Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Restless Morning, Bill Punches the Clock, Pat Reunites with Value Village, Family Dinner

On Tuesday, Apr. 10th I was awake to use the facilities at 3:30. Hmm, that is highly unusual when that happens and I was unable to wait until 6. Anyway, I was uncomfortable enough to get up and then couldn’t drop back off. So weird for me. Bill was restless too, but other than concern for me, I think he was thinking of his first day ‘on the clock’ in a while.

We both got up shortly after 6 and I can tell you how many sheep I counted over and over up until then! We had a tea and coffee together, read a few blogs and Bill hopped in the shower. I knew he’d need something to eat, he has 2 orientations today starting at 9 and then 1, after lunch. I fried a couple of eggs and made him a toasted egg sandwich. It smelled good but I’ll wait a bit before having my eggs.
I'm behind the wheel again AND in Value Village's parking lot
When he left at 8 to go inside, it was my turn to shower and do what I’ve longed to do. During the winter months, I can count on maybe 4 fingers the number of second hand shops I went into, so I’m overdue for a visit to Value Village. Tuesday is Senior’s Day equating to 30% off. I have a couple of things I’m looking for but other than that, it will just be fun to be wandering and looking. I’ve been in withdrawal!

Something else that I have been in withdrawal about is getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. That isn’t a complaint, I don’t usually have a desire to drive anywhere without Bill when we’re south anyway. But it just hit me when we were almost home talking about getting our Toyota Corolla out of storage. I haven’t driven for 167 days! It is like riding a bicycle, I guess.
Gotta love the boots!

They are like new, comfy and perfect over slim leg pants
So, I remedied both things today. I found some of the things on my list and something else that I had in the back of my head but not necessarily a ‘need’. Well this beautiful pair of boots managed to fall off the shelf into my cart. Can you believe that? You’d be a fool if you do and I know you are no fools!
My old phone case
Last and this past winter, Bill and I kept our eyes out for a pair of cowboy boots for me but the prices were way more than I could ever justify. I’d pretty much decided that I’d just be happy with a short pair of boots with a good tread, more sensible for desert walking and hiking. Sometimes, I just can’t resist a good bargain so when these fit and were marked $15.99-30%, well, they came home with me and I love them!

My pretty new one

Exact same style of case so it can hold our 'business' cards etc.
 We have plans for dinner out tonight with my son, Patrick, his wife, Chaela and our youngest grandson, Nathan. Scheduling something on a day when Bill does two orientations is never a good idea. Seldom do these pick ups go as planned for one reason or another. Today, his first appointment through no fault of his own, was coming from the US and got delayed quite a bit at the Border Crossing. So, the 9 am meet did not happen until after I was done shopping, at 11:30.

Tasted my homemade vegetable soup
This fellow left Florida yesterday morning and is here today for his walk through and trailer pick up. He must be exhausted! My fingers are crossed as I write this at 4:30 that the remainder of the day goes well. Now as I look outside, the sky has opened up and it is snowing. A wet snow. So that is what that white/gray cloudy sky to the south was all about!
Their 2 tractors are bustling moving units around

Most of these trailers are sold

It truly is first and foremost, an Airstream dealership
Clemson has been looking at me, since 2 o’clock. After we went out for a walk, he lays on the chair for awhile but then is right back up with that eagle eye stare. I know it doesn’t help that I am just sitting here reading, making him feel (I’m sure) “you’re not busy, Mom, can’t you just feed me?” Ignore is the name of the game we play with him, there is lots of dry food in his dish so he isn’t starving, just manipulating.

this was minutes after the sky was gray with snow
Seeing the snow falling, I thought what the heck. Let’s go for a walk, Clem! I was surprised that it felt so mild and as soon as I stepped outside, the snow turned to sun and the clouds let some blue sky through. 

Gosh, if we Canadians didn’t have weather to talk about at this time of year, what is there? We killed a good 20 minutes and it took Clemson’s mind off of you know what.

Another sky fight - clouds vs sun
I saw Bill out front with the customer and his new Lance. Bill shows them the hitch-up as well as everything else, inside and out, and then they take a test drive. I’ll have to wait and see if that is the first or the last test drive so it gives me an idea how long he’ll be. I’m cleaned up and ready to go as soon as he is. When we got back, I fed the little mooching pest and now he is content.

A new roundabout with a wonderful
rustic metal train in the middle
I love it!

