Tuesday, April 24, 2018

And Then It Happened, We Moved!

Waking up on Tuesday, Apr. 24th was the day. There were clouds covering the sky so we didn’t have a sunrise, yet it was warm. The overnight temperatures didn’t drop below 43F/6C so a great night for sleeping as well as rising. It was 6:30 when Bill got up and I followed within 10 minutes when I heard him preparing his coffee.

No sunshine first thing but these bright Coltsfoots were a great replacement
We’ve had three perfect battery-charging days so we hope the sun pops out periodically today to keep us off the grid. We haven’t turned the power on yet but will play that by ear. We had one priority this morning and that was to read a few blog posts from our friends and then pull the slides in, hook up and get up the hill. There could be rain on the way later tonight so we want to take advantage of the dry conditions now that the snow is gone.

So here we are all set up
At 7:45 I moved Ptooties out onto the road so Bill could pull the Suite out. We were backed in, obviously, so he had to turn it around and drive up the lane. I followed with the car and he had no problem at all swinging into position. One minor adjustment to set the wheels between the bricks we’d left last fall and we’re done! Yay! The landing gear down and slides open, Clemson, our supervisor, agreed that all was well with the world now.
the supervisor checking things out
We each puttered around doing our own thing and when Bill set the satellite dish up, he came in to check the reception and had 99 and 98% bang on with no adjustment. That puts a smile on his face everytime. He’s that good! 

Bang on!
He called his Dad to let him know we had ‘arrived up on the Ridge’ and I contacted the accountant in Durham about bringing Mom’s income tax in to him. It looks like I’m missing a T5 so had to follow up with the bank on that. My mistake with our address change, I’m sure.

A view from the road
It was 11 o’clock when Bill admitted to being hungry so I cooked some bacon and hash browns with eggs. A nice countryman’s brunch. It hit the spot, I was hungry too. We cleaned up dishes and soon went out to enjoy the day. 

Bill installing the motion solar light on the bunky
Check his own story of the day's jobs here
Solar motion detector lights got put up on the bunky and the outhouse and Bill pulled up the electric garden lights that stopped working last spring. He also placed our turtle signs up in their respective spots so I announced to the pond that they could now cross the lane safely.

light installed
I washed the outhouse down really good with Mr. Clean now that the critters are dead and gone. They do leave black spots on things and webs so they are all cleaned up now. I’ll do the same in the bunky once we get it emptied of a few things and uncover the tv. Bill finishes one job and moves on to another, where I had pretty much reached my limit by 2 o’clock. The warm day (15C/60F) had started to cool down yet things had dried up nicely so we could walk most areas.

signs posted again

The turtles can cross the road now

When Bill announced that the mail had been delivered, we walked down together to collect a magazine. Clemson remained inside, no amount of encouraging could budge Mr. Lazy Bones off the chair. It was around this time that Gerry, Donna, Tom and Audrey drove in to see how things were going. They were out for a drive to the Acreage so popped in. There needs to be a whole lot of drying up on that property so they can get a ‘new to them’ trailer in, in a couple of weeks.

Our first visitors this season
I wrote a bit on my post and Bill downloaded his pictures but my eyes are heavy so I moved to the recliner. Maybe a snooze, maybe not, but a rest for sure. Once Bill finished at his laptop he turned the tv on and promptly drifted off. That, of course, is when my return call from BMO came in and woke him up. I perused Canadian RV’ng magazines that came over the winter. Some of the questions and responses are interesting and articles worth reading.

And from the road, you can still see us up there
Clemson is making up for lost time today and now is constantly at the door to go out, now that we’ve come inside. It is nice that we can just open the door and let him go on his own but we still need to keep an eye where he goes. At 5:15 Bill lit Broken Wing Weber for our first steak dinner at home in a long time. I prepared a potato for grilling as well as made myself a salad and fried some sliced mushrooms.

I do believe the snow has gone from the garden
and now the lights are gone too
We've had these for many years so we're not surprised when they
gave up the ghost
They were always losing their caps so now we can find solar lights instead
We weren’t too keen on the thick steak, the thicker it is the more difficult it is to cook to that ‘just right’ state, but it filled us up and that is the main thing. 

Lots of food and even Clemmy got a taste of steak tonight
After cleaning up dishes, I finished my post and downloaded my daily pictures. This has been a mix of work and play and a bit of relaxing too, therefore making it perfect! I hope the day was good to you too.

our choice of parking spot

this is Black Beauty's summer spot

Good night
We are finally really HOME!
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Hi there. Sounds like you are all settled in now. Welcome back home again. Even though I dont comment a lot, I do read most of your daily posts. You guys take care and we will chat soon.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks, yup we are finally in place. I'm pleased when you can find the time to comment, it means a lot!
      Take care, later!

  2. All settled in now to relax and get things taken care of again, enjoy the Ridge.

  3. Glad that you are safe and sound and all settled in.
    It's so nice that Clemson has freedom from a leash!

    1. Really, it is ALL about Clemson! ha ha life is much easier without having to follow him out each time. :)
      Thank you Loree, nice to hear from you!

  4. When I get home, my dogs go crazy running around the back yard NOT on a leash. I bet Clemson is loving it!! You definitely have a beautiful "campsite".

    1. I guess the dogs love the freedom as much as we do. We don't have to stick to a boundary here either like in a park. :)
      Thank you, love it here.

  5. The snow sure melted fast! I'm glad you are all settled in ... enjoy :-)

    1. thanks guys, it sure feels nice to be settled for a few months!

  6. Love your new header, you 3 are adorable! YAY glad you're home! Can't believe how fast the snow melted, never would have expected you to get up there so quickly! Dinner looked awesome, Bill sure knows how to cook a steak!

    1. Thank you, we are very happy to be up here and settled for a while.
      The snow did go fast but woke up to more this morning. Not such a worry now that we don't have to move again. :)
      Bill doesn't like cooking steak, never knows when it is done enough. LOL