Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Winning the Uphill Battle, Sure Feels like Summer!

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Oct. 4th, Bill left for work at 7:30, feeling pretty good. When I took Gibbs out to say goodbye, we talked about the frost on the windshields again this morning. I had to clean this morning so 5 minutes, or so, before I left the Ridge, I started Ptooties with the defroster on full blast. She was clear and ready by 7:45 when I went out. Gibbs happily took his little peanut butter treat. 😊

Nope, again, not snow
in the neighbours front yard
But, look at those colours in the foreground

The Mat needed attention today so I earned my pay. Kaitlyn showed up about 15 minutes after I was there and we caught up. She paid me for September so now I can start building my account back up. 😊 She is a real sweetheart, offering to pay for our laundry while we’re down south, can you believe that? Of course, I refused but it was totally the thought that counts.

A lovely sunrise this morning

We parted ways around 9 and I drove home to Gibbs. We walked down to put 3 cards in the mailbox and it was going to be another beauty of a day. I’m sure Bill wishes he wasn’t working, there is no wind at all and it would be perfect for flying. After having a couple of bunwiches, they do have to be eaten so we’re both working at it, I took a thermos of tea and my water bottle to M’s.

You're going to be seeing a lot of
colourful scenes between now and when
we leave
I can't help myself!

I knew I’d be finishing the second coat on the small section but it only took me about 45 minutes. The rest of the time was covering the truck bed with plastic, sheets and tarps. It was finished – for good- and now the cab and roof had to be done without any over spray getting into the box. We’re both very tired of this truck, after starting out so pumped, but we enjoyed a few chuckles while covering it – for the last time.

I let Gibbs off his leash at the laneway
and he ran

Here he is just getting ready to run again
after checking my progress

Here he is playing Hide 'n Seek
waiting for me to find him 💖

If you remember last years picture,
he had to put his paws up on the pail
to get a drink

M will be painting it tomorrow so I get the day off. Yay! it will be another great one so I’m hoping to get at the garden clean up. 😊 It’s time. The frost has probably messed with my egg plant but the tomatoes were pretty much done so I’m not fretting about them. Other years, I’ve still had many to protect and would cover them the night before if freezing temps were on the horizon. It has been a weird summer for my vegetables.


Bill was home at 4:45 and around 5:30 I rubbed the ribs with spices and set Madame IP to cook them with a few potatoes. I lit the Weber when the 20 minutes were up and finished browning them with sweet and sour sauce. It was a good supper. We finished up the last of the Jell-o and settled in for the night with some tv. We are both feeling better with only the odd bout of coughing. We are getting up and over this thing. No, it isn’t Covid, it is a common cold. We are sure of that. 

We reached a high of 18C/66F today and won't be dropping below 6C/43F overnight. No freezing! 

Good night!

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  1. Wow what a nice offer from your laundry mat boss!

  2. How lovely a boss to offer that. No frost here as of yet, just heavy dews and lots of fog.

    God bless.

  3. It's nice to see the fall colors coming in.

  4. Oh that dinner looks yummy! What a sweet, new boss you have! :) Yes, you're colors are looking good! Keep posting!

  5. The fall colours are really coming along. It has been a different year, with an extended growing season. Hopefully it means the winter will be mild too...but I'm not holding my breath.
    Glad to hear you are feeling some better.

  6. Isn't this fall weather gorgeous? It always seems such a shame to rip up the flowers at this time as they seem to be still doing great. However, come frost and you'll be glad you are ahead of the game.

  7. Enjoy these last warm days of fall!

  8. What a nice boss. Isn't nice to be appreciated. Lovely fall days, still pretty green here.