Sunday, October 2, 2022

Let’s Party!

The Ridge/Glenelg Hall

Saturday, Oct. 1st was THE day and I was ready for a good day and a good time. Bill was also ready around 7:30 to go flying so Gibbs and I sat at the window and watched him go. 😊 I told him he could come home anytime since nothing was happening here at the Ridge. He wanted to see his flying friends, their time is limited, so just planned accordingly, leaving on time to get cleaned up, dressed and have a wee nap before 1 o’clock.

See the red arrow to see what he's viewing

Have fun!

Gibbs, my little helper, and I left the Ridge with Ptooties’ hatch loaded to the hilt and drove to the hall. It’s about 5 minutes down Baptist Church Road. It was cool in there, as expected for an old building, but after the heat was turned on for 15 minutes, it was perfect for working in. I decorated for 2 hours and planned things out in my head. Gibbs ran back and forth as I moved and eventually settled on the front entrance mat for a snooze.

All ready for guests
View from the stage

View from the front door

I made one more trip, this time with the cold foods and left my helper at home this time. Devilled eggs, meat and cheese bunwiches, pickles, bottles of water and creamer, all that went into the fridge. This time it took me an hour and just before noon, I made one more trip into Foodland for more potato chips. Something everyone seems to like and I wanted to have enough. Back home at 12:30 and we both drove to the hall for 1 pm.

Unexpectedly, Bill got a picture of me opening the
cracker boxes πŸ˜€

As guests arrived, the place warmed up considerably so the heat was shut off completely. It was a gorgeous day for a party! I won’t go into detail about but instead let the pictures speak. It was a wonderful day, Bill thoroughly enjoyed himself and was delighted that he had 37 guests between ages 81 and 13 months. 😊

The 4 Roth boys, Dad in the back left,
Matt and Cory on the right

The girls on Bill's side
Chelsea, Krystal, Jess, Yvonne, Charlotte, Olivia in front

Brothers-in-law on my side
and Mike, Bill's boss

Good friends, Rob and Pat

3 grandsons were unable to attend but all of ‘our’ children came which pleased both of us to no end. Bill’s 2 siblings and 3 of mine were also able to attend with their hubbies and they were a great help with providing and setting up food when needed as well as the cleanup. Their assistance at the end was very much appreciated. Here’s the party!

Bill's sisters and brothers-in-law 
Brian, Carol -- Bruce, Liz and their granddaughter, Kennedy

The birthday boy making the rounds ♥

My children, Bridgette (and Chris), and Patrick

My 3 sisters and our good friends
Donna, Cathy, Gayle -- Kim and Ken

Good friend, Suzie

Bill's co-worker, Billy, Stacy and
adorable little River

A special picture of Bill and his sister, Carol ♥
I wish he'd got one with Liz as well

Bill and his girls ♥

Bridgette, Chris, Patrick, Donna and Gerry were the last to leave after helping Bill stack the tables and chairs and at 5:45, Bill and I finished up. We were home and unloaded by 6. I was exhausted, yet so pleased with the way the whole day went. I was in bed by 9:30 and asleep soon after. πŸ˜‰

The 1/2 slab cake I ordered was only a 1/4 slab 
but surprisingly, it was just enough

Blowing out his 2 candles ♥

Opening cards and gifts

A very touching thank you to everyone
Had a few of us in tears, including himself ♥♥
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around today!


  1. Looks like a wonderful with lots of family and friends to share the day! Well done, Patty the party planner. :)

  2. A wonderful time, wonderful family and friends, good food, it doesn’t get any better. Happy Birthday Bill.


  3. Well congratulations, you are one great party planner! Well done Patsi!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bill. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  5. We're on the road or I would've commented sooner, what a great celebration party! I congratulate your organization and execution - you go girl! and Happy Birthday Bill.