Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Walk, Sunday Laundry, Sunday Crafts, Sunday with Sweetie

Paisley, On

Bill and I took full advantage of it being Sunday, Nov. 29th and slept in. It was wonderful just lolly-gagging around for the morning. It was a frosty 3C/36F outside and the sun was shining. I sorted our laundry into 2 loads and then bundled up around 8:30 and headed out for my walk. It was a great walk!

I call it a sleepy little town but this morning, I believe
everyone was still sleepING!

I had my peaked winter cap on and there was no need to cover my ears. My direction took me down main street where I mailed some cards and then down the back way to the west to find the train bridge again. Sometimes my feet know where I want to go before my mind does. The bridge boards were a bit frosty and I walked carefully. They seemed to creak a bit more today, freaking me out!

Before I got to the trails, this pretty house caught my eye
I don't know of any history

But with barn and buggy, I want to believe there is some

It's amazing what the sun does to our view

I could have carried on the trail on the other side but it was muddy and had large puddles in the walk way. I also wasn’t sure where it would take me so I turned around and headed back. 

I walked slowly, you can see the frosty surface

The trail beyond the bridge wasn't appealing

So, I turned back towards the way I came

Following the trail in the opposite direction from the other day, I was walking into the sun this time. At the middle of the stretch, was a barn-like box on a post that I’d noticed the other day. I thought it was cute.

This is the back side of a HUGE home

I was curious the other day but it felt like forbidden fruit

Today, I noticed it had 2 little doors with a hook to latch them shut. Of course, I opened them and smiled at another free book exchange. 😊 I checked out the books but didn’t see anything to my liking. No worries, I’m just glad to know it is here and I don’t have to take my completed books to Durham anymore. I followed the path back down Queen St. from the south and remembered to retrieve Bill’s jacket and overalls from the truck for him.

What the heck, today I took the bite

Inside, I made a tea and joined Bill upstairs. Oh, first the laundry. Susan did hers yesterday so I knew we wouldn’t be in the way today with ours. 

The trails are clearly marked, some for walking only
but most for bikes and 4-wheelers too

You could walk a long way without leaving the town limits
and I like that

I've gone straight through before but not today
I turned back towards main street (left)

We had bacon egg and mushroom toasted Westerns for brunch and they hit the spot. 

I decided that this was the day to decorate our little tree so did that and then in the creative mood, took my paints and a puzzle downstairs to the garage where Bill’s table is set up for me.

The foyer outside our room is ready for Christmas
even the soldiers on the step and around the tree base

One of our favourite decorations is
Santa (Avon) He actually reads a story from 3 books
when you put them in his hand
Nathan loved him when he was younger

Our favourite/special ornaments all fit
on our little tree

The little glass ornaments that I bought at the Mill were in my plans today. I never really know for sure what I’m going to do sometimes but an idea came to me and I was pleased with that. 

So, in between the cars, our craft table is set up

There is one for every child and grandchild so I began painting. I went as far as I could and just left things on the table for another day. It was very warm in the garage, today, from solar heat, and very bright with the large upper windows.

It worked perfectly sitting beside Clementine, the Model A

Back upstairs, Bill and I called our friends, Dave and Cheryl, from Alberta to see what they ended up doing for the winter. They are also full-time rv’ers. How great it was to talk to them and we had a lot of laughs and caught up on each other’s lives. We’ll miss them this winter as well. *sigh* Life is too short for this pandemic nonsense; we all just want to get on with it!

Each ornament had a hooked wire for hanging
I painted one side and got creative on the opposite side
It's a work in progress

Supper tonight, at Bill’s request, was simple. “Let’s just have soup”, he said. I’m here to oblige and when an easy meal is suggested, (once in a while) I’m all for it. I read some of my book between 5 and 6 until it was time to get started. Nothing challenging about opening a can of beef stew so no prep time was necessary. At 6, we went down and warmed it up and made some toast.

One special part about decorations at Christmas
The soft glow of the lights

After dishes, we came upstairs. Bill went in to watch Angel Tree, another movie, and I moved into my chair at my laptop. With leaving our bedroom door open, I had a good view of our pretty little tree. The soft lighting in an otherwise dark hallway gives everything a very special glow. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was sitting in the Suite. 😊

This was a good day and for the evening I read my book. Ove is quite the character and I’ve laughed, shuddered and shed a tear or two while getting to know him. We are hearing about weather patterns coming tomorrow and Tuesday so we will just have to wait and see what the morning brings. It could be another ‘indecisive’ day, but I hope it isn’t. I hope you’ve had a good day.

The stew was 'so-so' but it filled us up with a butter tart
for dessert
Good night all!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Big changes in your life in the last few months, but sounds like you are finding the very best in the situation. Resilience! Yea! And are taking lovely photos so others can see too.

  2. Your tree looks so pretty and I love your Avon Santa. It's great to hear Dave and Cheryl and doing well, I was wondering about them :-)

    1. Thank you. We really enjoyed the phone call on speaker with all 4 of us chatting and laughing. :)

  3. That really is a cute little town. It looks so pretty with all the Christmas lights. You two had a busy Saturday. How nice to be able to get together with good friends. Your Christmas tree and decorations make it look so festive. Avon used to really have some cute things, what a great Santa. Stay safe.

  4. I love the big house, but that barn with the buggy----gorgeous! Well, you know by now how much I love barns! The colors that popped as you walked with the sun shining are just beautiful. At Christmas, the thing I miss the most is not having a nice sized Christmas tree on display. We just don't have room for one. Since I get up early, the first thing I would do is to turn on the lights of the tree, put a CD of Christmas music on low, while drinking my cup of coffee. I loved those early morning moments by myself. It's nice you still have a work area for painting. I have to agree with Judith, you are adapting well and embracing life as it comes. We have to try and live everyday concentrating on the good.

    1. Yes, I knew you'd like the barn. :)
      I love that about Christmas too. It will be different here for sure but in our fifth wheel, we had this little tree and with just those lights on, it was enough. I miss our 'home'.
      Thank you Cheri.

  5. I love your little tree. And Santa only adds to the spirit. Such a great place to go for walks. Every street will change with the coming snow. I hope it's a mild winter for you. I agree with the virus stuff. I'm moving right along anyway.

    1. Thank you Nancy. It would look better and be more appreciated if we were in the Suite but for now, it works. :)
      I do hope to get out for many walks in the winter wonderland. Fingers crossed!

  6. All those walking paths are amazing. I love the first house with the ivy - it's so pretty.

    Your little Christmas tree is pretty too. I've always enjoyed sitting in the room with just the lights of the tree, resting in the peace and quiet. There is something that is so calming.

    Enjoy your Monday, take care and stay well!

  7. As I said before, a beautiful country site to walk for you and for us to enjoy through your photos. Christmas trees, decorations and lights make me feel nostalgic especially in colder climates. Your decorations are beautiful

    1. Thank you Marlene. It's a beautiful time of year although I still like the sand better than the snow! haha

  8. Nice that you had a day filled with exercise, chores and relaxing.
    I think everyone will be so glad when this isolation is over with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. OH my gosh your little tree is just too cute! Love your new little town! The barn book exchange, too cute! As you know we never stopped moving right've only got one life!

    1. Thank you! I love the barn book exchange too. :) Life is short and as long as we're careful, let's live it.