Wednesday, April 4, 2018

If The Suite is Rockin’…………It Isn’t Us! Crazy Weather! One Last Happy Hour

I woke up around 5:30 on Wednesday, Apr. 4th. I could hear the wind and slight banging outside because of it. It was odd that I could hear it and then I realized that I’d lost one of my ear plugs at some point. I figured it was our sign banging and would take care of it when I got up at a more reasonable time. Then I dropped off for another hour and a half and got up. It had dropped from 62f last night to a cool 39F this morning.
The water has dropped considerably
I opened the blinds but wasn’t too impressed with the idea of going for a walk. I bundled up anyway about to go take our sign down and I see Bill had already brought it in. Who knows what the banging was/is, the sewer cap possibly and our stove vent. 

Like night and day - the difference of what a day does
Once I was bundled I figured I’d try a walk. I got down to the corner, to the main bridge, snapped a couple of photos and by then it had started to snow really lightly but it was wet.

The sun appeared  briefly this morning
just to tease
That was enough so I hi-tailed it back home. Bill and Clem were still in bed so I made my tea and sat down to catch up on blog comments. I missed reading them yesterday and I can’t even recall why. It was almost 8:30 when the boys joined me so I took Clem out for his piddle. Today would be a sweater day for the furry little bum if he were out for any length of time. It’s nasty cold out there.

We bought Bill a 'matching' cup at Bob Evan's
We cleaned up dishes after our grapefruit and first drinks and sorted laundry. Since we are pulling out tomorrow, this was the plan Get the clothes washed now and that should be the last time until we are home in Durham. Should be. This is a new laundromat and totally different than any we’ve been in. No coins are used. You can either pay by Debit, Credit or use their Laundry Card.

Two new buildings for the Car Wash and Laundry
A nice attendant could see the 2 bumbling idiots going in circles, not sure what to do and she came over to help us. She helped me to get a ‘free’ laundry card and then we were able to put $10 on it. You then swiped this at the washers and each machine added as little as .25 and as much as .50 (depending on the machine size) towards your card and dryer use within the same day. Once we got the hang of it, it was a pretty neat way to do laundry. What $ you didn’t use, stayed on the card.

My fingers were crossed that the sun won this sky war
It didn't
We did 3 loads for $9.75 (loads are $3.25 ea) and got .75 worth of free drying. I used 2 large dryers. Our free .50 gave us 20 min. in one dryer so we used our free .25 plus the .25 left on our card for the second dryer. Bingo! Perfectly, as if we’d planned it, both loads were done, all things dry. Yay! 

Again, we can tell we’re getting closer to home prices, even in the laundromats but they have to pay for these fancy new buildings and machines somehow. We didn’t mind, we have clean clothes and we didn’t have to drive far to do it. While there, Bill nipped around the corner and picked up a black ink tank and some DEF fluid at Walmart.

And look at this brilliance shining in the Suite
Back home, Bill put his ‘mud flap’ bar on the truck. When I was out this morning, I’d noticed an American flag and pole had blown off someone’s motor home up the row and was sitting under a picnic table across the way. I pointed it out to Bill on our way back from doing laundry so he walked up, rolled it up and tucked it safely by the rv. The guy wasn’t home and would never know he could have lost it, but at least it is back where it belongs.

Yesterday this was a swimming hole, the wind does have benefits
Inside, while Bill was out freezing his butt off, I was preparing bacon and eggs for our lunch. By the time he was done, everything was almost ready. Once more, Clem needed to go out so I took him out and down the road. The wind didn’t blow him over this time. Shivering, we both returned inside and Bill had the dishes mostly cleaned up. What a guy!

This was a frightening sky for a while this morning before we went to do laundry
We waited at the park until it lightened up, just in case
Because our lease for Black Beauty is up next year, we were invited to go back a year early to Mt. Brydges Ford and see what offers might be available now. We’re doing that on Monday so Bill is online looking at different/new options so we will be more prepared when we talk to Al. It saves time sitting across the desk from him if we already know what we’d like. It will be an interesting conversation so we can decide whether to buy out or lease.

We sat in our chairs with our books. I’m starting the Billy Bathgate book that Ron left for me. It will be a totally different book than what I’m used to so I hope I can latch on. At one point around 2:30 all 4 eyes were drooping and Clemson’s had been shut for quite a while. We put the books down and it took a ‘ping’ on my phone to wake us up.

So as Bill takes care of some paperwork, Clemson
sneaks up behind him to get his coat off the chair
We made a cup of tea and with our coats on, walked over to George and Suzie’s for our last U.S./winter Happy Hour. Oh, that’s sad! We know we won’t be seeing them again probably until the summer. We had a good visit covering a lot of ground again. Time flew by and at 5 Bill and I thought we’d better get home and feed Clemson and ourselves. We all have to eat.

