Friday, April 13, 2018

Summer Come and Gone, Quiet Times, Another Family Dinner

Today is Friday, Apr. 13th. The short version of that is Friday the 13th. Well, maybe it is a good thing we aren’t driving anywhere today.  Not that we are overly superstitious BUT we are to some degree. We were both up by 7 having our coffee and tea together at our laptops. We enjoy the virtual visits with our other blogger friends and this is the best time to catch up.

A few of our friends have arrived home, but there are still 4 or 5 who are still making their way. The temperature is back down to 4C this morning so if yesterday was our taste of summer, it has come and gone. Better to have a nice day here and there rather than not at all. (I know that is a warped version of Lord Tennyson’s “loved and lost” quote but it fit.)
My cross stitch in the making
I slept well last night and I think Bill did too. Clemson, also, didn’t rouse himself until 6:45. While staying here, and since we are here for another few days, we are able to take care of the dealings with the truck, friend and family visits and a few of the issues with the Suite. We’ll need to get a 40 lb propane tank filled here, dump our gray and black tanks and top up our fresh water tank before we leave. We have also had an issue all winter with our entry door that we can get fixed.

The combination lock didn’t last long at all and gave up the ghost either last spring or during the summer so we’ve had to use our key. We find that the latch on our door really stiffens up, for some reason, when the temperature drops so we are in the process of getting it replaced too. For those reasons, I am happy that we are here. Bill can’t sit for long, especially now that he is between books. Me? I’m going a bit stir crazy.
If it ever gets finished, this is what it will (should) look like
Hopping in the truck and going for a drive just doesn’t appeal to me. If I had the car, it would be a different story. I could go shopping but don’t want to spend the money, and I probably would. So, while Bill keeps himself entertained inside with the staff, I walked a bit, read a bit, cleaned a bit and then I pulled out my cross-stitch kit from under the bed. I almost forgot about it! This will keep me busy for a while.

It takes me a bit of time to realize where I left off and setting up which colour I want to start with. This is a counted cross stitch and I started it soon after Bill and I got married. That’s 20 years ago! It isn’t a project with any set finish date (good thing!) 
but it has gone through as many changes as I have since then. From the apartment on Fiddlers Green in London, to the condo on Chapman Court, to the house on Metcalfe and now to the Suite, all over the southwest. 

Maybe one day it will be finished but I’m enjoying it all the same. I’ve gone from glasses, to contact lenses to reading glasses and now to progressive. When I started it, counting the stitches sounded like a fine idea. Hmm, now I’m thinking a stamped pattern would serve me better!

Bill, daughter #2, Charlotte, Olivia
SIL Cory, Chelsea, daughter #4, Jess, Matt (soon to be SIL)
Oh, and our waitress at the back
I worked away at for an hour or so while Bill helped out inside. Around 3 a knock on the door indicated company or someone looking for Bill. Turns out it was my cousin, Bonnie and her husband, Gary! What a lovely surprise. They are in the process of looking for a new trailer to replace theirs. Just beginning the ‘hunt’ they had CanAm on the list of dealers to check out. Bonnie reads my blog every day so knew we were here. It was so nice to see them and we wish them good luck!

Bill had an appointment to show a couple from Michigan how to hook up their Alto. That is part of the service of an rv dealer, at least it should be, and CanAm won’t let you leave the lot until you know everything about your ‘new’ trailer. Bill was back in at 5 just in time to feed Clemson. I’d managed to hold him off until then, Bonnie, you will be happy that we did finally feed him before he collapsed!

It was great to see everyone tonight

We cleaned up and at 6 or so, headed out the door to meet a couple of Bill’s girls for supper at Southside Grill on Exeter Road and Wellington. This will be two birds with one stone and we’re glad Jess and Matt suggested to get together for supper. A quick hop no matter which way we go, I just needed to make sure to take the goodies we picked up in Arizona for them.

We secured a table for 8, arriving about the same time as Charlotte and Cory. It was a great evening, the company and the meal. The girls are growing so fast. Chelsea with her hockey and baseball and Olivia with her dance and theatre, they are keeping their parents hopping. A lot can be said for young parents today, with full time jobs and juggling after school and weekend activities.

Liver, onions, bacon and mixed seasoned veggies
The fries remained on my plate
My salad and rice pudding is not shown here but they were good too
By 8:30 we cleared the restaurant with full tummies and hugs all around. They loved their gifts, I hope they will find them useful. Back home before 9 I downloaded the few pictures I’d taken today and finished my post. This was a nice day and the temperature rose to a dull 8C. No problem, there was no precipitation!

And the girls posed for me
Unfortunately, Cory blinked
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Lovely family and the girls are certainly two little cuties.
    Good luck with the cross stitch. I give you credit I would not have the patience.
    I am not looking forward to temperatures in the 40's we are spoiled with all this nice warmth.Though the predicted low for tonight is 35...maybe someone is trying to get us ready...LOL
    Stay warm.

    1. Thanks, we think so too! :)
      The cross stitch will entertain me for a week or so and then I'll have to switch to something else for a while. That is why it takes years!
      Is there a reason you two have to be home when it is cold? Other than seeing the children, I mean? I'm trying to keep you warm as long as possible!

  2. Nice to get together with more of the family and share a good meal. You cross stitch reminds me of the quilt that Suzie has been working on for even longer., maybe someday !
    At least at can am you have hookups there and are at home wherever you are parked.

    1. We enjoyed our time last night for sure. Ha ha, one day for sure our projects will get finished! :)
      We are settled here for sure and they treat us like family.

  3. The best part of being home... seeing our children and grandkids. We are going to see Dean's son and family today, the only ones we haven't seen since being back. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

    1. It is great to see the kids, still 3 more to see and our parents but soon!

  4. What great family pictures! Cross stitch? Not me. Can't tell you how many times I started one and made some huge mistake. I guess I don't count so well. It is a gorgeous one!! I'm sure you'll finish it and remember where you were on each section!!

  5. What cute girls you have there! Great looking family! Dinner looked good (except for the fact it was liver) and looks like lots of it! I like to embroider (haven't for years) but counted cross stitch never worked for me. It will be beautiful when it's finished! Enjoy! You'll be home at the Ridge soon! :)