Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quieter and Not so Rocky, Black Beauty, Entertaining Evening

I woke up on Monday, Apr. 16th to the sound of stillness The Suite wasn’t rocking anymore. How nice that those over-powering winds from the past two days had died down. Maybe there will soon be relief from the precipitation too. It was still raining when Bill took Clemson out for his morning piddle but at least the ice and snow had completely melted and the parking lot was just wet and ‘puddly’.

A dry day to drive to Mt. Brydges

We had a tea and coffee together and Bill had a bowl of cereal while we read some posts. His appointment was for 8 o’clock at Hi-Tech, which is across the city on Trafalgar St. He left around 7:25. I finished reading and drinking my tea before getting out of my sweats and dressed for the day. What to eat, what to eat. I don’t usually cook bacon and eggs unless we are eating together.

Sold?? Oh-oh, I wondered if my daughter had been in earlier!!!

Some after effects from the ice and wind storm

Flooding was mostly retained to the creek and river areas
Thank goodness!
At 9, Bill called and was on his way home already. The safety check (needed for our buy-out process) was done with no issues but the tires that were supposed to come in this morning, did not arrive. Bummer. So, Dan will call when they arrive and if I have to take the truck over when Bill is working tomorrow, we’ll get them done then. When my sweetie got back, we made another cuppa and I had a banana with yogourt and wheat germ.

These guys traveled the winter with us,
Too bad they were dead, they didn't enjoy the trip!
We had an empty propane tank so Bill put it in the truck and drove up to CanAm’s main tank for a refill. How nice that the rain has stopped for a change! The rest of the morning went pretty quietly for me and Clemmy. I got myself into another book, this one is called Void Moon by Michael Connelly. It is a different theme than his usual ones but it has started out interesting. I thought it was comical that Deb just finished Sue Grafton’s R is for Ricochet when I did! Many rv’ers are avid readers too.

Supervising fro the best seat in the house
Al, one of the techs inside, loaned Bill a handy tool to remove the bezels from our overhead lights. During the winter, when he removed all the rest to get the flies out, the 4 over our sink would not budge. This tool worked like a charm! I should have taken a picture of it. Bill climbed up on the island and had them off, eww, and replaced, as clean and shiny as new. I supervised from my recliner. Bill made himself a sandwich and I grabbed a cheese stick for the drive to Mt. Brydges.

The Tour bus

the Scott Woods band
Five members shown here
We arrived shortly before 1 and the cute service guy who took our keys said “That’s a nice truck!” Well, that is twice we’ve been told that today, once earlier by our GM mechanic. We know, we made the right decision! Stopping in to see Al Fierra, within mere minutes we had signed paperwork to buy Black Beauty. This is such a good move and looking back through our process, we are pleased that it came to this. By 1:30 we were on our way home to the Suite.

This is their 5th member of the band
Leo is only 13 years old and is a very talented little fellow
Step Dance Champion and plays fiddle, piano and sings as well
Such a wonderful performer with a terrific sense of humour
Now the day really got lazy. We read, watched some tv and got out for short walks with the pooch. For supper, we made it simple and had mushroom soup and a sandwich for Bill. I had mine with a few Saltines. We were cleaned up by 5 as we had a date! A fellow rv’er and friend, ScottWoods, is a Canadian Fiddle Champion. From the age of 4, Scott followed in his talented family footsteps. (you can check him out also on Facebook and YouTube)

Meet the band from left to right
Top - Scott Woods, Steve Piticco
Centre - Bill Carruthers and Pete Sisk
Bottom - Kendra Norris (Scott's sister) and Leo Stock
Bill was chatting with him on Messenger Sunday and we received a complimentary invite to his show last night in London. Scott and his sister, Kendra, and the band have just nicely began a new tour called Fiddling up a Storm. We’ve never seen them perform so were keen to see them at the Victory Branch Legion. We arrived early to get good seats and they were prime. Front row, yay! We’ve never been to a fiddle concert before but my oh my, they were fantastic!

