Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together!

So, Thursday, Apr. 5th we were both up at 6:30 because Clemson jumped off the bed. I’m slower getting dressed than Bill so he was able to get Clemson outside in record time. We had a hot drink and did a bit of reading online using our wifi hotspot. George mentioned free wifi in the park but we have not been able to connect to it the whole time we’ve been here. Maybe we needed to be up before 6!

Sunrise at Arrowhead Lakes RV Resort
Today is moving day and from my ‘song’ title you can tell that the sun was shining and the sky was blue as blue. I just felt great and that song popped into my head. An old classic by Lesley Gore. After days of clouds, snow, rain and wind a mood can change *snap* just like that! My mood doesn’t really alter that much, outwardly, but the sun is my joy and it makes me so happy. On with the day.

Water level is back to normal and the ducks were fun to watch
as they floated on the fast moving current
We didn’t have much pulled out here since we arrived, because of the crappy weather so that makes for an easy pack up. It was only 30F/1.1C but I bundled in my layers (I still haven’t pulled out my winter coat) covered my head and went for a walk. See how the sun makes a world of difference? After a mile and a half and a few selfies, I returned to the Suite. Bill was outside putting the satellite dish away.

A pretty walk this morning in the quiet end of the park
We had bacon and eggs after Bill had his shower and were packed up by 9:45 or so. George and Suzie walked over to say goodbye one last time It is either us or them pulling out first, back and forth. It is a great moving day, no wind to speak of and very few clouds out on the highway. It was 34F when we pull out of the park onto I-75N. 

The ice is apparent in some puddles
This one is beautiful and takes today's prize

Oh look! A tree hugger!
Nah, it's only me.
I just loved the colours of this cabin in the sun

Thistle heads or whatever they're called

Bundled up this morning, I was I was

Goodbye George and Suzie!
The distance we were travelling today is only 78 miles and we’d be there in good time.
The highway was good, with no surprises so we watched for Exit 187 and took it onto the two-lane OH-582. 

This was a pretty good road and some nice properties. Oh, did I tell you that the town line we’re looking for is Luckey Rd? We think that is a good omen and soon enough turned onto it which took us directly to the KOA. It seemed like we were out in the boonies and it is a relatively small campground in the bush.

Clemson on Dad's coat while we drive
The staff who greeted us were very nice as we checked in and directed us to our sight, like they did at Eagle’s Landing. We followed the 4-wheeler even though it was just down the row to our pull through Site 110. We were unhooked and set up by 12 noon and the clouds that were gathering pushed back and we rejoiced in the warm sun. 

The temperature had risen to 41F Yay! Bill was hungry so made himself a toasted sandwich and I had a couple of pieces of cheddar before we sat with our books. Clemson had already found a spot in the sun. Home sweet home.

All settled in, I first went for a walk and then stretched out on the couch because it was in the sun. Bill was already stretched out in his recliner. We read for a while and checked out the inside of our eyelids for a while too. Bill more than me because he tends to make loud noises when he sleeps in the chair. You get the picture. Seldom in bed does he snore but in this position, I truly don’t know how he can sleep through his own noise.
Stony Ridge KOA
Clemson snuggled with me and also slept like a log. We all got up around 3 and Bill wanted to get some information about the batteries he needs tomorrow. He is going to drive into Toledo to the RC (remote controlled) Model Expo at the Convention Centre in the morning and meet an rc flyer friend from home. The guys can do the show together and I can stay home and enjoy the day with Clemmy.

When he finished getting the info he needed we all went for a walk around the park. It isn’t a big park and I’m sure it looks a whole lot more inviting in the prime season and summer. It is a KOA so we knew the prices would be over and above what we were used to in the US but we were happy to find it close to Toledo. We are only staying for a couple of nights before our final leg home. When we got back Bill drove up and got propane so now we are topped up for a while.

