Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Our Last (?) Summer/Springlike Day, A Walk in the Rain

Paisley, On

After 3 semi-busy days, I’m grateful to wake up on Tuesday, Nov. 10th to a day off. Bill left before 6:30 and I remained in bed until just after 7. I knew it would be a warm day today but wasn’t expecting rain. Shortly after Bill left, I could hear it hitting our window. Hmm, that made my decision easy about a walk so I slipped into my jammies and went down for my tea.

A view of the Saugeen on my first walk
By the way, in the background on the left, you can
actually see how close the Baptist Church is
Good thing for the dykes that I walked on or it would
still be flooding at peak times

Wes was just leaving for work when I returned upstairs. I read a few of our friends’ blogs while enjoying the creamy liquid and got my vitamins into me. We forgot to take them with us Sunday so I popped mine last night with supper. I’m not sure if they help to keep us on the healthy side but I at least believe they can’t hurt! Around 9:00, I got dressed and prepared for my walk. The rain had stopped and it was a lovely 18C/64F! We’re loving this weather!

I like this view, the mill building on the left is for sale and
the little Canoe and Kayak business on the right is as well
Not sure if it is a package deal

I headed north on Queen St. with my camera, some cash, my phone and a printout of the Paisley historical buildings. I thought I’d try and get a Part 2 in the works for those of you who are enjoying them. I didn’t get as far as the end of town, where I wanted to go, when light rain started again. The sky was gray with heavy clouds so I didn’t know what I was in for. I crossed the street and turned back towards downtown.

Maybe these are our Ridge geese! I've been looking for them

The FoodMart at that end of town has always interested me but I’ve never stopped in, not needing anything. Today I needed cooking onions so when it was raining, I popped in. It is a nice bright, clean store, about the size of Durham’s Foodland. Prices are up there, of course, it is a small town ‘emergency’ shop for us and that is always appreciated. By the time, I left, the rain was done and I paid attention to the house/store #’s, referring to my paperwork as I walked back.

I zoomed in for a closer look but didn't recognize any of them
Geesh, they all look the same! Ha ha

Just a block south of the beautiful Presbyterian Church (#260), past downtown, it started raining again. Fairly heavy this time. Oh-oh. My paper got wet, my glasses got wet and by the time I crossed the street to the east side, I was fully showered. Ha ha šŸ˜Š I had no hood to put up but at least I had a water-repellant jacket on!

The trees along the street are bare of leaves so standing under one for protection was fruitless. Of course, it stopped within 2 minutes but I carried on home anyway. It is supposed to be sunny after lunch so maybe I’ll try again with my ‘treasure hunt’. Back home, I made myself a coffee and came back upstairs. I’ve told you that we do have the run of the house, if we choose, but other than the front living room, I’m enjoying spending time upstairs in our room. We have everything we need up here for relaxing.

I'm still in awe of the doomed Grand Central Hotel 
I can imagine how staturesque it was
look at the intricate valance designs over the windows

For those who were curious, I’m not enjoying Ancestry.com as much as I thought. I really didn’t want to get into adding family and reviewing what hints and suggestions come up from other relative’s trees but thought I’d add a bit about Mom and Daddy to find where they lived. The census and voting pages that were recommended are no help, really. It lists a Concession/Road but I know that already.

And on an old building, the small red leaves cling to give it beauty

For me, I’m finding that it isn’t easy to edit and when it added my brother as a half-brother, duh, it wouldn’t let me correct it. I think I’ll cancel it sooner than later, since it is making me feel frustrated. I’m not cut out for that kind of ‘hunt’ apparently!
šŸ˜Š I wasn’t going to pay for a subscription anyway but I’m at least I satisfied my curiosity! Others have good luck with it and really enjoy it so don’t let me discourage you. This is just my personal experience.

My afternoon walk showed more promise

I lost track of time but at some point, I went out for another walk and took the mail keys with me. This time, I didn’t get caught in any rain, it was gorgeous out. I took more pictures of the historical buildings on the Heritage Walk tour. People must know I’m new to the area the way I walk this way and that, checking my list, checking house numbers and taking photos. They can’t find fault; they bought the houses!

The Paisley water tower reigns bold against the afternoon sky

There are some peaches in the fridge, from frozen, that have thawed and are looking a bit gross, turning brown. I hate wasting anything, so when I got back, I searched for a recipe to use them up. You know me, I’m going to try and cook it in Madame IP. I went downstairs around noon and made a bowl of noodle soup for my lunch and while eating that, put the ingredients together for ‘Keto Peach Cobbler’ that I found online.

this was made in 3 steps, first the batter
then the spiced peaches

Then the spiced crumble topping

It wasn’t a recipe for the Instant Pot but I decided to try it anyway. I was in no hurry to start it so went into the front room and read more of Paper Kisses, Mom and Daddy’s book of love letters. šŸ˜Š Oh my, this is so sweet! Wes and Susan were doing something in the former Porteous Bank next door (which is their building) and asked if I wanted to see inside. I’d not been in so jumped at the chance. Those pictures and stories will come in another Paisley post, interesting stuff.

The front door of 'our' house

Before I went with them, my cobbler was ready to do a natural release and I removed it from the pot when we came back into the house. It didn’t seem to be cooked though, the batter was ooey gooey still so at 3:30, I turned on Susan’s oven and cooked it in there for 30 minutes. Now that smelled wonderful! I read until Bill came home around 5:15 and then started our supper. This time Madame IP would come through for me.

Supper may look bland, but it tasted pretty good
I'd never win for a Food magazine cover!

We had thick pork chops, potatoes, mushrooms, onions and corn. The chops are so thick that Bill thinks we could have shared one. I would whole heartedly agree with that so will know for next time. I hate to cut him back on the foods he likes but now I know. We had the cobbler for dessert and I added 18% cream to mine. It was wonderful! Tomorrow, I’ll make homemade whipping cream to go with it, as Bill thought that would be nice.

And a guilt free, sugar free, low carb dessert

We did dishes and came upstairs where he had his shower. I worked on my blog and read some more. There doesn’t seem to be much on tv tonight so we won’t worry about going downstairs. That could change, who knows? This was a good day off and the weather was utterly fantastic! Reaching 22C/72F is crazy for Nov. 10th but we’ll take it. It will all change overnight and those warm temps will come crashing down over the next few days. Back to normality, I guess.☹ 

Leftovers for another couple of nights
Good night!

Thanks for stopping in today to see what we’re up to.


  1. So funny that when you guys have warm temps we, on the other side of the country, have cold temps. It started snowing here yesterday afternoon and continued through until noon today. It did made for a pretty morning walk so I'm okay with it :-)

    1. We know when my brother in Cold Lake, Alberta gets bad weather that it is coming our way. Maybe not as fiercely but it still comes. :)

  2. The sky was right black here for most of the day but no rain. It sure was warm. They are calling for a humidex tomorrow!

    1. It sure was a warm, er, hot! day. We loved it but now spoiled.

  3. I'm fascinated with all the old buildings there. GREAT for a treasure hunt! I finally gave up on Ancestry too. It just took up too much of my time for the information I was getting. More pictures please .... I think you picked a beautiful place to spend the winter.

  4. It really looks like you picked a lovely little town with lots of history to explore.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Glad you had another nice day. It was very chilly yesterday morning -19C, but the temps are rising quite nicely though I doubt we'll see above freezing anytime soon.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Brrrr, I know we'll be doing that soon with teeth chattering. LOL not keen on that at all!

  6. I love the arch of the door and window.... beautiful.