Friday, April 6, 2018

Radio Controlled Boats, Planes and Automobiles, Minding the House

Wow, we both slept well last night and woke up almost together between 6 and 6:30 on Friday, Apr. 6th. Neither of us recall any wakeups throughout the whole night and that is very unusual, especially for Bill. We felt refreshed. Bill had plans, as I mentioned yesterday, to be out the door at 8 so we made our tea and coffee right away.

I was hopeful with this peak of the sunrise

I knew he had to eat something so instead of sitting with him, I made him an omelette. It was too early for me to eat a big breakfast but I wanted him to enjoy the show without worrying about what he had to eat and where would he get it. There are no Tim Horton’s along the way! Then I sat with him and we read a few blogs before he got dressed and headed out, right on time, leaving Clemmy and I to mind the Suite.

Bill heading to the show in Toledo at the Convention Centre
It was a mostly cloudy day but the sun in the east was trying hard to make an appearance. It was going to be a cold day in the low 40’s and overnight one of the coldest we’ve had all winter at 21F. That sounds funny to me. Bill and I spent over 60 years in cold winters often with temps below 21F/-6C so I have no reason to be grumbling about one or two nights of below freezing.

I was bundled today
I finished reading our friends’ blog posts from yesterday without even getting into the previous day for those I missed. Sometimes, you just can’t go back. *grin*.  I decided to make myself useful so did a full wipe down of cupboards in the bathroom. We never did get that done the other day when we talked about it. I’m not overly ambitious so one room at a time.
Cute little cabins and many of  them are being used by daily laborers
I also lifted the bed and dug out my winter coat, scarf and hat because I have a feeling I’m going to need it over the next week or so back home. Then I bundled up, in my layered hoodies and went for a walk with ‘Funky’ and our little camera. The park isn’t very big so after scooting around the lanes, dodging the rain puddles, I went out to the paved Luckey Road that runs parallel to the park.

A cool cargo and living trailer all in one
Work and Play
Surprisingly, it felt quite nice out there and after going north about ½ a mile, I turned around and walked past the park to the stop sign to the south. When I returned, Clemson had found a warm spot up on the bed and it took a minute for little lazy bones from coming down to see who was coming in. The older he gets, the more we find he sleeps. I guess that is true for all of us.

A cute little gazebo with nice swinging benches
Back home, I decided to watch This is Us on the PVR. I had to call Bill for directions how to switch from Antenna mode to satellite again and once he helped me, I was good to go. I had 3 episodes to watch so I made a cuppa tea and began. I had things on my mind today that I wanted to do but as you know, when you plan ‘things to do when my hubby is away’, that day goes way too fast.

the country road leading to the Stony Ridge KOA
One of the things was to use the broth from my corned beef roast and make a soup. I have 2 containers in the fridge so decided to use just one, if that would be enough. I added it to a pot, with onions, celery and carrots. Once they were cooked, I added some pearl barley, my staple, and then about ¾ lb of cooked chicken plus mixed frozen veggies. I’m debating about adding canned tomatoes. I did later.

No tree hugging today, Bill already thinks I'm cuckoo! :)
While this was simmering and my programs were playing, Bill texted at 12:15 and said he was on his way home. Wow, that wasn’t as long as I’d expected him to be gone, so things wouldn’t get done until after he was home. When you go to this type of show, you can only walk around so much. Unfortunately, London and Aylmer, Ontario experienced a mess of a snowfall so his friend probably wasn’t going to make it. There was no point in hanging around any longer, hence the earlier return. Bill, true to his guess, walked in 45 minutes after his text.

And in case you wondered what Funky's part was in all this
There are two kinds of tree huggers
One last finalization of our US receipts and expenditure list and that was good to go. I just needed to remember to take that in the truck. It is so hard to believe that we will be back in Ontario tomorrow afternoon. We got reading the pamphlet that we were handed upon arrival and realize that there is free Wifi here. I wish I’d known that last night when I was working on my post. Oh well, now we have it for the day at least.

A small creek runs through the farm
Still hope for that sun to stick around
Watching the last of my programs left me with an “oh no” feeling and of course tears but that is typical of This is Us. One of the best dramas on television today and I’m loving every minute of it. Now, I have to wait for next season. Shirley, a blogger and friend, asked in her comment for yesterday whether we knew what the weather was like up at The Ridge. So, here are pictures taken Thursday and we are very happy we won’t be up there until at least Thurs. Apr. 12th.

the entrance

this is where we park the Suite
that is Goose the Spruce under cover

the bunky and my garden is under there somewhere

They checked out Bill's cargo trailer and our storage shed

and looking down the driveway to Donna and Gerry's car at the end
At last it isn't deep so should't take long to melt

This sign made me chuckle
It is facing the campground
good to know it isn't 'Camper season'
We played a bit online again, now that we’ve discovered it is free and pretty quick too. I’d decided to make the awesome meatloaf again and that took mere minutes to prepare it and pat it down in the loaf pan. At 4:30 I popped it in the oven for an hour and had my shower. I wanted to be spic and span crossing into our home country! Bill has already had his.

