Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wind, Rain, Static Display at the Mall, Hunkering Down

It was already raining on Saturday, Apr. 14th when we woke up just before 7 and quite windy. Oh goody, making out to be a wonderful day! Ha ha. You gotta laugh about it and just make the best of it. Bill had planned to drive to White Oaks Mall to the RC (radio controlled) Static Display of RC planes. Many members of Bill’s flying club, The Forest City Flyers, would be in attendance with their models.

I was going to stay home but this morning I woke up with the decision that I would go along if he wasn’t going to be all day. After a tea and reading some comments, I showered and we left together around 9. It was already nasty out there but I didn’t want to wear a heavy winter coat to wear while I was wondering around. I opted for my winter attire, a layered hoody with my wind breaker and a light scarf.

This is the kind of day it was
Bill caught Clemson in a deep snooze on top of my blanket
How can this be comfortable?
We met up with Jack and Mary, Gary, Tom, Bob (and Judy later) and then I left the boys to their stuff. I had a few places I wanted to stop at and once stores opened at 9:30 I popped into a few. I picked up a new washable cotton mat for the Suite, just something with colour to spruce things up a bit. I also picked up a spring/summer cotton garden hat with netting that comes down over my head. I’ve wanted one since encountering the black flies and skitters last May.

We needed to pick up a birthday card for a special someone so I found a card shop for that and then into Walmart for printer paper and a couple of food items. By this time, I was carting around 2 heavyish bags and the heat in the mall was getting to me. After 2 ½ hours, I headed back to where Bill was and he was ready to head out too. Unfortunately, he had the camera and never took any pictures so I have nothing to show for the morning.

Bought a new scatter mat today
The mats in our Suite are more for Clemson than for us
He does not like walking on hard floors
We drove back to the Suite and I had some of my soup for lunch while Bill made a toasted cheese and p.b. sandwich. On our trip here from Ohio, the container I had in the fridge with beer margarita in it was too full to travel. Apparently. So, I had a sticky mess to clean up and removed the main shelf to give it a good washing.

Once we get home, the whole fridge will get emptied and it will get a ‘spring’ cleaning. I would dread this project when we had our smaller fridge in the house but things just don’t sit in this fridge for very long and it is an easy process. Plus, being higher up off the ground (freezer below) makes it a much easier task than having to be on my hands and knees to do it.

Supper was delicious! I coated the boneless chops and baked them
in the convection oven for 30 minutes.
They were perfect and I actually really enjoyed it
After dishes, Clemson was begging for someone to sit with him so Bill accepted the challenge and promptly fell asleep. The wind is whipping around like crazy and the only reason I will venture out in it is to take Clem out. We’ll take turns. I poured myself another cup of tea and set about adding some more stitches to my project.

this was the weather picture for London today on the news

Some freezing rain has covered the city of London
and we are not alone
 Supper will be oven baked pork chops with a potato for Bill and salad for me. We’ll share corn for our veggie tonight. A nice inside meal. We miss the Weber Q for a change too George, so look forward to better weather! The day isn’t going to get any better, sitting at 0 with a doubtful 3C. Nothing else is on the agenda so instead of putting y’all to sleep with rambling and yet nothing to talk about, I’ll close this post off and wish you all a good day. Stay warm and dry!

Our Suite is covered in ice

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Sounds like you had fun day and actually much water weather than us, we got the freezing rain and now -3 C at 7 pm plus the wind chill gonna get colder, enjoy your time there. I know we will here.

  2. Yikes!! That weather? I don't mind rain as long as its 60 degrees! Lol
    My puppies sleep the same way!! Hugs to Clemson!

    1. I know!!! You are living in the right part of the country, Nancy. Enjoy!
      The dogs must be double jointed!

  3. How did you know my birthday is next week. You really didn't have to get me a present!!! Hope it warms up for you soon.

  4. Hope the weather improves. Until then.....stay safe.
    It was spring in Alberta today. Back to winter Monday. Sheesh!

  5. Glad the weather is only going to be short lived. We should be moving about the freezing mark really soon. Love the new mat, nice colours.

    Take care, stay warm and safe.

    1. We'll stay put today and hope it clears by morning when we have appointments.
      Thank you, now I think two mats the same would have been nice. LOL After thoughts, eh?
      Thanks, you too!

  6. Love your little throw rug, funny how the little things make a big difference! Clemson looks comfy even though doesn't look that way to me..haha..Nice to do a little shopping once in awhile, but I have to be in the mood for sure. Good that Bill got to hang out with friends and show off their hobby! Dinner looks delicious and outside sure looks cold!! BRR..stay warm!

  7. Spring really is not trying very hard to show its face...:( The weather back where are daughter is and we will be in 13 days took a dive back into winter. A little south of Escanaba in Wisconsin they have highways closed because of the weather...crazy.

    To answer the question you posed in the last set of comments and replies. Our daughter is graduating from Central Michigan University down in Mount Pleasant on May 5th. So we wanted to have a few days to get unpacked before we head down there. Tom and I said last year no more getting home in April...hopefully, next year we can wait until May...LOL

    Hope spring finds you all real soon. Your new throw rug looks like spring...:) Until then stay warm.
    Seriously, Clemson looks like he has the right idea...sleep through it all.