Our site from all angles
For supper, we made it simple. I warmed up a bowl of turkey barley soup, a gift from George yesterday, for me and made a side salad. He knows I love the barley. For Bill, we opened a can of brown beans and I fried up some mini sausages to share. Mixed with my salad, they were delicious! I still have another bowl of soup for tomorrow’s lunch. Thanks again, George!

We were cleaned up from supper shortly after 6 and could relax for the rest of the night. I put the final words into this post and shorted the pictures. Bill called his Dad and we had a few laughs over a number of things. We discussed the weather and our silly little pooch. Dad reads our blog and enjoyed seeing Clemmy pulling Bill’s coat off the chair. He does keep us entertained.

A playground but no children
 This was a good day. We are in the same state of Ohio just further north. Now we are truly just a hop, skip and a jump from home. We had a great drive this morning and the rest of the day to enjoy each other’s company. I  hope yours was a great day too.

We must be close to an airport
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Me thinks Bill is borrowing Clemsons coat. HaPpY the weather is holding for you, even if it is a might chilly.

    1. Me thinks you may be right! haha that is the look we get when we take our clothes out of his reach!
      The weather is fine, we just learn to bundle up again. :)

  2. Catching up...:) Nice that Suzie and George caught up again and you had a couple of nice Happy Hours. The Airstream tour sounds interesting.
    The one picture of the sky in your post yesterday did look frightening.
    See you went by Findlay, question every time we have gone through there is if it is a Flag City...where are the flags?
    Stay warm.

    1. I have catching up to do too, in reading.
      We have seen our friends a lot this year and it is always great!
      Isn't that funny? I wondered why it was called that too,I could google it, I suppose.
      Thanks guys! Notice I'm using 'your' collages, now that I figured how to do it on my phone. thanks for that too!

  3. A nice travel day and a relaxing afternoon you had, enjoy your time there and I know Bill will enjoy his show.

  4. What a great day! Glad you finally got your sunshine! We stay at KOA's from time to time and figure with our cheap nights (or free) it equals out. I do like the fact that you know what you're getting, because if they're not up to KOA standards they're kicked out. Excited to almost be home again? Have you seen pics of what the Ridge is looking like right now? Have fun, enjoy your day with Clemson!

  5. Thank you, the sunshine is always a bonus and a free perk!
    Some KOA's are better than others. I'm hoping they spend some time cleaning this place up before the holiday season arrives. There are huge potholes and some of the sites need new tables and fences.
    We are getting excited, i guess, but the weather isn't encouraging us right now. Donna sent pictures yesterday and what was bare of snow in early march is now snow covered. At least it isn't deep. LOL Clem and I will have a good quiet day. :)

  6. Nice little drive, barely got Black Beauty warmed up! I like those little hops too. The sunshine makes a huge amount of difference for me as well. I love the pictures, the close up of the thistlehead was very nice.

    The snow back in Ontario will leave fast in a few days. The weather forecast for southern Ontario at least looks to be pretty good with just one short 2 or 3 day period of cold weather but I didn't see any snow. Maybe a mixture but it'll be too warm to snow any accumulation and that means rain so the snow will be gone even faster.

    Enjoy your few days there. I hope Bill has a great time at the convention with his buddy!!

    1. Thanks Deb. The short drives mean things don't bounce around so much either especially on nice highways, :)
      I do believe there is a warm up coming to Ontario too so look forward to that.
      Thanks! You'll read today that Bill's friend didn't make it but he enjoyed the show all the same.

  7. Wishing you both an enjoyable day, although spent apart. By the time you arrive at the Ridge the temps will be on the upswing and you'll be so busy that you don't care anyway. All the best.

    1. Promises promises! ha ha, just kidding. We all 3 enjoyed the day. :)

  8. Just did a loop of the park while I walked(red hat) the dog(black lab cross). We on the other side of the park. Have a safe trip.

    1. Really? Ah that's too bad we missed you. We will be heading out early in the morning What are you camped in?

    2. thank you for the good travel wishes. You too!