Saturday, September 28, 2019

Downright Damp! Book Published, Indoor & Outdoor Stuff

Up on the Ridge

It was a warm night for sleeping, it seems the heater is on and off every other day for a bit. The in between days are warm, almost humid. Strange weather, as I’ve said often this season so far. At 7:15, on Saturday, Sept. 28th, I crawled out of bed and once more had to abandon the walk. It was warm enough outside but a light misty rain wasn’t appealing. Who wants to carry an umbrella when they walk? Not me. So, I made my tea and sat with Bill for our first brew of the day.

Bill was cleaning out the garage, cutting up cardboard to burn
Bill said it had rained heavily overnight but, as usual, I didn’t hear a thing. We read some blogs as we sat here and Bill went online to apply for our winter travel insurance. We expect it to go up a bit each year just because that is the way of things, isn’t it? Well, it went up a lot! We deal with Manulife via Costco, as members, and have gotten pretty favourable rates over the last 3 years, with the expected ‘bit’ of an increase each year.

And here, I think he was sending smoke signals
We were shocked that it would be almost $1,000 more this year and that is regardless of age. It is an increase all over it seems. If you didn’t have one, consider yourself lucky because we checked out 4 other sites. At the end of our search, we just went with the same one since it turned out to be minimum $500 less than every one else. Bite the bullet, we need it. One of those things. The only thing we changed this time, for no higher premium, was we opted for the International coverage. Cross another item off the list.

making my own list
After that was done, he went to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. The tank was reading 13 gallons. When he returned, we had a coffee together and I made Bill bacon and eggs while I finished my quesadilla from yesterday. I sent him off to do some of the things outside and I did the dishes. What I did today was made up my own list. Bill has a list, on paper and in his head, we have a ‘together’ list in our heads and on our calendars and now I will have my own list. While he is away through the week, these things will get completed, as weather permits.

Bill worked on getting the garage/basement cleaned out and sorted and brought the satellite receiver up from the Hangar. This goes with us and he won’t be watching anything down there now before we leave. Inside, I decided to pull the 4 jars of apple sauce out of the fridge. I wasn’t 100% happy with the overall result when I made it. It seemed too thick and I knew we wouldn’t eat it unless we were fully enjoying it. I reheated it and added a bit of water and a bit of Splenda . Much better!

I almost forgot to get a picture of the jars of apple sauce
Once they were re-jarred, I decided I’d send a jar with Bill to Bob and Jo-Anne’s. Not sure if they like apple sauce or if he’ll eat it but we’ll see. I chatted back and forth with Jo-Anne about what to send with Bill and I think we have that figured out now. We all seem to be on the same page. Around 3:30 it was time for either a creamy tea or a ‘real’ drink so I opted for the tea. Often, it needs to be a warm day for me to imbibe.
How can such a small icon create such grief?
We're friends again though so it's okay
Earlier, I had a moment (about 15 minutes actually) of panic and tears, I have to admit. I had completed my photo book yesterday but wanted to wait until today to send it off to be published. One more peruse, you know. I have BookSmart as a shortcut on my Desktop along with other popular and well-used websites. I double-clicked, I right clicked on ‘open’ and single-clicked several times over at least a 10-minute span. Nothing. It wouldn’t open when every other shortcut I tried, did.

Bill got the Blue Boy strapped on, we won't need it again before we leave
I was getting frustrated and could only think of yesterday when I uninstalled BookWright, and wondered if they were connected and had I just lost my 20-page book? I did well NOT to toss my laptop. I did well NOT to swear a blue streak but I couldn’t hold back the leaky eyes. Bill calmly carried on across the table, on his own laptop, not wanting to say too much to set me off. He isn’t familiar with the program at all so I knew he couldn’t help and wasn’t expecting him to try. I was in a pout.

