Thursday, October 1, 2020

An Untitled Post

The Ridge

Not giving my post a title. Well, isn’t that scary? That means it is the kind of day that makes for a dull blog. There could be a lot of these in the course of our next 6 months. On Thursday, Oct. 1st (new month!) I was able to sleep a bit longer with no laundromat to clean this morning. I’m not anxious to give up the job by any means, but I do enjoy the days that I don’t have to get up and drive into town. Especially at this time of year.

Pictures from the Ridge

Bill was prepared for work and had finished his breakfast when I came down in my fuzzy warm sleep pants at 6:45. There were some doubts as to whether they would be working today. The forecast when they said goodbye yesterday indicated quite a bit of rain. There were 3 job locations ‘in the works’ and each one depended on the weather co-operating. This morning the word was ‘yes’ so he left at 7 to head to Mildmay, I think.

Pretty sky on my walk

I hadn’t had my tea, as I wasn’t sure if I was walking this morning or not. I made up my mind quickly as he was going out the door. It didn’t feel like too bad outside. I was encouraged and bundled up and headed out within 5 minutes. I’m always glad that I follow through and push myself – when I do. 😊 It was a brisk walk and I had my little gloves on to keep my fingers warm. The sky was pretty again, starting up here on the Ridge, but it did look questionable.

The pretty little Baptist church at the corner

Pretty soon the colours will be gone
so we'll enjoy them as long as we can

By the time I got to Turbine Lane, which is kind of sheltered by the forest, the leaves were rustling so loudly that it sounded like rain so I turned back. As soon as I was in the clearing again, I realized I’d been fooled. Oh well, it will still be a 2-mile walk. Boy! Am I blessed or what? Glancing to the southwest, my second rainbow in 2 days! They never cease to amaze me but the camera never seems to do it justice.


Back home, I had my morning brew and relaxed until it was time to head over to Graceland 2. There was a heavy rainfall at 8:30 but it had mostly stopped by the time I went out to Ptooties. 

Waiting for the sun to come up and then it peeked up at
the base of the turbine

When I walked in the shop, I was silently greeted by a beautiful shiny black GMC. Mitch did a great job painting it yesterday afternoon. Five coats of paint. My first job, one that I enjoy, was removing all the tape and paper.

Isn't it pretty?

I dusted it down and backed it out, parking it on the grass. It just needed the mud flaps (which Mitch tried to clean up since they were so dirty) and the red topper. We agreed that it looked badass without the topper. Dennis, the owner, should be pleased when he comes to pick it up on Friday. Mitch pulled the next project into the bay, the F700 that I’d done some sanding and decal removing on over the last couple of weeks. This truck is huge and fills up a lot of the space.

A pretty little maple leaf that I found on the road
Oh Canada!

I power sanded for the rest of my 3 hours and by the time I headed home, I was pretty grubby. Because of the weather turning so rapidly, Mitch had Brian come in and work on the second door to the bay where the old Plymouth sits. Bill has been unable to get back to work on it so I’m glad it is being taken care of. Bill will be happy too since his days are pretty full anyway.

I had some small green tomatoes so I fried them up for lunch
with cheese, banana, yogourt and a piece of toasted spelt bread
It was good and filling too
It gave me the urge to watch the movie "Fried Green Tomates"
but I guess we don't have it

I had my lunch with a coffee and then read more of Mickey Haller’s mystery. My eyes drooped a few times and at 3:30 I got up and made myself a cup of tea. The frame for my copper etching was natural wood but rough looking so Bill and I wondered what I could do to spruce it up. If it would be hung in the Suite, we wanted the copper to ‘pop’. This afternoon, I worked on that, adding some paint and a new patch of foam for the matte backing. No picture yet, but soon.

I was so full that dessert wasn't necessary tonight

Bill drove up the lane around 4:30 just as the rain started falling again. On and off, off and on, that’s the kind of day it has been. We watched some tv together and at 6, I made us loaded omelettes. They were good and we got bacon and eggs into our system after a long absence. After dishes, we just sat and enjoyed the evening. I finished my post and got a bit of reading done as well. This was a pretty quiet day and that’s okay too.

And the sky was pretty again this evening
with the same kind of forecast tomorrow
An overnight low coming of 6C/43F
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. In no time at all those leaves are going to be spectacular. I never knew so many people had their vehicles painted. Around here, they just drive them til they turn gray! LOL

    1. The leaves are already starting to fade and drop. :(
      It is the rust and holes that we are taking care of and then of course the painting. I see so many vehicles on the road that need us! haha

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your copper etching. The rainbows are so pretty.

  3. Love your pictures of the the changing colors! Gotta love a good rainbow. The truck looks awesome! HE really does a great job!

    1. Thank you, soon the colours will be all over the ground, wet and soggy. haha

  4. Quiet days are the best!

    Our leaves have mostly disappeared from many of the trees. Those that are still around are quickly becoming brown. No more gold colour to brighten up my day.

    God bless.

    1. I'm happy to provide you with the remaining golds and reds while I have them. :) Soon, they'll be gone too.

  5. Quiet days are often the best in my mind, peaceful and restful. Take care and stay well!