Sunday, April 15, 2018

Snowed and Iced In! Sunday Workers, Baking Day

Bill got up before me on Sunday, Apr. 15th. Again! This is getting to be a habit! So, at 7:30 when Clemson and I dragged ourselves out of bed, he was sitting at the table with his coffee and gave me his sweet morning smile. That was a whole lot nicer welcome than what the outdoors was giving me! Yeuck!! Still really windy and it was an icy, rainy, snowy mess off and on out there for the rest of the day. Plan today? Stay in my jammies!
Oh-oh, he caught me!
Well, not exactly but it certainly appealed to me. Bill slipped his winter boots on and went outside to take pictures of the CanAm lot, so this is my picture of him braving the wind and rain…..without his coat. LOL We finished our reading and checked the weather forecast for the beginning of the week. Even when the freezing rain stops, we are still in for some wet, cold days.

At least Black Beauty is parked out at the front parking lot so Bill should be able to get out easily in the morning. The appointment for our 4 tires to be replaced and a safety check is at 8 across the city. The ice is dropping off the Suite, every once in a while, I hear a smash and see another piece has dropped off the side. Bill bundled up once more, this time with the fleece hood/hat/scarf thingy I bought him years ago and went out with his Canon camera. The big one. Serious pictures now!

Messy, messy
There were some vehicles out front as a few of the staff came in to organize items on the new shelving units. When he went inside, Andy wondered if they’d put him to work yet. The store area is getting a facelift and of course, Bill offered to lend a hand. He does like to keep busy and if he can be of assistance, he feels good. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and he disappeared inside.

The lot is a mess, this is between the Suite and someone else's Suite
You can see the sheets of ice that keep falling off the Suite
as the temperature increases
We still only got to 0C/32F
I had decided a couple of days ago to make Baked Rice Pudding. Mostly for Bill. While I have been trying to mind what I eat over the past 3 weeks, he has not been treated to any desserts. With the exception of our dinners out at friends, where we both got spoiled! Rice pudding is not terrible for me but it does consist of heavy carbs so I will just have a bit here and there. The good thing about white rice is that it is a required resistant starch which acts like a beneficial fibre.  

So, I made the pudding, added raisins (for Bill only) and baked it in the convection oven. Hmm, smells and looks great! Thinking of my sweetie working inside, I also made up a batch of Chocolate Macaroons. Again, I was mindful of how sweet they are so switched up half the sugar for Stevia and hoped they’d still taste okay. They went into the fridge to cool and harden.

I chatted back and forth with my sister, Donna, who has been under the weather for a couple of days and danced a bit to some of the country tunes on SiriusXm. Who can resist Willie Nelson's "Always on my Mind"? 

Black Beauty wondering what's with the crappy weather?

Two customers are staying in their Airstreams out front
for a couple of nights
Bill called and said they were buying him lunch so, I was pleased about that. With the way the ice is blowing off the roof, I have no desire to venture out or I would have walked in to see how they were making out with the restocking.

Not nice to walk on this morning

Clemson and I remained warm and cozy inside the Suite while we listen to ice falling and sliding off both our roof and the roof of the CanAm building. I’m almost finished my book and when Bill returned around 2:30 he sat beside me and dozed off almost immediately. I kept my eyes open as I flipped pages, that being a testament to how good this book is. We held our pooch off again until almost 5 before he got his supper.

The old shelving
The new shelving and Nicole restocking
Closer to 5:30 I began our own supper. Tonight, is cheeseburgers and salad, done inside, of course. I’m not keen on frying them inside simply because of the spattering mess but on days like this, we don’t have a choice! And they tasted quite good. Bill tested the macaroons and I think they were a success but I admonished him to try and refrain from eating too many. A dish of warmed rice pudding also won his approval. Yay!

Nice new shelving all set up
We cleaned up dishes and I downloaded the pictures Bill took today for me. I have to admit that I didn’t step outside once today. My bad. I did get a breath or two of fresh air when the door opened the number of times Bill was in and out. Does that count for something? This certainly hasn’t been the kind of day we wanted to see after arriving back home but since we have no control, we make the best of our day. I hope you have remained warm and safe in your day as well.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. That was about the same weather here as well,, But did get outside for a few short walkabouts. Spring will soon be here Right? If not, we will take whatever comes our way. Do we have a choice? Not really. Just stay south longer...

    1. Pretty messy day all around. I had no interest in getting my feet or anything else wet. There were no dry spots here to walk anyway.
      Yes, we could stay south longer, maybe next year!

  2. I am not commenting on the weather it is to depressing...I guess I just did...LOL
    The pudding sounds good. The Macaroons are they made in a pan on the stove and not baked?
    Watch out for the ice and stay warm.

    1. Ha ha, yah, me neither! :)
      Yes, the macaroons are just boiled in the pan and dropped on wax paper. Nice and easy.
      Thanks guys, stay safe when you are ready to move.

  3. Glad you are not towing in this weather. Better to be Safe then sorry.

    It's about time.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks, we won't move until we see a warming trend.

  4. How did the Stevia turn out? I've been wondering if that tastes as sweet as sugar. You did just what I do in bad weather ... BAKE!! It helps keep the rig warm!!

    1. It turned out fine! The cookies are not as sweet yet still yummy! It is better than Splenda, I think.
      Yes, great ways to keep the rigs warm and tummies satisfied. :)

  5. Sure hope your weather improves soon!

  6. My mom used to make rice pudding, but I just never acquired the taste for it, I think it was the texture I didn't like. The store turned out really nice, and nice of Bill to help out. Reminds me of Ken he just doesn't like to stay still for too long. The macaroons look delicious and chocolate of course! YUM. Hope it warms up soon for you two! Only 48 here but warming at end of week.

    1. The rice pudding was thicker than I like so next time I'll make it on the stove instead. It ends up creamier the way Mom made it. I swallow the raisins whole, don't bite into them. Cooked raisins are not my thing. :)
      The macaroons are good and I've only had 2 of the whole batch! yay!
      We are so anxious to get up to the Ridge but it isn't 'ready' for us yet.

  7. My mom used to make rice pudding and I haven't had it in years. It wasn't one of my favourites but I didn't mind it. She also made macaroons, boil and drop just like those.

    The weather was just ugly everywhere but at least there's an end coming to it. It may be the best end but eventually it'll get better. I noticed the willows are turning the funny yellow colour which means they're coming alive again, so you know spring is coming.

    Glad you folks are safe and sound there in London. Stay warm!

    1. Mom's pudding always looked and smelled so good on the stove when she made it but then she added the raisins. ha ha, I scooped them out as a kid and gave them to my brother
      Hopefully, spring IS on the way, the real spring.
      Thanks, you guys stay warm too!

  8. Oh my, it looks cold where you are. Here in central California we have had a fairly nice spring
    but had a cold rain today, alittle bit of a surprise. Will be in the 80's by the weekend.
    Just wondering, do you only feed that sweet doggie once a day?
    Our Vet told us it was better to feed two meals for their digestion. But, each dog is different.
    He looks lovable and sweet.
    Stay warm!

    1. It is yeucky here right now, looking forward to some warming. Even 50F would be lovely!!
      Too bad for the 80's you will be getting. Ha ha, I'm just envious!
      Yes, we only feed Clemson once but that is a soft Cesar's paddy. We mix it with hard food for his teeth, something to crunch on and that is always in his dish. He never eats it all up, that is why we give him such a hard time. ha ha. "There is food in your dish!" we tell him until it is 'time'. :)