And there is the white pole and anenometer
situated just above the ladder
I shut it down and was going to sit and wallow in my teary loss. Before I did that, I powered it up and tried it one more time. Blessed relief! This time it opened! I guess I was being tested and apparently passed. Phew! I truly was thinking it was time to forget the whole idea of ever creating a book again. Long story short, I ordered it, published it and paid for it. Then, I walked away. Last year, it was about a week before we left for the southwest that I finished my book so I’m ahead of the game and should see it arrive within 2 weeks.

Still dull out there
We didn't see any sun until late afternoon and then it never lasted long
It wasn’t a very warm day. At least for me, inside, whereas Bill was outside doing different things and felt comfortable. I don’t like the dampness, my body doesn’t like it. When he'd finished for the day, the anemometer was up on its new pole (it would come down for travelling), the blue boy was up on the ladder, the receiver was connected to the tv in the garage and the garage was all cleaned out to make room for the things that need to go along with us. He completed a lot of things.

Carrots and beans in the inner pot

Chicken breasts ready for sauteeing
and potatoes ready too
He had some crackers and cheese when he came in and I had a peach for my snack. We sat together, he dozed and I read about Jack and Jill after getting totally stumped on the New York Times crossword. Who knows this stuff? I do enjoy the challenge though even if most squares are empty when I give up. 

and before the dark, heavy clouds took over, we had a pretty sky
At 6, after thawing them in the microwave, I sautéed two large chicken breasts, cut some carrots, potatoes and green beans. Supper was ready, in a one pot dish and we were eating by 7:00.

A good hearty meal - didn't need dessert tonight
After dishes, I worked on my blog and Bill turned the tv on for some evening entertainment. This was a bit of a lazy day for me and Bill, on the other hand, accomplished a few things. I hope yours was a good day too.

There was no sunset tonight and when the space station went over at 6
we were under clouds again so missed it
Have a good night!
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to!


  1. Oh that is scary about the health insurance! Hubby and I are still under 65 and I am fortunate enough to get my extended health through my government pension so we get it pretty cheap (and we are on no medication), but $1,000 would be a big hit!

    1. It was shocking. It didn't change because of our ages though, we did a dummy application at the age we were last year and it was still ridiculous. Neither of us on are on meds either so we can only hope it doesn't keep increasing each year like that!

  2. I'm so glad you got your phone working again! I also can't believe we are all getting so close to heading south for the winter@

    1. Thank you, me too! I feel so much more relaxed. The time is going by so fast!

  3. Nice to get those things taken care of ready for the road and out of province insurance taken care of, Ours went up a bit this year again, not a $1,000 though. This was expected now that I turned 70.

    1. Who is your carrier, George? We tried 4 different ones and they all were quite high.

    2. Send Suzie an e-mail and she can give you the info.

  4. Yikes! Insurance is going sky high everywhere and for everyTHING!!! I don't understand why!
    I'm glad your book deal worked out. It's so frustrating when you think it has disappeared.
    Wishing you good weather until you're ready to leave!

    1. They've got us all by the short hairs, excuse the reference. We need it so have no choice but to stay home or pay it.
      I'm so relieved about the book.
      Thank you for the weather wishes. :)

  5. Wow..$1000 more! But I guess you have to have it! Glad your book went through, I love how you do that every year! Dinner looks wonderfully yummy!! Always good to have a list, that way hopefully nothing's forgotten!

    1. Yes, we need it and won't travel without it. I'm happy about the book too. :)
      Lists in my head just don't work anymore. Ha ha

  6. No shortage of things to be done before you head south again. Good to hear you got the program going and were able to get the book done.

    Yikes! I'm going to have to look into insurance for this winter. Normally I buy it for the year, but perhaps I'll just cover the trip once I know for certain how long I'll be travelling.

    1. Lots to do and the list helps us both. I was so happy to get my book done. :) It's a fun project usually and the hassles didn't deter me! haha
      The insurance is shocking, I hope you get a good price for how ever long you need it.