Thursday, April 19, 2018

Light at the End of the Tunnel? Stocking the Fridge and Cupboards, Jello, Treat for Supper

Thursday, Apr. 19th I was up briefly at 5:30 for nature’s call and then by 7 Bill was rising. Soon after, I got up and we went through the morning process. Nothing today was on a schedule but we had things we wanted to accomplish. As early as we could, we wanted to get to Food Basics first. We were leaving the Suite by 8:45 and walking into Costco at 9:40. 
The morning started out dull but at the end of the road,
we see promise to the east
In and out, checking everything off our list, is usually quick for us. We, especially Bill, are so familiar with the placement of items in the store that he would be great at those shopping cart Giveaways. You know what I mean? You have 15 minutes, GO! 

After loading the back seat of Black Beauty, we drove to Pet Smart for treats and Clemson’s food. He is fussy and loved the last soft peanut butter treats we bought but they were a U.S. purchase so of course not available here. So many to choose from!

This aisle is just treats
We were home by 10:30 and Bill drove the truck back beside the Suite to offload before parking her out front again. Inside, we called Dan at Hi-Tech to check on our tire delivery. Unfortunately, the Jell-o jiggled and his supplier could not come through with either the Hankook or Bridgestone tires. Darn! We'll have to take care of that in Hanover next week. I had to take a picture of the sky this morning when we were out and about, there was actual blue sky and sun appearing briefly! I think it is a light at the end of the tunnel!

this is called HOPE
Beside us, this tech directs an Airstream into the empty bay
My brother-in-law, John, has offered to take a drive over to the Ridge from Chatsworth today with his snow blower. With a long list of ‘possibilities’ for our arrival in mid-western Ontario tomorrow morning, our first hope is to be able to back the Suite off the road into the driveway as far as the gate. At least that far. With the sun and warmth expected, we would be plenty cozy as we wait for the rest of the lane to clear. If that doesn’t work and the snow/ice is too deep or hard to clear, we move on to our second hope.
this is where we're going tomorrow
Just enough room for us to back in and set up for boondocking
And we're so excited!
With a stroke of luck and blessings, we soon found out that John was able to clear 84 ft. at the end of our driveway with his snowblower. That was enough to provide us with our number 1 choice and tomorrow morning, we will be on the road as soon as time allows. The sun will only improve the conditions and we will be home, in one form or another. Today, the sun finally made a long-lasting appearance and by 7 pm had pushed the clouds out of the way and ruled the evening sky.

One of the 3 tractor drivers positions the rv perfectly on the first try
Perfect! Drop it!
Earlier today, we contacted our dear friend and former neighbor, Carolyn, to see if she could join us for supper at The Keg tonight. 

We still had gift cards to use up and as a farewell to London, a chance to see her and an early anniversary gift we wanted to put them to good use . Luckily, even though short notice, she was available and brought her friend, Barry, along for the get together. It was wonderful to see them both and the food was great.

Carolyn won't like this picture, but I'm so happy to have had this opportunity
for dinner
We said goodbye around 7 with the promise to get in touch again and visit Carolyn’s apartment. She sold her house, which was beside ours, a year ago and downsized. There is still some settling in for her, she always had the most beautiful gardens. 

My cesar

Bill's pina colada
Now that the decision was made to pull out in the morning, Bill half-filled our fresh water tank to get us through the next 3 or 4 days. We settled in for the last evening in the parking lot. Hopefully, after today my posts won’t be quite so hum-drum.

Steak medallions, cajun shrimp and cesar salad
This has been a good day, ending with a lovely evening with friends. I hope your weather is also improving. We actually made it to +3C/37.4F with more good stuff on the way.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Safe travels today and enjoy the ridge.

  2. Looks like a good time with your friend and her friend. Dinner looked wonderful.

    I'm sure we've turned the corner and spring is coming. By mid week you'll be parked anywhere you want on The Ridge. Nice of John to check things out and help as well.

    Safe travels and hope all goes well getting into your spot.

    1. Carolyn was so excited to get together with us. She lives on her own and only sees her friend 1x a week. Lost a lifetime partner 4 yrs ago so it hurt her when we left.
      Fingers crossed that you're right! The Ridge awaits!

  3. Glad you get to go to your summer home today. Dinner looked awesome, drinks too! Nice you got to see Carolyn again. I like her picture! Can't wait to see you guys backed in!

    1. Thank you! We were so excited.
      We had a great meal and yes, I like her picture too. She looks happy!

  4. Soft peanut butter treats? I'll have to look for some of those! My kids would love them. I'm glad your parking spot is snowless. Hoping you have no trouble getting in and parked just in time for beautiful spring weather!!

    1. Yes! They are called "Bil*Jac Gooberlicious" and Bill thinks it was a pet smart down there somewhere that we bought them. There is a picture of a black and white Jack Russell on the bag. :)
      Thank you, the good weather is a-comin'!