Monday, October 31, 2022

A Great Swimming Day, A Great Anything Day, Happy Hallowe’en

Ridgeview RV Resort

On Monday, Oct. 31st we had two things on the agenda. We were up around 7:30 and had our cereal and hot drinks. By 9, we were on the Parkway into Bullhead City to the Walmart. There were a few key things we couldn’t (or don’t) buy at Sam’s Club but things we needed to have. Bread, for example, can only be bought in packs of 3 and we don’t want 3 loaves going bad in the house.

First thing, I watched and waited as the sun rose onto
our site

We got the items and scooted back via I-95 towards the park. I get confused every single time I’m here so it is a very good thing I don’t do the driving! Back home, Bill finished connecting the satellite and we got our channels. Last night, we had a snag with the head and borrowed a spare one from Roland to try. It worked just great so there you go, friends in the right places.

I missed the last word but
I think this banner says it all anyway.
We're in your country, so this impressed me

Looking across at Laughlin,
a cool looking casino

Lori and Roland were getting ready for a ride
A pretty lady on a pretty motorcycle ♥

I took Gibbs for a walk to the dog park an as expected, he sniffed around for about 10 minutes and then went to the gate to get out. ๐Ÿ˜Š What a nut! 

Sniff, sniff and then 'okay, let's go Mom'

We had lunch around noon and I had toasted bread that I’d just bought. The packaging said it was Keto Seed so I thought I’d try it. It tasted quite good! After lunch, we relaxed until around 1 when I walked up to the pool for a couple of hours.

The water wasn’t real warm but I was able to slip in and swim around a bit without feeling chilled. The winds were up again today but they were warm and felt refreshing. I enjoyed the time lounging in the heat of the sun. It reached 82F/28C today and we were just thrilled about that. When I was dried off after a couple of dips, and after a long conversation with my son, I went in to work on the puzzle for half hour.

It looks like the light is on at the top
of this pole
but instead it is obviously God's light ๐Ÿ’—

Back home, we declined the offer to sit with Lori and Roland not for any other reason that that Bill was watching a movie and I wanted to sit in the shade with Gibbs and read a bit. They understood, none of us are under any obligation to each other when we camp together. It is a given that we are welcome to each other’s homes but not a commitment. ๐Ÿ˜Š Gibbs was very good today without his bark collar on and we praised him often.

Gibbs keeps Daddy's chair 'warm'

A lovely day for sitting in the shade
with a good book and your sweeties

We sat together outside until 6 when Bill grilled cheeseburgers for supper. Nice to have the Weber set up for a few days. Our burgers were delicious, messy but great. The Tailgater buns we picked up were wonderful. We loaded the few dishes in the washer and set it on a quick wash. We’d recorded The Voice at 5 so watched it at 7 while I finished my post. What a great day!

Supper was great
The buns were so good that I didn't even mind
the odd bite without the meat! 

Happy Hallowe'en! Going back into the archives for this one. I used to love dressing up. 

Happy Hallowe'en
Good night

Thank you for the pop in! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Happy Halloween. Today was a beautiful day to take a dip. Enjoy the beautiful evening.

  2. That looks like a nice park, enjoy your time there :-)

  3. I loved the view from that park, even if I didn't stay long. Didn't know they had a pool. I'm surprised it's not more crowded. Good boy Gibbs!!!

    1. The view is great up here. We are surprised it isn't more crowded too but it is early for a lot of travellers.

  4. I'm slightly jealous of you! A dip in the pool sounds perfectly lovely. We're heading to 12C today and I'll take it.

    1. The pool is so nice and I'm fortunate to be able to take advantage of it. :)

  5. Now a couple of dips into the pool must have really felt like being on vacation for you. Could you not have booked a longer stay at this RV resort?

    1. The pool dips were great and so was the sunning on the lounge chair. We could have stayed here longer but we have plans for further down the road that prevent that. ;)

  6. I enjoy keeping up with your travels, though at the moment we've got warm(ish) days here too.

  7. I am glad that you got to take your swim, sounds wonderful. We actually reached 17C today. Didn't break a record but the sun was shining and walking outside was a joy.

    Gibbs looks tuckered right out.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. I'm happy that you are having nice weather too. Enjoy!