They look like little snapdragon
Bill had put Javax in the fresh water tank before we left Wapakoneta for it to slosh around. Yesterday, when we arrived he drained it here. Now he is rinsing and filling it so we have a full tank (100 gal) to use over the next week rather than hooking up to the city water at CanAm. The weather is going to be an issue anyway so no point in having a hose outside where it can freeze.

Meatloaf hot out of the oven
While in London, yes, we are staying at our RV dealer from Saturday until Thursday or Friday, Apr. 13th. Bill plans on working a day for them and we plan to get in a few visits while there. That will be played by ear, we don’t know how busy we want to be and who all will be available. If the weather is good on Thursday, we’ll head to the Ridge.

I cut a small potato up for Bill’s supper and made myself a salad. I will nuke some corn for him as well so he has a vegetable. We were eating by 6 and doing dishes by 6:30. We don’t sit around at the table after dinner, not when we’re alone. We talked about the weather, watching the ‘cold’ warnings here on the news, and the tornado and snow warnings elsewhere across the country. We should be fine to move northeast tomorrow and plan on pulling out soon after we get up.

And two nice size containers of Chicken Vegetable Soup
Supper was delicious, this meatloaf recipe will be my ‘go to’ for sure and I’m happy that we have enough leftover for another meal with some potatoes as well. I haven’t strutted around the park too much today but I accomplished the things I had hoped to. It has been a good day for both of us. It would be great if yours was too.

Big puddles on some of these lanes
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Nice relaxing day for your last one in the US. Looks like a nice park. I am going to have to look into getting one of those cute tripods...:)
    Hopefully, the snow will be gone when you get to the Ridge.
    Safe travels tomorrow and fingers crossed for a quick crossing at the border.

    1. thanks guys, I'm answering these backwards. sorry, wasn't on much yesterday with all the greeting etc.
      Fingers crossed for the snow to be gone by Friday and I think we'll get our wish.

  2. "The Ridge" doesn't look to bad! We came home to feet of snow, grader burm across the driveway, and our second approach is where there grader pushed the snow to. Getting a lot of cardio in the next few days!

    1. No, it isn't deep so that is a blessing. With the rain forecast on thursday, I think it will easily be gone.
      Take it easy, bit by bit, we aren't 25 anymore! :)

  3. Nice to kick back, relax and get a few things taken care of, glad Bill had a good day.
    Travel safe today hopefully the weather will get better back home soon. We enjoyed a wonderful day here as well.

  4. I hope the ridge is a drive-through campsite. I'm thinking I wouldn't want to try backing up with snow on the ground. Good luck .... I pray the sun comes out and warms up your arrival!!

    1. Ha ha. The Ridge is a very open campsite. It is a drive up the lane, swing around in a wide expanse and park whereever we want type of campsite! :)
      Thanks, all is good!

  5. Have a good arrival in London, Ontario. Hopefully it'll be sunny and dry. Our RV Park looks today like the one you just left. We had lots of rain and it is still raining... puddles everywhere. I looked at last year's weather and it was snowing on the 7th Apr. followed with nice spring weather so maybe it's the same this year. We hope for the best.

    1. Thank you, all went well. I'm backwards in answering my comments. C'est la vie! I'm often backwards in the way I do things! haha
      We are looking for warmer weather at the end of the week.

  6. I hope that snow all goes before you head back to the Ridge ... this seems to be the winter that won't end everywhere in Canada!

    1. Thanks. The Canadians who stayed home don't have a good thing to say about their winter. A few days of spring, real spring, in February and then winter again.

  7. Thanks for the pics of the Ridge..beautiful but cold! Hope the snow melts quickly. Nice that you get to go to CanAm for a few days and look at you putting Bill back to work so quickly :)...That meatloaf looks awesome, swear I could taste it! Your selfies are adorable :))

    1. You're welcome, Shirley. Ask and ye shall receive! :)
      The snow should disappear with the rain we're expecting thursday. (fingers crossed)
      Bill has had a winter off, of course I'm going to make him work! haha

  8. I'm sure the snow will be gone soon and the Ridge will be back to it's wonderful looking self. I think we've only got a few more days of cold before spring makes an appearance.

    Love the selfies!! Looks like a nice park.

    Safe travels.

    1. You are correct, the snow will soon be gone. Positive thinking, right?
      Thanks, my selfies are silly but that is me so I have fun. :)