Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A Day Off Put to Good Use

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Oct. 5th Bill was up and gone to work by 7:30. He wakes up feeling better every day and we both admitted to having a good nights’ sleep. I also woke up feeling good, dried up after going to bed feeling a bit ‘sniffly’. That’s good, we’re kicking this cold’s butt! 😉

We've moved! Well, the sun does not rise
in our back window anymore

I knew M was painting THE truck today and would not need me so since it was going to be a beautiful day, I planned to work outside. After cereal and my cup of tea, Gibbs and I went out to the gardens. ‘We’ started putting all my garden ornaments away and then I ended up cutting back the plants that get that kind of attention. Hostas, lilies and irises.

Aren't these beautiful?

Up on the berm, I picked up 3 full pails of the apples that fell off that little tree and tossed them over the fence. I can’t believe there were so many! I also risked my life (haha!) on the corral hill and transplanted evening primrose, spreading it around in the garden more, and dug holes for some irises. I have a few more bulbs to plant in the next couple of weeks, hostas and irises. 

I gathered apples, unfortunately, they were no good to do anything with

the Bunky is looking pretty bare now

With all of that done, there is only the vegetable garden to clean up, one large hosta and one black eyed Susan plant to trim. We sat outside together for a while and then came inside together so I could have my shower. Gibbs started barking when I was in the bathroom and that always freaks me out when I’m not able to see who it is. Turns out, Bill got home early, by 3 o’clock. 😉 That’s always nice!

Too bad, my eggplant didn't survive the frost
They weren't doing very good anyway.
I'll try again next year

sitting with Gibbs, I noticed the tree on North LIne
that I like, is in full Autumn glory from our step

I felt very tired after 4 ½ hours outside and kept dropping off in my chair before supper. At 6, I baked a couple of pork kabobs with fried potatoes and vegetables. They were good and while we finished up, Marilynne called to chat before she left on her cruise on Friday. I’m sure she is very excited. We cleaned up after dishes and watched Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy while I worked on my blog.

The garden on the berm is done
with the exception of trimming the Peony bush

Not sure what this plant is but it is the only
one still alive in this potted plant

The rest of the evening was catching up on Monday night’s recorded programs on our PVR. This was a good day, and I accomplished a lot. I’ll be sore in the morning (maybe) so will do some stretches when I get up to bed. My sister would be proud!

This garden is done as well

Except this hosta

You may not be able to see them but the evening primrose
have been spread around the garden a little better
Hopefully come spring, it will look better

Supper was good!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by on this beautiful 21C/70F day!


  1. Looks great up there at the Ridge Patsy and Bill. Glad that you are on the mend after your colds.

  2. I pull the annuals but tend to leave the perennials until spring. I figure it gives the rabbits something to nibble on. :) But the gardens sure look tidier with the straggly stuff taken care of.

    1. You're kind to the bunnies. :) I don't put annuals in the ground anymore, just in pots so they get pulled and dumped. The gardens do look neater with the hostas, lilies and irises trimmed.

  3. You must be counting the days! Good luck not forgetting anything.

  4. I think the vines in your pot are creeping jenny. I have some of that as well.

    Getting closer to leaving and enjoying the heat on your winter travels.

    God bless.

    1. Oh, they likely are creeping Jenny. Thank you, it is pretty and obviously quite hardy.
      Yes, the time to head out is 'creeping' closer too!