Friday, September 20, 2019

Errand Day, Bell Store, Appliance Replacement

On The Ridge
On Friday, Sept. 20th we didn’t get up out of bed until 7, just enjoying the comfort. We had coffee and tea while reading some blogs before getting cleaned up to go shopping. We were out the door shortly after 8:30. Fuel , banking and a stop at Home Hardware in Durham were the first things. Then we drove to Hanover. Walmart for groceries and to check out their Keurigs. Of course, we wanted one that was similar to the one we have.

Bill got a 1/2 case to mae it easier to hold his phone
 I shopped for the food on my list while Bill wandered the store. He found the Keurig Elite and that was the best match. From there we went to Dollarama where I needed a couple of toiletries and cards and finally we went to the Bell Store. My protective cover was in stock now. What we didn’t expect today, another Friday, was the long wait time of 40 minutes.

In with the new
A different gal than the last time says “we’re always crazy busy Friday mornings”. I was desperately trying to remember what time it was last Friday the 13th when we walked in and right up to the counter with only one person arriving after us the whole time. I never said a word as I know we took up a lot of time when we were there. Most customers, including us, have a lot of questions plus the staff have a lot of small things to take care of for you. It all takes time.

Out with the old
Bill’s wallet cover wasn’t in yet so he bought a very sturdy base for his. We went to the Source as a 2nd choice but they didn't have any of the wallets in stock either. I dropped a bag off at Donna’s door with 2 jigsaw puzzles for their winter enjoyment and finally her 2 packages of pottery. With our guests coming for the weekend, I wasn’t sure when we’d see them, even if they did come to the Acreage. I wanted them out of our place.

I'm glad I got home on time to see her
 We were home around 11:45. As I was about to get out of the car, I noticed Madame Butterfly had metamorphized from her cocoon and was just stretching her new wings and legs. Wow! I jumped out with my camera and captured the moment. It was like she waited for me to come home. Call me deprived but I’ve never witnessed this from beginning to end before and I’m just thrilled with the whole thing.

A few stretching and wing exercises before she took flight
We unloaded groceries and I put them away before getting us lunch of bacon and eggs. Before doing the dishes, Bill got the new Keurig out of the box and set up for use. In the meantime, Peggy from CanAm phoned about our Dometic microwave/convection oven which has now completely died. No light, fan, time or anything. She suggested we find one we like and replace it. That way we get what we like and sooner than later.

She is gorgeous and you can see the remnants of the cocoon
It is under warranty but Dometic doesn’t sell or repair these older models. So, we’ll be on the hunt for a second appliance this week. Somewhere. We’ll do some online searching first and then make it happen. Hopefully, if we need it, we’ll have our brother-in-laws help to remove the old and install the new. Bill and I may not be able to handle it, depending on how heavy the unit is. We’ll see. We each had a coffee from the new machine and it is nice to have a non-leaker again.

Bill went up for a snooze and I relaxed in my chair while I finished my drink. It is turning into a warm day even though the clouds are covering 75% of the sky. I have a few things to take care of between today and tomorrow morning. I was saddened that I had to buy dessert for tomorrow since now I have no way to bake something. So, I bought a pie and maybe I’ll make some whipped topping. It will feel like I contributed something.

And my dahlia shows off
I swept the Bunky and made the bed in there. It's all comfy, cozy now. Bill was setting up his plane so we could test the weight again and when he was ready with the wings on, we lifted it. Yay! It looks well balanced. Back inside the Suite, I wanted to try once more with my choke cherry syrup. I had a box of Pectin and what do they say? ‘Three strikes and you’re out?’ So, I boiled the syrup again and added the thickener before pouring it into 2 jars. One can only hope.

Sadly, one comes into the world and
then I find this one on the road

They're so pretty and delicate
A lovely late afternoon
from my window
Then I sat and watched the tail end of a couple of movies. To Trap a Spy with Napoleon Solo (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and that was cool, outdated but fun to watch all the same. Then the last 45 minutes of Stagecoach with Trace Adkins and Kim Coates. Just to kill time, basically, rather than watching NCIS. At 6, I plugged into power and started cooking sausage, dressing and mixed veggies in Madame IP.

A great supper
The sun now is shining brighter than it has all day and the humidity has returned. 
We are in for a hot day tomorrow but that is not a complaint. Supper turned out good and was ready in 20 minutes. Bill washed dishes and I dried and then we settled in for the night. I was going to prep the meal for tomorrow night’s supper but decided after work at the Mat in the morning, I can start it then. I don’t like being tied up with meal prep when we have company.

Good night to you all!
Happy weeend!
This was a good day. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. That was really interesting watching the butterfly come to life!

  2. After your failure the other day at making yogurt I realized it had been rather a long time since I had made some and I do love it. So today I dragged out my Madame IP and cooked up a batch. I make a very large batch when I make it. Right now it's finished and it will drain overnight in the fridge downstairs. Tomorrow I'll put it in the little Rubbermaid cups I use and store in the fridge. I should be good for a couple weeks.

    1. sounds wonderful! Do you have the Yogourt button? I am going to try again with the directions on a link I was sent.

    2. Yes my machine does have the yogurt button. But that link I sent you should help you to make a successful batch. Any questions just sent me an email or message.

  3. Beautiful butterfly. Amazing how they start out a worm!!!

    1. Even the worm was cute but it is quite the metamorphosis when all we do is get older. LOL

  4. I would love to see the complete cycle from cocoon to butterfly. We once pretended with my great nephew (who was four years old) but we had to fib a little. lol

    1. It was very cool and I just wish (never happy am I?) I had seen her come out of the cocoon. :)

  5. It was a very nice day , perfect weather, and today even warmer, gotta be loving it . Good luck with your convection microwave search. And install they are pretty heavy.

  6. The butterfly is beautiful! That was amazing! Nice you were able to find a new Keurig that was close to what you had. Too bad Dometic doesn't just upgrade your convection/microwave and do the install too. I don't envy you looking for a new one and then installing it. Sounds like you'll get a check though to cover the new one. Dinner looks absolutely yummy!