Thursday, September 19, 2019

Work Away and at Home, PayDay! Company Arrival Delayed

On the Ridge
Thursday, Sept. 19th I didn’t have an alarm set. I just let my body tell me when it was time to get up. We woke around 6:30 and I didn’t move out of bed until 7. There is no rush to get to the Mat now that it is still dark at 6:30. I washed, dressed and brushed my teeth before heading into town at 7:15.

After trimming, I watered all of the flowers
Bill was having his coffee and then was going to go to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. We weren’t much below half but like to top up when we can. We had a call last evening from our friends who were expected to arrive on Friday. They somehow mixed the day up and upon checking their calendar realized he had to work Friday. No worries, we’ve been very busy so gladly took an extra day for ourselves and told them Saturday to Sunday worked for us too.

In my garden, between the iris was a large
mulien plant
It will go to waste as I don't make mulien tea
The Mat looked quite good, aside from the new clean looking paint job, it didn’t take much effort at all for me to wipe out machines, dust mop and then damp mop sections of the floor. I had extra time so got a putty knife and scraped the paint drops of gray and white off the tile floor. They are pretty much done painting, with maybe a couple of little things left, so I felt doing this now when I had time made sense.

This worked for a while but its usefulness is obsolete
He took it apart and if he can use anything for something else, he will
Back home, I made my tea and then set about writing yesterday’s post. I hadn’t started it before we left for Fort Erie and had no energy or ambition to start last night after we got home. It was a full day from the moment we got up to bedtime. The air felt cool this morning even though the sun was out in full force. Bill went out to do some painting and to take apart his wing rack. He’d made this three years ago for the cargo trailer but now it isn’t required.

Goose the Spruce shows how he has grown with his lovely
I did some research on the internet, checking out websites that I’d made note of over the past week. The yogourt site didn’t pan out, lots of detail but no actual recipe so I’ll keep searching, following my next reader’s suggestion. I checked out the Grey Bruce Airbus for rates to Pearson Airport in October. We’re still tossing ideas around on that one. I checked hotel rates as well in Toronto near the airport and lastly, I checked how to winterize my hardy Hibiscus plant.

a nice fluffy omelette with bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms and lots of
mozzarella cheese - oh and eggs of course!

We had omelettes for breakfast and after dishes carried on outside. I trimmed the hostas, lilies and irises in 2 more areas. One more garden up on the berm and one down along the fence at the end of the lane is all that I have left. While we were working, Jamie came to pay us both. What a guy, he even separated mine from Bill’s. Too bad I got the lesser amount! We chatted for a bit and after he left, I finished working in the garden. I chatted back and forth on FB messenger with a couple of sisters about their gardening progress as well.

Not a real clear picture, my phone camera focused on the wrong thing
but you should be able to see the Monarch wing
I took a picture of my chrysalid on the handle because its colour has changed. Upon looking closer, I see why. How exciting and how beautiful! See for yourself! By the end of the day, it had even turned darker.

And by suppertime, a clearer wing 

Isn't it exciting?

and darker cocoon
Bill and I had moved his Telemaster out of the cargo trailer and then back in when we were done for the day. Without the wings, we tested the weight after he’d glued more lead weights to the nose. Tadah! I think he mastered it this time! We had a call from Bell in Hanover that my phone's protective cover had arrived but not Bill’s case. We’ll take a drive in the morning and see if there is something else he can get. It isn't good not to have it in a case.

no turtles today
We need to go shopping for a new Keurig, not being able to put it off any longer. The leaking is non-stop and the amount of water on the shelf is ridiculous. We’ll set it out on the island in the morning to make our coffee and then find one in town somewhere. Bill is calling it *%#*! names BUT I think it has done well. It is 5 or 6 years old and used every day, 3 or 4 times a day. No point in whining. Things just don’t last the way they used to.

Up on the berm, I just admired our home from the back side
I walked to check the mail box and there was nothing left so then I cut across the front field to see the turtles. Alas, and a disappointment there when none were in sight. On the log nor on the bank. Bill and I were done for the day so he put stuff away and we came inside. The warmth of 74F was dropping off, the afternoon sun beginning its descent by 4:30. Such a change in temperature but at least our daytime highs are really nice.

Lots of green tomatoes and some peppers too
My watermelon isn't growing too quicky so I uncovered it
Inside, I caught up on my post, downloaded pictures and then sat with Bill to watch NCIS. We’d agreed on cheeseburgers and salad for supper even though we had no anymore carbs. Bill offered to have his burger with toasted rye bread and I knew I didn’t need one. He lit the Weber Q at 6 and we were eating by 6:30. 

my garden fare today
I used store bought head lettuce but chives, peppers and tomato from the garden. It was very good for a simple meal.

And lookee!
I had to stand beside it to show its height
Hey Daddy! I've finally grown a sunflower!!
I have a lot of green tomatoes so I know we’ll get some relish out of them. If you think that makes me happy, you can imagine my excitement to see my sunflower. It has stopped growing in height and now there is an actual bloom. Nature is so much fun! We took care of the dishes, watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then sat back and I started a new book. James Patterson’s Jack and Jill was my next read.

This was a good day. Got a few jobs done, got some cash and saw some very cool things around the property. I hope you had a fund day as well.

And the sunset tonight taken at a different angle

Goodnight everyone!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Nature is truly a marvelous thing. We have been having two javelina (sp?)come into our yard recently(we live on desert property). Anyway, I guess for water which I won't deny any creature this time of year. Lo and behold today....I guess it is a mama and papa javelina as there were two tiny baby javelinas along with them...the first time I have ever seen baby javelina in all of my 40 years of living in Arizona.

    1. wow! that must be exciting for you! I know nothing about the javelina but any critter with babies can be harmful if you get too close.

  2. Nothing quite like getting things taken care of and especially enjoying the great outdoors.

    1. nice to get things started in our fall clean up and winter prep.

  3. Love the butterfly and your sunflower! They remind me of childhood! Daddy always had a garden and always grew sunflowers around the outside of it and my grandma in Arkansas always did too :) They were much taller back then, or was it just because I was short :) The Ridge is looking beautiful and so green. Dinner and your omelette look really yummy!

    1. Memories of our Daddys and sunflowers seem to go together! :)
      Thank you for your nice comment, Shirley.

  4. That chrysalis is cool. Such a beautiful color. Great garden bounty too!! Hope the watermelon ripens before you leave!!

    1. I love the chrysalis transformation. I hope my watermelon grows faster!! haha

  5. Pretty sunflower, they are such happy flowers :-)

  6. Oh, I hope you're able to get a photo of the butterfly as it emerges! That is so cool!!