We were entertained from beginning to end
Kendra has an alias - Cousin Kendra Pearl?
Leo sang "I'm little but I'm loud" and warmed our hearts
Scott, the story teller reads a touching poem
Leo, doesn't stand still for long but we caught this finale pose
Steve on guitar obviously loves his job
Special guest - Marie Bottrell has a lovely powerful voice
We purchased a couple of cd’s, they had 23 to choose from, and got them signed. How nice to personally know the *star*. Thank you, Scott, for the invitation! We will definitely come and see you again when you are in our area. 

Rolling out the Barrel
It is important to note that many of these performances are done for charity, to aide churches and other community service groups. This was a real treat for us to see a group of 6 performers having such a fun time on stage. They truly love what they do. Young Leo is home schooled and with tapes from Mom at home, he dutifully keeps up with his studies. A comical query from him to his band mates as they drive down the road "Is this a snow day?"

Not only does Scott sing and perform by playing the fiddle
He plays the fiddle while 'performing'. Never missed a beat!

We arrived home around 9:30 and watched a bit of tv until bedtime at 11. This was a good day followed by a wonderful evening. I hope yours was a good one too!

Having a nice chat with Scott before we left

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. We have a truck very similar to yours. 2011 Ford F350 dually, super cab, and it's black too. I don't know how many times we have heard the same thing, 'nice truck'. I remember I drove to the mall in Panama City beach once and as I was climbing out, some redneck guy says to me 'nice truck lady'. Thought that was so funny. It is a beast but pulls our 40 footer with ease.

    1. That is cool! Everyone seems to love the big trucks! :)
      By the way, "Good choice, Ruth!"

  2. What a fun day getting things done and amazing entertainment . Just love watching the life entertainers and very special when you know them personally.
    Wish our snow was gone here.

    1. It was such a great way to end a good day. We had a blast.
      Keep warm guys, hopefully the snow up that way is gone by Friday!

    2. I would not count on the snowing gone by friday, wishful thinking though.

  3. Congrats on buying Black Beauty. When you have a good reliable truck it's hard to justify getting rid of it for a new one that may not give you the same reliability. She (or is it he) should last you a long time.
    Nothing like a live band. I love good fiddle music. Real toe-tapping tunes.

    1. Thank you! We do love HER and glad that decision played out in our favour.
      The music was great last night, I had to force myself to stay in my seat!

  4. Congrats also for buying the truck, you made a good decision and I knew you would. There is nothing like attending a live music performance. It's dramatic, isn't it? Sitting inside your nice Suite by the fire with a good book, I think the cold weather doesn't bother you one bit, it makes staying inside so much cozier.

    1. Thank you Marlene! We are very happy and will continue to look after it.
      The performers last night were fabulous, we'll go see them again this summer.
      Yes, it is true, I'm pretty comfy with my book but getting anxious to get up to the Ridge and REALLY settle.

  5. I figured you must have had a late evening when I didn't see your post this am. Don't you wonder how this insects get into the lights when it takes a special tool to get the glass out?! Little devils. Nice bus the band has. Love the collage pictures! Front row seats, doesn't get any better does it! Leo is a cutie, you can see in the pics his personality shining through! How nice you got to go! Love fiddle music myself! Congrats on Black Beauty! ? Leo travels without family with him?

  6. You already know me pretty well. :)
    It drives us crazy how those flies crammed in there!
    Leo is a cutie and yes he travels without family with him. We asked the question. I'm sure he video chats with his Mom and Dad a lot. :)
    Thank you Black Beauty is happy too!

  7. I'm always curious how the flies get into the lights but never seem able to get back out. I hate having them in there, such a mess to clean up as they never seem able to stay whole. LOL.

    Loved the pictures from your night on the town. What an excellent performance I'm sure. It looked amazing. Such talented folks and how nice to know the 'star'.
    Glad you've decided to stay with BB. I think you'll be happier this way.
    Stay warm.