Sunday, October 2, 2022

A Basically Quiet Day

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 2nd we woke to a chilly 4C/39F at 6:45. That means that Gibbs slept in too and we appreciated it. 😊 Today was cleaning and laundry day but I had a cup of tea before/during the sorting. With a full basket of dirty clothes and the sun beginning to rise in the east, I left the Ridge for Durham. The Mat was empty so I set to work.

The colours have been getting brighter
and they're not done yet

It was an hour and a half later, when I returned home with our clean laundry. The wind made the day feel even colder but I was determined to hang the clothes on our line. There would only be a couple of days left to do that, if that. Weekend weather always determines how we dry them. Gibbs came out while I hung them, not straying too far from me. By the way, the tires on the SUV are fine, he checked.

Some more than others but the drive
down Baptist Church Road is still pretty

Today, we got a few things put away. I emptied bags in the Bunky of the paper plates, utensils, napkins etc. that we brought home from the hall. Bill and Gibbs went for water at the Acreage and he then put away some lawn decorations. Slowly, but surely, we’ll get things packed up. I had a call from M today asking if I would come to work tomorrow afternoon instead of morning.

so, Bill's cards and gifts get top billing this week ♥

The outside wall of the apartment, which now has an occupant, needs to be finished painting and tomorrow will be a calm sunny day. That works for me, a little more cash in my pocket will be good to rebuild my account. I also conversed with Kaitlyn about my September hours and will be seeing her on Tuesday to settle up. Yay!

Our lunch was a typical Sunday lunch for once

We had Cowboy sausages cooked in Rosy, the air fryer, potatoes and peas for supper. Everything was good although the sausages had a bite to them. At first, I didn’t think I’d like them but with sweet & sour sauce, they went down pretty well. After dishes, Bill didn’t have to make a lunch since we still have a few meat and cheese buns left.

Neither of us wanted to barbecue
so Rosy picked up the slack and cooked the sausages

When he packed his lunch, Gibbs jumped up on the chair to watch and wait for his cookie.  He is a smart cookie himself! The evening was quiet and we spent it watching television.

Bill had the last of the Chapman's ice cream
and I chose a Chapman's ice cream bar 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a great way to wind down and rest from the events of the weekend.

    God bless.

  2. What a nice display of cards. Love the picture of Clemson. Glad that Bill had a nice birthday celebration.

  3. Oooooohhhhh ice cream!!! Looks like the party was a hit!!! It's nice to sit back and relax for the day.

  4. I'd say you were due for a more relaxing day after your very busy and fun days. I had to go look at your's getting close now!

  5. What a great party yesterday! Loved all the pictures! That was really special. You had a well deserved easy day, other than your morning! LOL. Love the changing colors!

  6. I didn't know you guys ever had quiet days!