit with Easton (and his parents). He's sure getting big and soon will be a big brother too! That will be fun.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. He's a very happy little guy although Jess sayss testing the terrible 2's early.

  3. Beautiful photo of the Saugeen River from the bridge. Looking at the photo with Easton on your hand walking to the playground its unbelievable that you are the grandmother and not his mom ;-)

  4. The ones of Easton tossing the leaves is precious, what a treasure spending time with wee little family is.I'm so glad you got the chance,-Mary

  5. Lovely photos, your grandson looks like he is having a wonderful time.

    God bless.

  6. Easton just gets cuter and cuter! Looks like a wonderful afternoon for you all! Matt reminds me of my sons, shorts and flip flops no matter what the weather (maybe tennis shoes sometimes)..I love Christmas movies even though you always know the happy ending...haha.

    1. You think they can't get any cuter, then they do. :)
      My son is the same, with the shorts and flip flops and a tee shirt usually. It was a warm day at least, so I didn't even have socks on! haha
      Yup, you and Bill could spend an evening or two or three watching those movies. :D