And he got it
The wind was whipping around and the sun actually peeked out briefly after we hugged and wished each other “goodbyes” and “safe travels”. The temperature for most of the day had dropped to a chilly 32F with a windchill of 23F. For supper, it would be easy. A one pot dish of corned beef, potatoes and veggies leftover from Easter Sunday. I hope by serving everything hot, Bill might enjoy the corned beef better than my first attempt. If not, he might have to find something else in the cupboard.

So, for those of you who know the four of us
you can imagine that it is always fun to prepare for a selfie
Here we are prim and proper
We were eating before 6, our bacon and eggs at lunch had digested and I was quite ready for a fill-up. I’m sad to say that my attempt with this supper didn’t do it for Bill. At least he was a trooper and helped me clean up the last of the leftovers. Graciously, ha ha, he said that I could eat the other corned beef roast in the freezer sometime over the spring/summer when he was working at CanAm. I get that, he doesn’t like it.

And while I'm setting the camera up, something is going on here
arms crossing, hand holding, I'm not sure
 I took Clemson out for another ‘nature’ walk and Bill started the dishes. I’m happy that the snow today wasn’t substantial enough to stick around. We didn’t want to have to worry about cleaning off slides in the morning so we’re praying that our overnight is a dry one. This has been a good day. We got our laundry chore taken care of, enjoyed some quiet time and were lucky enough to spend more time yet with our good friends. I hope yours was a good one too.

And as usual, we end our time together with a whole pile of  'HAPPY'

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Wow, that's cold. Hope you get some better weather soon. Was that a pop up back there in the picture? That must be cold.

    Happy folks, happy times. Glad you had a chance to spend some more time with good friends.

    Safe travels.

    1. Yes, it is cold and the wind makes it worse than it 'needs' to be!
      Yes, that is a pop up but I think they live close and have not been staying in it the last few nights. I remember when we had one but it was only for summer camping!
      Always lots of laughs with G & S, glad we got together one more time.

  2. Wishing you safe travels for the last stretch to Canada. Are you excited to return home with plans for the summer? Before you know it you are thinking of new routes and places to see next season. All the best.

    1. thank you Marlene and Benno. Now that we are so close, yes, we are ready to return home. Wish it was warmer because then the 'excitement' would be greater but come mid April I will be glad to see my spring flowers pop up!
      We already have ideas for next year, fun to plan!
      take care.

  3. thank you Patsy for your journal onwards to Canada. Stay safe and keep warm. We are on our first part of our journey. Not looking forward to the cold. But all good things must come to an end and start our new good things. :)

    1. You are so welcome, Lori. I'm glad you've enjoyed the book this winter. Exciting for you that there will always be another one!
      Thanks for the warm and safe wishes, we will do our best.
      Same back at you two, travel safe and hold onto the warmth as long as possible. You are right, there are always new exciting things around the corner.
      Remember that you are welcome to visit at the Ridge again anytime.

  4. So, Bill could always trade up to a Chevy Duramax! :-)
    Nice to see the water levels dropping. Hope the sun wins out.
    Travel safe!

    1. Dave, thank you for the suggestion. The only problem with getting a Chevy is that we'd still need a Ford to pull it! :) haha
      It is nice to see the wind dry things up. Supposed to see sun today which will be nice for travelling.
      thanks guys!

  5. It was a cold day and a fun last happy hour together for a while enjoy your short travel day tomorrow and be safe.

    1. Bitter cold, trying to prepare us for Ontario?
      Great time at H.H.
      We will keep in touch, enjoy the rest of your stay here. Get some pool and hot tubbing in. :)

  6. We have about 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning and -6 C.It shouldn't stay though with the plus Temps predicted on the weekend and next week. Drive safely and we'll see you soon.

    1. Not happy to hear there is snow at home, just get it gone before we arrive! :)
      Thanks sis.

  7. Brrrrr .... it looks too cold for me. I tried that laundry card thing once ... ended up with $3 left that I never used. I think that's the new way to get even MORE money out of you. I'm SO glad I have a stackable washer/dryer in my rig. I love that Clemson wants to be near or on the coat. My Jessie is the same way. Hope the sun shines on you soon!!!

    1. Yes it is too cold for me too!! yeuch!
      I think the trick is to only put on the card what you'll use. $10 worked perfect for us as long as I remember that next time! ha ha
      Clemson I'm sure is like Jessie and Cooper in more ways than one. Such loveable little mutts.
      Thanks for the wishes for our sunshine. We had some today for most of the day.