Friday, September 27, 2019

Warmth Returns Under Clouds, Double Duty at the Mat, Double Duty in the Yard

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 27th we were up by 7 and out the door soon after. We each made our morning brew in travel mugs as it would be a busy day. Bill helped me clean today by removing the lint from the big dryers and then dust mopped for me. Things looked pretty good and we were out of there in an easy hour. I know it takes me that long on my own so that is what I recorded for Jamie.

And the red sky this morning means a sailors warning
But this day turned out great instead
We left there and scooted home where we changed into clean clothes and then drove to Hanover. We wanted to get to the Bell store before it got busy. Friday morning, you know. Melissa, the gal who helped us first 2 years ago, was in and no other customers had arrived yet. Yay! We were there to return the half case that Bill bought for his A70 phone. He bought it as he needed something when no wallet style cases were available – anywhere in town.

The ReStore helped us out by taking our old electronics
The case was $45+ tx and we had 15 days to return it if we weren’t happy with it. When in London on Monday, we picked up a wallet case for him for $20 cash. So, getting the $50 back was a no-brainer. We walked across the street to the Holst Office Products store and picked up a black and a colour cartridge for our printer. The ink is really fading and could run out any day. The refund pretty much paid for the cartridge.

Brunch - yummy
Then we drove to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and dropped off the old Keurig and the old microwave oven. So easy and it is good to know that any electronic items can be taken there for disposal. Two things off the list. Back home, Bill hopped on the riding mower and went out to cut the front field. Inside, I finished yesterday’s post and then by 11:30 realized how hungry I was.

this would be a challenge for the riding mower
Apple sauce in the grass?
 I felt really chilled sitting inside but wanted to eat first before going out to put myself to work. The outdoor temp was no more than 55F and inside not much warmer at 62F. I started cutting up bacon, onions peppers and adding mushrooms, eggs and cheese for an omelette. It was when I was adding the eggs that Bill came up the lane and checked in to see ‘where are we at?’ I told him that in 5 – 10 minutes things would be ready to eat.

This garden needed to be trimmed for the winter
I gave him his on toasted rye and made another quesadilla for me. It was delicious and I saved half for another day. I offered to do dishes while he made a phone call to the Travel Agency to book our room for the Saturday night before we fly to Cancun. We’ve been tossing this around because of the price but decided that it was totally worth it for the night and a week’s stay for Ptooties. Otherwise, we’d be getting up at 3 am and driving to Toronto to catch the flight. No thanks. We know we wouldn’t be able to sleep with that on our minds. This way we can relax.

And as I'm digging in the garden, pulling the grass roots,
this guy moves to get out of my way

So, I tried to reassure him that I wasn't going to hurt him
and covered him
Cute to watch him burrow backwards but still keeping an eye on me
Can you see his black eye?
Bill went back out to cut the back field. I went out and started trimming and pulling grass up on the berm in the hosta and tiger lily garden. There were so many apples all over the ground up there. We’ve never seen that tree or any of the trees here produce so many apples before! I started tossing them over the fence until it crossed my mind that maybe Donna would like more for applesauce. When I texted her, her response was in the positive so I piled them for her to pick from.

So, I piled some apples for Donna
It sure helped to warm me up, working out there, and soon enough I took my sweatshirt off and grabbed a bottle of water. I do believe that is the last one, now I will just be refilling them with RO water from our fridge jug. Bill finished cutting grass and loaded the propane bottle into Black Beauty and a couple of other things he had on his list. Home Hardware in Durham was his destination. Oh, earlier he stopped at the bank to chat about our US cash exchange and how soon to order it.

When Bill finished cutting the field, he took me for a walk to see
a new path he'd cut back to the pond
I moved on to weeding and pulling large clumps of grass from my new and ‘prosperous’ plantings on the corral hill. The work wasn’t so hard, since there is more sand and rock than dirt, but the positioning on the hill is really hard on the body. I finished up, huffing and puffing like an old lady, and just left the pile of weeds at the bottom of the hill for later pick up. I sat on the patio until my breathing slowed down and I was refreshed from water. Not young like I used to be!

and it led me to a better view of the Turtle Log
Then, I got the long-handled clippers and trimmed some small saplings and trees down where Bill parks the truck. He’d asked if I would cut what I could without us getting the chain saw out. I’m a bit of a clutz, I guess, as when I was pulling on a branch I thought I’d cut, it resisted and I managed to cut myself. It isn’t serious but small cuts sure do bleed. I had to come up and run it under cold water and with pressure stop the bleed long enough to get Polysporin and a bandaid on it. Where’s Bill when I need him?
And usually I tell him to stop finding new places to cut
but I like this path a lot!
I worked on the area at the top of the hill
and tomorrow I'll pick up the pile of weeds at the bottom of hill
No big deal so I went out to put the clippers away and it was then that Bill drove in. With a clean laundromat, full fuel and propane tanks, grass cut, my stuff trimmed and dumped in the rubbish pile, we were done for the day. It was 3:30. Bill poured himself a Zero Coke and I made myself a creamy tea. I cut some cheese and we had a snack to get us through to supper. I knew it wouldn’t be long and my sweetie would be asleep and he didn’t prove me wrong. We’ve been pretty much go, go, go since we got up so I let him sleep.
and with just the right amount of sun and rain
my flowers are doing awesome

I sat beside him with my book and read a few chapters. Seems that other things keep getting in the way of our reading! Bill finished his Stuart Woods book last night so I dropped it off this morning in the exchange box. He’ll be moving on to a different author now. I had planned fish fillets and vegetables for supper and decided to bake the Basa in the convection oven. It was certainly a learning curve.

Learning or not, it was wonderful!
The fish took longer than I expected (my misinterpretation) and we didn't eat until almost 7:30 but it was delicious with my string beans and Bill’s mixed vegetables. Thank you, dear, for being so patient. To top it off, I warmed up 2 pieces of my apple pie and with cheddar cheese, it also was a hit. Because I picked the apples myself, there is an extra taste in there. I think it’s called a spicy, tart 'E' for effort. 😊 The pie did turn out pretty good. We took care of the dishes and I sat at my laptop to finish this post.

We're going to try this pie!

Good night everyone!
Soon, I joined him for the remainder of the evening before bed. This was a very good day and we crossed quite a few things off the list. Tomorrow is laundry day, so I’d better get the clothes sorted.

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Nice to get those things all taken care of in one day then relax.

    1. Got some things done but not much time for relaxing yet. When it is nice outside, we need to be out. :) I got a break today but Bill didn't.

  2. What a busy day....but getting things done feels good. To top it all off with apple pie---what a treat!

    1. It does feel good to cross items off the list. The pie is quite good!

  3. That's a lot of apples!! To finish the day with your apple pie? Perfect!!!

    1. It is sad to see the apples go to waste so glad Donna can use more! I have enough, as you know!

  4. Boy that was a busy day for the both of you! The yard looks awesome, you do have a green thumb! I agree with spending the night before you leave, might as well get that party started LOL! Oh my goodness that apple pie looks yummy! Great job! Always makes me think of Fall! :)

    1. It was and a good one at the same time. :) Thank you, green thumb comes from Mom whether she remembers that or not.We are happy to have the overnight stay in a motel decision made. More relaxing by far!
      Apple pie - yup definitely fall.

  5. Busy day! The hill (and the flowers) is looking great. Your perseverance paid off.