Monday, September 2, 2019

Clouds Rule, Labour Day

The Ridge

The temperature was different overnight, I was quite warm while sleeping and upon wakening. When we got up at 7 the Suite was warmer than the previous mornings. Today, Monday, Sept. 2nd was Labour Day and I think we will be laboring a bit with the wing covers. That is up to Bill, when he is ready, I’ll get the sewing machine out. I know he’s hoping to weigh the Telemaster as well so he’ll need to take the scales down to the Hangar.

This morning's skies as I walked
We both walked the garbage and 2 recycle bins down as soon as we were up and dressed. On the way back, I decided to slip a hoody on with my vest and go for my walk. Such a beautiful morning! I walked towards the northwest (!) on Baptist Church Road for a change today and as I walked, perused the ditches looking for more choke cherry bushes for next years’ crop. There were only a couple but a lot of new bush growth along North Line.

If Bill doesn’t want me to sew today, I’ll take my clippers up on the berm and cut some of the vines that seem to want to strangle our bushes and trees. I don’t know what it is called but we all have it and it is a nuisance. The way the sky is looking, I’m not sure if the outdoor stuff will happen after all. Hmm. Before too long, I made us pea meal bacon and the last of our eggs for breakfast.

some days at the Mat, I find change, bills and various little things
Yesterday, I found a 'fidget spinner'
After dishes, Donna texted that she only found about a cup of the choke cherries along their road. I knew that couldn’t be right so drove to meet her on their concession. She was walking way down past where I saw the bushes yesterday so she hopped in and I drove back towards the dairy farm. Along the way, we stopped a few times and picked the cherries that we were finding. She was starting to recognize the plants better now, not knowing really what she was looking for earlier.

we walked our garbage down at 7:15
At 8:15, I returned from my walk and the truck was just pulliing
up to take it
By the time we were finished, she had 14 cups of cherries in her bowl! We had to leave a bush with plenty more on it simply because she didn’t need them and I didn’t need anymore this season. At least now, if she likes the jelly, we both know where we can stock up in future hunts. I hope she likes it! I drove her to the Acreage and came back home where Bill needed some help to figure out the weight requirements on his plane. We wouldn't be sewing today, this will keep us/him busy.

On my walk, I saw some pretty sights
There is a method, he knows it so we worked towards that. Donna texted that she had left her phone in our car so while we waited for them to come over, I trimmed the grape vines (they don’t amount to the nice grapes) around the back of the property. They were strangling our trees! Then I moved down to the back field and trimmed lower branches that were impeding Bill’s grass cutting. He’d soon poke an eye out if he wasn’t careful so I tidied them up and tossed the cuttings.

My garden fare
We think it means something is deficient in the garden
Either too dry, too wet or just a mixed up summer
About 1:30 Donna and Gerry drove in and Bill got Gerry’s help to hold the plane in place while he ran the engine for about 5 minutes or so. Each new model needs to run for 2 hours to ‘break’ it in. I’m not sure if that is the correct way to describe it but that’s a basic sum-up. The clouds were looking ominous so we all helped to put the wings and fuselage away in the cargo trailer before it rained. It is like a prized Corvette, never getting rained on. 😊

Top 4 pictures are my garden (sunflower, tomato plants, pepper & watermelon
Far left: dandelion now?
large picture is the grape vine that I cut and pulled from the trees
After they left around 2:30, I came inside and  looked like my jelly is starting to set from the bottom up. I thought I’d made an error with the pectin, only using 1 pkg. for 3 cups but maybe it will be fine. If it doesn’t set properly, at least I have a back up plan and can re-boil and add the second pkg. I made myself a tea and had some yogourt and a couple of Clementines. Bill soon joined me up in the Suite. He cut some cheese and had a few crackers for his snack.

There were a few sprinkles of rain but it sure didn’t amount to much. The temperature made it to 69F with some sun and some dark clouds. We didn’t know what it was going to do from one minute to the next. Quite a strange day. This is September, I guess. We sat together and watched an old movie together. When was the last time you saw The Big Chill? IF you ever saw it. It’s a 1983 movie with quite a few popular actors. We enjoyed it and the music is great throughout.

Gerry in place and Bill starts the engine
At 5:30 I got Madame IP out to do her stuff. I sautéed the 3 chicken thighs and then cooked them for 12 minutes. On the side, I mixed together a cole slaw. That would be all we need as we plan on having the Black Forest cake for dessert. That will be enough carbs and sugar to screw us up for tonight BUT it will taste darn good! Maybe in the next day or two, I can get more Jell-o and custard made so our desserts are healthy again.

Supper tonight
Supper was great and the cake filled us up. I might go into shock from all that ooey gooey sweetness but it is all gone now. We cleaned up dishes and settled in for the night. Funny that now the sky clears and the sun makes a more prominent appearance. We have had a busy labour day just puttering around the Ridge. How was your Labour Day?
                                   Why not one more video since I jipped
                                                     you all the other day

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  1. Looks like you found a great way to celebrate Labour Day.
    Hope to see the plane in the air soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler weather.

    It's about time.

    1. We managed to keep busy for sure!
      Not too keen about the cooler weather - too soon in our opinion. :)

  2. Nothing quite like fresh pick fruit and veggies, keeping busy on labor day getting things done.

  3. Your jelly should be fine. Any time mine didn't set up it became pancake syrup!!
    I just can't get over the size of that plane. It must have a large motor to be able to get it off the ground.

    1. Overnight the jelly didn't settle so had to recook. I'm confident now that it will settle. I could have used it as a syrup for sure!
      I can't wait to see the plane fly either!

  4. I don't follow any one particular diet...just moderation in all. Not saying I could lose 15 pounds for sure! We have started eating 2 meals a day instead of three and eating our last one before 3 o'clock. I have lost 5 pounds just doing that over the last 3 weeks...I will take it!

    1. Good for you! We all have to find our medium for food and our health will determine how it works for us. If we lose weight in the process - yay us! :)

  5. I'm with Nancy, whatever isn't jelly becomes pancake syrup!

  6. Love the video of Bill's plane! Yes the jelly sounds wonderful and I like the idea of syrup..yum! Beautiful sights on your walk! Your property is so green, it's beautiful ! Dinner looks yummy too, and of course a nice dessert to follow!

    1. Glad the video turned out. I loved the look on Gerry's face when Bill said 'ready?'
      Jelly or syrup - either one will be definitely tasty. :)