Thursday, September 19, 2019

Great Day for a Drive, Visiting in Fort Erie

The Ridge
It was 6:30 on Wednesday, Sept. 18th when we grumbled at Bill’s alarm. We listened to it though and got up. This would be a long day so I hopped in the shower right away while Bill had his coffee and toast. Then it was his turn for the shower and I had my tea and toast with choke cherry jelly. I wish I didn’t enjoy it on rye toast so much! At least, we are still controlling our weight and I’m keeping the 6 lbs. off – for now.

A lovely morning taste of fall

Lots of collages today of our trip
This was as we entered the  401
It was a slow 30 minutes to go 4 km
We were out the door by 8 am and on our way to Fort Erie. The sky was clear blue with no clouds in sight. There wasn’t even any breeze to speak of, very light if any at all. Bill followed the instructions on our Rand McNally Good Sam GPS and although we encountered little traffic most of the way, taking hwy 6 to the QEW.  That all changed as we entered the ramp for the major highway. Whoa!!

A new overpass was being erected but they weren't even working today
Two accidents - one steaming red car and I missed the tractor trailer loaded on the
tow truck
It was backed up ahead and behind us on all traffic lanes heading east. They were barely moving. We’d allowed 3 hours to get to Marilynne’s, Bill’s Step-Mom, but with the 30-minute delay on the 6 lane 401, that plan went to you know where. She doesn’t text or use a cell phone so we just played it out instead of calling her and she’d see us when we got there.

The smog over Burlington
and otherwise sunny skies
Crossing the Burlington Skyway Bridge is always a sight to behold
The pair of bridges, built in 1958 and 1985, span the Burlington Bay Canal
There is a bit of a tricky scenario to be careful of and we got caught up in it as instead of exitting onto Central Ave, we took the first exit (seeing her hi-rise right ‘there!). Unfortunately, the first exit was to Tim Horton’s and the Duty Free. Once you drive through their lot, you have no choice but to cross into the U.S. What??!! Good grief! All lanes led that way and we had no intention of going into Niagara Falls, NY. Plus, we didn’t have our passports.

Entering wine country
for our friends who enjoy a glass or two
Entering Niagara Falls, Ontario
We found the small “U-Turn, Return to Canada” sign and squeezed through the pylons almost blocking the lane. It was an easy explanation to the crossing guard (I think this happens a lot) but regardless, we still had to pay the toll of $5 to return into Ontario. A lesson learned and just a simple error, turning too soon rather than paying attention to the gps. We laughed about it and you can be sure it won’t happen again.
The left picture depicts us going in the right direction
and then the right picture was ALL wrong!! haha
Marilynne was happy to see us when we arrived and after a welcoming chit-chat, I gave her a small jar of my apple sauce and a honey oat apple muffin. 

Marilynne's building and sunny balcony facing southwest
and a nice happy picture of Bill and Marilynne
Then, Bill drove us down the street to The Barrel, an Italian restaurant the Marilynne frequents when she has company. I ordered a tea, the chicken rice soup and shrimp linguini. Oh my, it was delicious and just the right amount for a filling meal. We wouldn’t need much for supper, that’s for sure! Bill ordered pizza, which surprised the heck out of me, and it looked yummy too.

A great little venue just down the street from her apartment
So good! Thank you Marilynne!
After helping her with a couple of small things in the apartment and a nice visit, we said goodbye around 3 pm. Bill did well without a snooze and only once, within 30 minutes from home, did he start to feel sleepy. 

On the drive back to M's apartment, we laughed at this bar name
(just in case your wife called!)
The Niagara River separating Canada and the United States
Marilynne's beautiful old church, built in 1821
I always carry water, as many of us do, so with that and some ‘always’ available candies in my purse, we made it home by 6. We didn’t follow the same route coming home but we did avoid the busy highways when we could and caught #6 asap.

Back through wine country, I managed to get one of the signs
(there are soooo many wineries here and we've been to a lot of them)

I like the street names too
Play it again, Sam
On the way home, I did get a good picture of the freighter crossing from Hamilton Bay to
Lake Ontario
A little car had this in his back window - eek!
We were tired so relaxed for the evening in front of the tv. Our finale for America’s Got Talent was on from 8 to 10 and then Bill turned on one of his car shows. No thanks. I moved upstairs to the bedroom and watched the last hour of a Denzel Washington/Angelina Jolie movie called The Bone Collectors. Ooh, I need to see it from the beginning, I love her acting and D.W. makes my heart go pitter patter. 😊 I turned the tv off at 11 and dropped off quickly.

A field of pumpkins
'Tis the season
Pretty clouds 4 minutes from home
 This was a long day but a good one. We’re glad to have gotten to see Marilynne before heading to the southwest again. Things have been busy and between her and us, this was the only time it worked.

Home Sweet Home
Good night!
Thank you very much for popping in today.


  1. Goodness that's a lot of driving in one day. I try to avoid those kind of trips or I get my brother to drive. ;)

    1. It was a long drive but one of those visits that had to happen. :)