Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sun, Glorious Sun, Walkabouts, Visit with Mom, Helping at the Acreage

It was 6 when we woke up on Sunday, Apr. 29th. Hard to believe we are in the last couple of days of this month, especially when we step outside to the brittle cold we are experiencing. We are resting at -1C/29F this morning and the wind makes it feel even colder. The wind is not as strong as yesterday but cool on bare ears, let me tell you!

Good morning from the Ridge

We had our first hot drinks, read blog posts, bundled up and took our cameras for a walk to the corner. I wanted to go further but it was just too darn cold at 7am! 

From our road, we took pictures of our Home on the Ridge

The skiff of snow from overnight hung around for a while this morning
Later, I’ll go later. Bill had his zoom lens on so got some cool pictures of Fred and Ethel and wait, a minute, those two must be Desi and Lucy sleeping in the opposite pond! Funny how they sleep on the water with their necks stretched straight out in front of them like that.

They are so relaxed, with their necks stretched out on the water
The sun has given us a pretty performance and the blue sky welcomed it without a moment’s hesitation. 

Back inside I tried to focus on my book, evenings aren’t working for me, I get too tired and again last night I was in bed before 10. I guess Bill got up too early because soon enough with Clemson on his lap, he was in dreamland again. The book is getting good, so now that I’m 1/3 of the way in, I know I’ll finish it one day.

I'd found that the camera on my phone took blurry pictures when
I took selfies so tried a few things today in our home
At 10 I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and then after dishes, I cleaned up and drove into Durham to see Mom. 

At Rockwood, going to see Mom
She was laying down in her room, drapes drawn, light out and door closed but when I knocked and walked in, she sat up looking quite happy. We never know which ‘Mom’ (as Donna says) we will see when we arrive so I was lucky to get this one. We sat on the bed and had a nice visit for the next hour before I walked her down to lunch. It was a great visit today.

Mom couldn't get over how much we looked alike in this picture
when I showed her

Aaaahh, is what she's saying
With my funky tripod, I set up my phone camera on her walker to capture a couple of fun moments. They turned out pretty good! I left Rockwood and drove to Home Hardware to pick up one last solar light for the garden. We are very pleased with these lights. Something so simple. I had tried to explain them to Mom and she was quite tickled with the whole idea of lights without electricity.

This pictures shows where 3 of our 7 solar lights are located
When I drove into the area where I park, Bill was outside and pushed the new light into the garden for me. The wind out there was very cold so it didn’t take me long to go inside the Suite. Donna and Gerry had stopped in before I returned home on their way to the Acreage to clean out their old trailer. They have a date to trade it in for their new one on Mon. May 7th but depending on how much rain we get this week, they may have to delay that exchange.

Cleaning out their Prairie Schooner for trade-in
They don't tow it anywhere, this is its permanent site
We bundled up and drove over to see what they were up to. Donna was inside emptying cupboards so while Bill and Gerry wandered the wooded lane trimming branches, I helped her pack boxes with glasses and clothes etc. I know the feeling of emptying one beloved trailer for another. There is a melancholy feeling but also the excitement of what’s around the corner.

Looking through the trees with family birdhouses to their Hilton cabin

Their outhouse has a 5 cent charge ha ha

Front view of the Hilton
We worked together until 3:30 and said our goodbyes for the day. The fresh air was wonderful and the Acreage is in a more sheltered spot than the Ridge so the wind was not so noticeable. Back at the Suite we sat inside and enjoyed the sun coming in from the windows while I caught up on my post and we watched Sister Act 2. We haven’t seen Whoopi Goldberg in action for a while and it is always a good choice.

Gerry, Donna, Pat, Bill
taking a break
Following Sister Act 2, one of our favourite movies came on. We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon, Thomas Haden Church and Scarlett Johansson is a good way for us to spend a couple of hours. Matt Damon can do no wrong in my eyes and where, in the Bourne movies, he wins me over, in this one, he is so adorable he steals my heart. Bill knows all about it.

There were about 5 of these little garter snakes in the grass together

Thhis little guy lifted his head to look at us look at him
Tonight, I’d planned chicken breasts for supper and with the wind as cold as it was, we cooked inside. I browned one huge breast in the electric frypan, added a can of tomato soup with oregano and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. They cooked for about 15 minutes and at the same time I used my rice cooker to make some rice and corn. Supper was a treat something different than I’ve made before and splitting it worked perfectly.
Supper was good
After we’d cleaned up the dishes, I noticed the wind had died a bit so bundled up in my layers with a scarf around my head and went for a walk down the lane and to the neighbour’s laneway. It felt good to get outside one more time before night falls. This has been a very good day. I hope that yours was a great one too.

The robins are wondering where spring is so I told them 'tomorrow'
Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Hi Pat - I know all about packing up cupboards in a trailer. We have made a decision and traded our current RV; we pick up our new one on May 9th.

    1. Hi Bonnie! That is exciting! I can't wait to hear what you ended up with! The emptying of cupboards is not quite as fun as filling new ones. :)

  2. I could see those pics every day. Such a pretty place. Nice to visit with Mom and she DOES look like you!! Dinner? Love it. Super simple but delicious!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. All of us kids have some features of Mom's but she couldn't get over the smile and the glasses. :)
      Supper was easy, all in one fry pan and only 30 minutes start to finish.

  3. Your mom sure looks happy to see you. I don't like to see you running around with coats on and that snow on the mat looks terrible. It was 27C here today in Manitoba.

    1. Mom was having a wonderful day, always good news to us when we stop by.
      Nice of you to be concerned, Lorne. So nice that maybe you'll send some heat our way? Today is the beginning of an up climb but we never know how long it will stay!

  4. Wonderful pictures of you and your mother...pure joy on her face, I love it!, My sister and I also look very much like our mother, especially as we’ve gotten older, Lol!
    Your supper looks yummy, I’m all about easy meals too. If you’re a mushroom fan, cream of mushroom soup makes a tasty simmering sauce for chicken too.
    I sure hope spring shows up soon for you! We hit our first 100 degree day last week here in Buckeye, AZ, I think spring has come and gone for us!
    Peggy Edgar

    1. thanks Peggy, it was a great visit with Mom. She was very happy. Age becomes us if we look like our beautiful mothers. :)
      We do like mushroom soup so will try that too. thanks.
      We hope for spring it will be much nicer. Wow! stay cool, Peggy!

  5. Hope spring arrives soon so you can get your garden going. At the rate you're going I'll be way ahead of you. I try not to brag too much about the nice weather where I live. :O)

    1. thanks Bob, our grounds are so cold still but it will come. Usually by May 24 the gardeners here figure it is safe to plant. :)
      Thanks for not bragging, I can see from your posts how warm it is. Enjoy.

  6. Nice to see your mom's Happy smiling face the sunshine was wonderful sure makes everything feel better. Too bad about the cool breeze though.

    1. So good to see Mom happy and spend time with her.
      the sunshine makes a difference but the wind was cool. Good day to work and keep moving outside.

  7. The Ridge is beautiful and getting better every day. Your mom looks so happy, glad you were able to visit and get her out of bed. Love the Hilton at Donna's place, we need pictures of the inside, (because I'm nosey)...haha. It's just too cute! Ok, those snakes have gotta go! Garter or not, uhhh...Have a great day you two!

    1. Thanks Shirley, we like to add some personal touches to the Ridge each year but it is pretty already anyway.
      Mom and I had a great visit on Sunday.
      Ha ha, okay,next time I'm there, I'll get pictures for you. It is very rustic though. :)

    2. I agree about the snakes. They are fine if they don't get in my way!