Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Great Catch Up Sleep, Quiet Day Again, Costco, Bill Works for Us

When I woke on Wednesday, Apr. 11th Bill was already downstairs and I could hear him making his coffee. That means he’d been up for a while. It was 7 o’clock when I rolled out of bed, trying not to disturb Clemson who HAD been up at 4:30 for a piddle. We went to bed last night together at 9:30 and we neglected to take Clem out for a last piddle, so we blame ourselves. I wasn’t quite ready to sleep yet so sat up and read a few chapters in bed. The light doesn’t bother my sleepy head hubby when he is tired.

                  (I wasn't out for many pictures today, so Bill is the star of the day)
I'm not sure if you can see the two lighter colour pieces
Bill is replacing the 6' strips that came loose
I made my tea and we discussed some things going on in our world and what the plans were for today. We had a nice chat with Donna and Gerry last night and discussed our possible arrival date at The Ridge. They will need to go to their other property, The Acreage, to turn on the water so we can fill our tanks when we need to. We were looking at Friday, but it seems the weather forecast has now changed. Bummer!

And then caulking over the tiny nail heads
Looks like we are sticking around here, if Peggy will let us, until Wednesday afternoon. There looks to be yeucky stuff coming to the Durham area on the weekend. Because we’ll need to have access to Gerry’s water, we don’t want to risk their lines freezing. Sleet, snow and freezing rain are expected from Saturday through to Tuesday. Bill is scheduled to work back here Tuesday and Wednesday morning so we might just as well stay put.
There was a strip above our slide that was completely gone
It was about 4" long
Bill went inside once more this morning. The customer he helped yesterday, with the Lance, needed some assistance with one final thing so Bill wanted to get that set up before the guy pulled out. At 10 am, he returned and we hopped in Black Beauty to go and have a quick visit with our good friends, Jim and Sharon. It is hard to pin them down but we chose a good morning. With Jim and his Dr. visits (someone has to keep them in business!) and Sharon is such a social warrior!

Using the air powered nail gun
It was short but as always, it was sweet. We’ll definitely get more visits with them over the summer. Jim is an avid reader of my blog which means a lot to us. When we stepped outside of their beautiful home, the wet snow was making an appearance. Blech! We drove home by way of Costco where we stopped in for a few items of which the prices are better than in Hanover or Durham. Back at the Suite, Bill brought the groceries in.
And the last 4" piece was loose over the slide near the entry door
I put the groceries away and feel better that those things are taken care of before we trek north. When Bill returned from inside, I ate the last of my quesadilla and he had a toasted sandwich before we settled down for the rest of the day. Eating this late in the day means a very small or non-supper. I spent the best of the rest of the afternoon with my book. It is so good and so hard to put down so what better time to finish it?

See the piece reattached?
Should be good now!
Bill wanted to reattach 3 pieces of seam trim that has come loose or detached completely in the Suite. He talked to Larry, one of the repair techs, and got some tips and affirmations of how to go about it. Bill borrowed the air nail gun, glue gun and snips and got a few pieces of trim for the job. Hopping up and down on our 3-step ladder, he took care of all of the areas. These damages were thanks to the rough roads we encountered this winter. With a little bit of caulking, the job was done.
On local 'antenna' Yestv, I watched the Harry Connick Jr. show
He was interviewing Dick Van Dyke, that was fun!
The sun came out late day and by 6:30 the temperature had risen to 7C here in London. Only 2C up in Durham, our home base, so they are going to be getting what we feared. Watching Julie, the London weather gal, she is stressing Mid-western Ontario’s ice storm this weekend. I mentioned a small supper earlier and it was. I warmed up some of my vegetable soup and then snacked on home popped buttered popcorn and cheddar cheese.


Midwestern Ontario means Durham area
where the Ridge is

With the sun out, I decided to go for a walk before it went down for the day. I think tomorrow is supposed to be warm so wouldn’t that be nice? We cleaned up dishes and had a quiet evening. I hope that you enjoyed your day today.

Goodnight from London, Ontario

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. I'm watching that weather as well. Looks like London will miss the freeze and just get rain but Ingersoll and Woodstock are looking at possible freezing rain conditions so we may be staying over in the London Area a day or two.

    Stay dry and warm!!!

    1. I know! It is what it is, I guess and we deal with it but I'm so anxious to be home at the Ridge and really settle.
      Be careful as well as you make your way homeward. Crazy 'spring' weather.

  2. Stay warm. What are you reading that is so good, Patsy?

    1. Thank you!
      The book I just finished was Tess Gerritsen's Last to Die. A very good read! Now I'm into Sue Grafton's R is for Ricochet and it is starting good too.

  3. Nice to get those few chores done while in the area, always things to fix when moving you house on down the roads.
    The weather forecast does not look this weekend, good except for today, should be wonderful. No problem for us now no place we really need to go in a hurry.

    1. You're right, always little fixes to take care of and now those are done. a couple more things to look after but in time.
      Crazy weather but it is good that you can sit tight and just relax.

    2. We want to move but in no hurry still have a few things to get done here, we can leave whenever.

  4. Nice repair work. Seems there's always something falling off or coming loose.

  5. Looking at the pictures you cannot even tell where Bill did the re-attaching. Good job...Bill! Tom keeps saying you would think since these things have to go down the road things would be better attached...LOL I am thinking Bill probably attached them back better then they were before.
    Speaking of the weather, fingers crossed for spring. Hope you get to move back up to the Ridge soon.