Jumbo, the elephant up on the hill
The story is that P.T. Barnum brought Jumbo to Saint Thomas as part of his show
Unfortunately, in 1885 Jumbo was hit by a freight train as he and another elephant were being herded
into their cages.
You can read about it here if you are interested
The day was a good one and now with dinner out in St. Thomas at the Roadhouse, it can only get better. We left the Suite after talking to Andy for a few minutes and met Patrick right on time in the parking lot of the restaurant. Nate came running towards me with his arms out saying “I missed you sooo much!” What a charmer. He is 8 and every bit of him is exuberantly 8.

Downtown St. Thomas
a town of about 40,000
He's just a character - every minute

He wanted me to continually take pictures of his faces

We had a great visit; a nice dinner and we admired their ‘new’ to them Honda Pilot. Patrick just picked it up tonight after work and it is perfect family vehicle for them.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla - Yum!
this is about as serious as we're going to get
The MacDonald's and their 'new' Honda
I love Patrick's look on his face
as he holds Nate in a fake restraint
We said goodbye around 7:30ish and stopped at the Flying M to fuel up. Wow, that was the first time in a long time it has been over the $100 mark. Welcome home!

I hope you have enjoyed your day, this has been a good one for us. 

and now I'm making the face! haha
And the sun sets for another night
Good night from CanAm

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  1. Nice boots and phone cover. Great to see family in person and not via phone or computer screen and to hug them, isn't it? I know we Canadians lament about the high fuel costs, but I think we are saving in food prices. There is so much more available in Canada compared with USA supermarkets. Hope the rest of the week will be as good for you as today.

    1. Thanks Marlene. Getting their personal hugs is great!
      Unlike our friend, George, I dislike shopping groceries anywhere!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing day, got your Value Village fix and dinner with family to wrap it up,
    And one of these days soon it will warm up nicely.

    1. It was a great day.
      I think the warm up keeps getting pushed off somewhere. Now freezing rain on the horizon. LOL

  3. Wow I couldn't go that long without driving. After a couple of days I'm itching to get behind the wheel.

    Glad Bill managed to get everyone through their walk thru and still able to make dinner. Love the little town of St. Thomas, so cute.

    Wonderful looking family, Grandson looks like a real character who loves to clown for the camera.

    Hopefully the weather improves quickly. Stay warm.

    1. I guess the difference is that you are the prime driver of your vehicle and Bill is ours. :) I felt pretty good behind Black Beauty's wheel though! :)
      Nathan is a little goofy pants, for sure.

  4. I love the boots and the phone holder! Sure looks like spring, makes you happy to just look at it I bet. I don't drive at all when on vacation w Ken either. Nice looking family. Nathan looks like a bundle of energy! That's boys for ya!

    1. Thank you, my boots are so warm and comfy!
      Bill drives the truck when we are south and I'm okay with that but I am always anxious back home to take the wheel. :)
      Nathan makes me laugh but also tires us out!

  5. Ditto ... I love the boots and the phone holder. Boys will be boys ... at least you had fun. It's nice to have family close by.

    1. thank you. Your boots inspired me to want some! :)
      Boys will indeed be boys!

  6. Really like the new phone case. The boots are great, at that price I do not blame them for finding their way into the cart...:) I am sure they will enjoy their new home...LOL
    What a little cutie, how wonderful to have him come running for a hug...my favorite part of getting back...are the hugs!

    1. The boots are made for walking! ha ha and jumping into my cart.
      Nate = Goofy, that says it all. He is a very smart little guy too.
      I loved that he ran to me with his arms out. :)

  7. Nice bargains. We haven't shopped at Value Village.....only made donations. After downsizing last year we made a LOT of donations. Maybe they ship them across the country and you'll end up buying one of our treasures!
    Hope you get to move to the Ranch soon. Although a long drive for Bill.

    1. Yes, I've actually donated there and seen my stuff later.
      Maybe I've already got some of your treasures! :)
      Bill will stay over when he has to work two days in a week so not driving every day. He stays in one of their trailers.

  8. Ok now we have to quit reading your posts for a while because Sue is getting a big need to see the grand kids and you keep reminding her of them. Nice to see you guys enjoying family. It won't be long and I will be back to work too!! yuck.

    1. Oh, sorry Sue!! I'll try and warn you at the beginning so you can skip the post. :)
      It is nice to see them again, and there are lots more to see!
      Sorry you have to go back to work. I'd agree, yuck.

  9. Your boots were such a steal. Good for you, I love a good deal!
    The RV Sales place your at, are Airstreams a lot cheaper in Canada
    than the U.S.? We have always loved them but never bought one.
    Always pricey here in California. Makes me happy seeing them all lined up. Lol

    1. thank you, the boots are so comfy and warm. Darker than the picture shows so nicer in 'person'.
      The Airstreams are still expensive here. A 33' is $192,000 and that is the biggest one they make.