Monday, November 30, 2020

Calm Before the Storm? Easy Day

Paisley, On

On Monday, Nov. 30th we both looked out the window when we first got out of bed. I knew Bill must have liked what he saw as he carried on and got ready for work. When I checked, yup, wet but no white precipitation in the air or on the ground. I knew what we were told was coming though, this afternoon, evening and tomorrow. The forecast is for less than an inch today but overnight and tomorrow between 3 to 5”.

No special pictures today, just a paved country road

So, I had my tea upstairs after getting washed and dressed. It was around 7:30 when I made my coffee-to-go (it’s my ‘done work’ drink for on the way home) and packed some cheese and a pepperette and headed out by 7:45. So, let’s take the ‘shortcut’ today since it isn’t snowing. That worked well, less traffic, good roads and albeit only one slow down on Concession 8 for about 5 minutes, I shaved at least 10 minutes off my travel time.

That isn’t a lot but avoiding Walkerton and Hanover (where we're slowed down to 50km/hr for a long stretch) is a bonus anyway. A familiar customer was at the Mat and we chatted while he finished his laundry and I cleaned. One lady who has been in the area for years stuck her head in the door to compliment the new sign. 😉 I’ll pass that on to Jamie. When I finished cleaning, although Durham was dry when I arrived, it was starting to rain.

It was a nice drive
and I arrived at Durham before 8:30

Knowing I might not be out for a few days, if the storm comes, I stopped at Walmart in Hanover on the drive home and picked up bread and milk and some yogourt cups. When he does go to work, Bill likes to take one with his lunch. I popped into Giant Tiger to get a gift card for a friend and some birthday cards for December and then scooted home on Hwy 19 to bypass Walkerton again. I enjoy the new route and with good weather, will do it often.

There are two of these metal signs on the way into Paisley
I keep trying to get a picture but someone is always in the way
They remind me of Arizona signs - Sonita comes to mind

When I returned home, I nipped across to the bank and w/d our rent money for W & S and then unloaded the groceries from the car. I hadn’t eaten my cheese and pepperette so warmed up my last piece of quesadilla and brought them all upstairs. An early lunch but that’s okay. I eat when I’m ready to eat. Before I left for work this morning, I finished the last chapter (epilogue actually) of A Man Called Ove. Omg! If you want a good story, check it out. I loved it. It’s written by Fredrik Backman.

Today's brunch

My daughter put me on to a good one there and she says they were making it into a movie (before Covid) so I’ll keep my ears open for that news. 😊 I considered doing some more crafty stuff downstairs but forgot (duh!) to go into Dollarama to get more letter stickers. I was right there and didn’t think of it. It’s nasty getting old! LOL So, I moved on to a Lee Child book, The Enemy, I picked up out of a book box in Durham last week.

The book caught my interest right away as Jack Reacher tends to do. Around 2:30, I went downstairs and washed the few dishes in the sink from this morning and then slipped on my poufy vest and hi-tailed it to the post office. It had just started some wet snow/rain crap so I tucked the cards and letters, that were ready to mail, inside the zipper. I had the key for the box so checked it while I was there. Oh good! Bill’s parcel arrived.

This is called 'filler' (for when I don't have enough pictures
All writing would put you to sleep!

Back home, I made a tea after deducing there would be no walk today and moved upstairs to curl up with the book again. I did receive mail today from Rockwood Terrace, which was expected. Now I can stop thinking about that. All I did from then on was read and when Bill texted shortly after 4 that he was on his way home, I went down to unlock the door and wait for him to come in. It has just recently started snowing so I’m glad he’ll be home soon.

Tonight's supper

At 6, I started supper. Tonight, mild Italian sausages in Madame IP (with onions in the bottom for me) and Caesar salad on the side. I wasn’t feeling overly hungry but it was good. After dishes and Bill’s lunch was made, we mostly hung out upstairs in our room. I finished my post, watched Jeopardy next door and then came back in for the evening. It has been an easy day for me and we have made it to the end of another month.

Our friend Jim sends me a lot of really good emails
This made me laugh too
Good night!

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  1. The filler definitely gave me a giggle along with the last words. I hope your weather doesn't bring ice. I always disliked the winter rain or that cannot decide if it wants to be rain or snow stuff. If it is has to be winter if something has to come down from the sky just let it be the white fluffy snow. At least that does not turn everything into an ice rink.
    The metal sign reminds me of the ones out here. also. Stay safe.

  2. I just love the names of stores in Canada. Giant Tiger???? Cute filler photos ... they made me laugh!! Wish I had the gumption to go to the craft store. Instead I spent all day watching the Arizona Legislature hearing on election integrity. It was an eye opener!! Crafts would have been a lot more fun!!

    1. I never think of that when I write the names of our stores. ha ha
      Crafts are definitely more fun.

  3. Your brunch and dinner looks so yummy! Love your little fillers :)

  4. Thank you for the picture of your lunch. I had no idea what a pepperette was. I know you love your summer home but isn't it nice to walk to the bank and the post office?

    1. Ha ha, yes but walking to the mail box is more fun. :) No turtles here!

  5. It could be White today but should be brown by the weekend.
    Cute Fillers.
    Be Safe driving and Enjoy the beauty of nature.

    It's about time.

  6. I hope the snow doesn't stick around for you for awhile yet. I was out for a walk today - the paths and streets are icy as can be, so I probably won't be walking outside for some time.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. Thank you, I should have gone out for some fresh air but was nervous of what was under the snow. Hopefully tomorrow.

  7. I heard you might be getting a bad storm. Hopefully not as bad as is predicted. Stay safe and warm.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, no it wasn't as bad. A big roar over a typical snowy day. :)