Friday, October 7, 2022

A Surprising Day and More Colours (I Can't Help it!)

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 6th, I knew I only had to clean in the morning and that was my work (away from home) schedule for the day. Bill, however, left the house at 7:30 and drove for his 2nd last day of work with Mike’s Home Improvements. It was a warmer morning, only dropping to 12C/54F last night, so that was pleasant for going to work for both of us.  I left around 8.

A pretty morning sky to the northwest

The Mat was in a typical state for not being cleaned since Tuesday. The young gal, Sage, did not go in last night so at least my hour was worthwhile today. Kaitlyn has told me that she’d pay me for the hour regardless of how long it takes me. She’s something else! I took along our 2 quilts from our recliners and gave them a cold washing while I cleaned.

and to the east

There was rain overnight, not a lot, but also more forecasted for this afternoon – possibly. How’s that for a forecast? 😊 I was hesitant to toss the quilts in the dryer so planned to bring them home and hang them. That’s what I did, after getting our water jug filled and stopping for a bag of milk at Foodland. 

The colours just get brighter by the day

Even though it was cloudy for the most part all morning, the breeze and warmer temps had the quilts dry in no time. The weather today was a total and pleasant surprise to me. After lunch, Gibbs and I went for a walk down to the corner and north on Baptist Church Road to the top of the first hill. It was a gorgeous day! When we returned, we lounged in my chair together until around 2:30 when we went outside.

The sky was beautiful all afternoon

I put his bark collar on this morning as in the last couple of days, his barking has increased. We don’t want him forgetting the whole idea. I still say it does more than limit his barking, it keeps him within a 5’ radius of where I am when we’re outside – for some reason. I love that! I worked on trimming the last hosta, our peony bush and pulled the tomato, eggplants and pepper plants from the vegetable garden.

More colours closer to home and our pond,
still pretty through the weedy brush

Every time I moved locations; he was right on my heels. We walked down to check the mailbox and when I found a piece of mail for our neighbours to the east, we walked down to deliver it. Then I made a cup of tea and sat with Gibbs on the front step. That’s where Gibbs was when his Daddy drove up and he never made a sound. 😊 I started making supper around 5, tonight we’re having Hamburger Stew in Madame IP.

Even missing a couple of ingredients that the recipe called for, tomatoes (Bill isn’t keen on cooked tomatoes) and celery (which I didn’t have), it was very good. I had onions and carrots that need to be eaten up. There is enough stew leftover for another night and enough of the sub buns leftover from the party to go with it. We cleaned up the few dishes and watched some tv while I worked on my post for the day.

Gibbs gets let off his leash when we get
back to our own laneway
He loves the freedom to run back and forth
towards the Suite

Not much going on today but I did manage to clean up the rest of the gardens. The dahlias and gladiola bulbs are ready to go to Donna’s for winter storage, oh, and a couple of Calla lily bulbs as well. I’ll be happy to add those to my spring planting, once I find the best spot up here. I wish it wasn’t so rocky, it would be a lot easier to keep things colourful if I knew what would grow. Agreeing with other bloggers, my pictures wouldn't load last night but today all is well.

Supper was tasty and this may be what I make 
to take along for the journey south
Nice and easy to freeze and reheat
Good night!

This was a great day all in all. Bill has one more day of work and then we’re into a long Thanksgiving weekend. Countdown is on! 16 days before jacks go up. 😊

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Fall has arrived in Canada! Same here ... we have just about the same seasons as you, just not the pretty colors.

  2. Just wondering if you have checked to be sure you can take home prepared food containing beef across the border, everything I have read says you can only bring meat in it's original store packaging.

    1. Yes, any cooked meat is acceptable. Same with eggs even when the Avian flu is on. We still won't take chicken or eggs this year, because we know it is in our area. Thx.

    2. Hi Patsy,
      We are also Canadian fulltimers living on Vancouver Island and have been travelling to the US southwest for the last 13 years. We have never taken meat. eggs or vegetables across the border. I just looked at the US Border Security and Customs site and as I understand it you can only take meat if it is in it's packaged in the store packaging. I would love to make chili or stews to have while travelling but wouldn't want to end up with issues at the border.
      I have been reading your blog for ages and almost came and introduced myself when you stayed at Fortuna de Oro...we stay on a private lot across the wash from the RV park. Looking forward to getting down there again soon. Wishing you safe travels.

  3. I stood at my kitchen sink yesterday and watched the leaves fall from the trees in the yard. We had a hard frost the night before and that was wind needed.
    Hope your weather stays lovely for the weekend.

    1. It is quite amazing really, the season changes. How things happen so naturally, lovely to watch.

  4. I'm loving your Fall colors! Hopefully we'll get to go somewhere soon that has some! Fingers crossed. Your dinner looks wonderful for Fall temps! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley. I hope you can get out to see some colours too!

  5. Your stew looks very appetizing. As I have said before I really miss the reds of autumn. We got well below freezing last night so I am glad we brought the pumpkins inside. Tomorrow is dumping plant day (and there are lots) everything froze in the pots last night.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. It's sad to see the frost kill our plants but I guess it is time.