Monday, April 9, 2018

Mt. Brydges Ford, Lazy Day for Two of Us! Gorgeous Sunset

I woke up on Monday, Apr. 9th just before 6 am and had Clemson snugged right up beside me. Yesterday, I put his felt coat on so he was warm inside and out. With all of his fur, he should be fine but Mama wants to be sure. It is lightweight and keeps him warm overnight as well, outside the covers. The light was on downstairs and my hubby was no longer in bed. I slept well, dropped off right away last night and seemed to sleep solidly.

As much as we dislike driving in our former city,
a country drive like this is always refreshing
Because I felt exhausted last night I knew my blog post would not get finished until this morning but I still stayed under the covers until 6:30 ish when I got up. Bill and I had our tea and coffee together, I published my post and caught up on comments as well as friends’ posts. By 8:30 we were cleaned up and making the drive to the Mt. Brydges Ford dealership.

Black Beauty is leased and this is our 3rd year anniversary. We’ve been listening to suggestions, recommendations and tossing around options on what to do. The nice thing about leasing is that every 3 or 4 years we can have a new truck on the road to pull our home. Unfortunately, payments are high and who doesn’t want to lessen their ‘debt’ load? We certainly would like to. More than a few people have said “buy the truck out”.
Sitting in the showroom waiting for Al
I love this colour of blue
We love B.B. so needed to look seriously at both scenarios. Our ‘guy’ at Ford is really easy to deal with, eager to please and tries to honour Ford and at the same time, get us what we want. We probably spent an hour at least with Al as we tossed question his way and he tapped away at the computer for the answers. It was around 10:15 or so when we left and said we’d be in touch with our decision. We have things to figure out first.

With a quick stop in Lambeth at the RBC, we headed back to the Suite for breakfast, well lunch, I guess. I fried up some bacon and eggs and we each had a second hot drink. The coffee we had while waiting for Al left a lot to be desired but that’s okay, they were trying to make us comfortable.

Returning to CanAm, was a traffic jam in the front lot
Bill has a couple of orientations/walk throughs tomorrow (on the payroll) so was curious to have a look through them today. He likes to be prepared and test everything before the client arrives. The sun is trying to beat its way through the cloudy sky, without a whole lot of success, and the temperature is fighting hard to reach our forecasted daytime high of +3C. That’s 37.5F for you folks still on Fahrenheit. But we, along with everyone else, will rejoice at anything on the + side of 0.

Airstreams and Imagines everywhere you look

This morning, on a sad note, I had a few FB Messenger notes from friends that Monday (today) we should wear green in support of the tragic accident in Humboldt, Sask. I don’t have a lot of green, as I discovered on St. Patrick’s Day, but I can certainly rise to the cause. These lives were just too important to be wiped out so suddenly because of a traffic accident. So, I’m wearing green.

Green for the Humboldt Broncos
There isn’t much else to write about today. Bill was in and out of CanAm talking with staff and checking to see if he was scheduled for work next week. He isn’t enjoying his book as much as others so isn’t as keen on sitting still, reading. Me, on the other hand, I am. I couldn’t get into Billy Bathgate, that Ron gave me so started a new one. I found that the run-on sentences are not something I enjoy. I gave it an honest to goodness try but it didn’t draw me.

And there we are snug up against the building
I started a Tess Geritssen book called Last to Die and within the first few pages of Chapter 1, I was hooked. I didn’t do much else today but sit with Clemson and read. I’m halfway through the book already. Bill returned from one of his jaunts inside, after Clemson had eaten his supper at 5 and we were out for a walk. Maybe, just maybe we have him back on track with his supper time. Hah!

the sun gained more control late afternoon, early evening
We had fish and chips for supper tonight. I started preparing it at 6 and we were eating by 6:30. The pollock filets were very good fried and Bill liked them a bit better than baked. I still want to try them deep-fried once. We shared the potato fries but I refrained from taking too many. Supper was good and after cleaning up we found some local programs to watch.

From our back window
It has been a very laid back day today but a good one. The sun made brief appearances and brought the temperature only to 1C but that is better than -1, you have to agree.

And I ran out in my slippers and sweater to get this snapshot
The Vintage trailer is the one blocking our Suite in safely for the night
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. I weighed in on lease or no lease and bought my truck. Buyouts can be expensive too. Even worse if you have to rig a hitch every time. Good luck on your decision.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Lots to consider. Right now it is all about lowering payments. :)

  2. Looks like you had a nice relaxing day, and checking out variables for your truck, good luck with the right decision.

    1. It was a very relaxing day for me, at least, and Bill as much as he wanted.
      We'll make the right choice with all things factored in.

  3. The accident in Saskatchewan was horrific. So many lives lost, and others changed forever. Hopefully they do something about that corner as it isn't the first tragedy there.

    The pictures look wonderful and cold, but like you say, better plus 1 than minus 1.

    Good luck with the truck decisions. Stay warm.

  4. Seeing that you already have lots of recommendations on your truck I don't want to add my 5 cents worth, but one thing is for sure, they last a long time and there are many of them out there, loved by all of their drivers. Had we known how nice it is to drive a truck, we'd had one long before this one.
    With your experience and Bills knowledge you could probably give your own seminars on RVs. Enjoy your stay at CanAm.

  5. I know I hate truck payments, but sometimes a necessary evil. Ken plans on keeping our Tundra (now that we got the towing issues figured) until 125,000 miles which is how long our maintenance package is. Then one more new truck (we buy) and then we're done, he figures by then he'll be too old and won't want to tow too far. I think he'll be surprised but we've got a lot of years for that one. Only you can decide what's right for you guys. The accident was so horrific and so sad. I can't even imagine. You look beautiful in green by the way, you should buy more! Nice that Bill gets a paid work day and you get to enjoy taking it easy :)

  6. I read about that accident how sad and horrible all those young lives lost.
    Good luck with the truck decision. As long as it is right for the two of you it is the right decision.
    Nice sunset even across a parking lot. Stay warm.