Monday, September 30, 2019

Someone Special is Missing, Windy Walk, Apples for Sauce, Checking Things Off

The Ridge

I first woke when I heard my phone make a noise at 5:45. Because I like having it near me when I’m by myself, it was up on my ledge above the window. I might have already been half awake and heard it because I didn’t have my ear plugs in last night. No matter, I hopped out of bed, used the facilities and turned the B.F. heater on before I scurried up to bed again and waited until almost 6:30 before texting Bill. Today, Monday, Sept. 30th is his turn to celebrate a birthday.

One of my favourite pictures of my guy
We chatted for a bit after he was up and had eaten breakfast. It is nice that Bob and Jo-Anne have offered him a room downstairs where he has his own bathroom to use. Sometimes small things like that make a big difference when you are staying at someone else’s place. He is grateful for their offer of accommodation as it meant he didn’t have to take the Suite – meaning I would be the one driving back and forth to do my job every other day. We are both thankful. šŸ˜Š

And here he is happy at school
It was a little after 7 when I realized that I had to get up to get the garbage and bins out so, I did that. When I stepped outside, it was windy and only 52F but it didn’t feel too bad. Instead of driving the 2 bins of recycle and garbage down, I walked them down. Needless to say, I was warmed up quite sufficiently by the time I returned to the Suite. I was convinced though that it would be a great day for a walk so donned my vest and headed out. Instead of going my normal route, I crossed the paved Baptist Church Road and walked the gravel of North Line to the South.

It was a nice walk in a change of direction
Because of the garbage walk already recorded on my Fitbit, I didn’t have to go as far down the hilly road to get a mile in before I turned back. The sky was cloud filled and it didn’t look like much was going to happen anytime soon in the way of sunshine. No worries, there were enough little things to do inside and out, sun or no sun. As long as it doesn’t rain, I’m good. I think, by the look of the sky, since I’ll be plugged in all day anyway, I will bake something today.

Donna arrived around 10:30 and we relaxed inside for a chat for a while before she had to go see Mom. I had a mess, all around. I had apples thawing in the sink, and an overhead cupboard’s contents spread out over everything else. I spared you a picture of that. She brought me some items that I might like for Cancun so I was happy to try them on and decide. Before she left, we went up on the berm to gather some apples from the pile. She took a bag full but it left about 3 more bags of apples that would go to waste. Can’t be helped! They would only be good for apple sauce since they have some bruising and marks on them.

A sky show early in the day
When Bill cut the front field, he placed a long pole across the
It wasn’t 10 minutes after she left that my cousins, Bonnie and Gary, came up the drive. I knew they were coming for a quick visit while on their way to see his cousin's new place. We caught up a bit and within half hour we hugged and they headed out. It had warmed up quite nicely since earlier when the wind was making the 13C/54F feel much worse. I turned the heater off after they left and put stuff away inside. I made some headway and found a good spot for Clemson’s last personal items.

Bill put reflector tape on the mailbox post
It will be staying in place (minus the box) for the winter
With that done, I started making an apple custard crumble. I guess the cook couldn’t decide what to call it so included both names in the title of the recipe. With it in the oven baking for 50 minutes, I went upstairs and tried on the few tops Donna brought. I kept 3 and put 3 aside for my sisters on Thanksgiving. I was encouraged to go through my closet once more as well as go through the Cancun stuff quickly. There are still decisions to be made. I know, I know! Me and my clothes! Bill says what else do I need but swimsuits and sundresses? 

From the front field, it was too early for the turtles to be out
See the small light patch near the back top of the picture?
Later, I took the following shots from that exact spot
When the sun came out later, the turtles came out too

This little guy was so proud to be up so high
He soon jumped into the water
 I have about 20 empty hangers now and whether anyone (ahem, Bill) notices or not, they all contained items that are no longer in the closet. I took them out to the Bunky for the next exchange. 

and before I ate it all, I took a picture of my brunch
A hard boiled egg, and all the other good stuff
The sun was out and since the crumble was done cooking, I unplugged and went to turn the inverter on. Oh-oh. It never fails. When I’m alone, things go wrong. Always! It wouldn’t turn on. I told Bill this morning that I wouldn’t bother him by texting during the day. Not knowing the situation at his painting job, I didn’t want to be a pest.

And you can see the front field from here
the turtles abandoned the log
So, I texted Rob to see if they were home yet. He doesn’t have panels and isn’t familiar with our inverter so I will wait to talk to Bill after his day is done. I wasn’t too terribly concerned since I was able to plug us back in to power. It would’ve been a perfect afternoon to reap some benefit from the solar panels is all. If Bill suggests that I do things I’m not comfortable with, (eg. resetting an inverter using a volt meter) then I know Rob is available to lend a hand. It is so nice to have him closeby!

There was quite a wind this morning
It was close to 5 when I started chopping up the green tomatoes that I picked this afternoon. I wanted to grab some before they turned red so chose a lot of the smaller ones. I picked the teeny green onions that I'd planted from seed in early June as I would need more onions that what I had in the fridge. I also found a nice-sized green pepper that I would use as well. A few minutes past 5, the birthday boy texted me to tell me that they had finished work AND supper. And then he sent me a wonderful picture. Thank you, Jo-Anne, for providing the birthday pie when I can’t.

He gave me a call when I asked if he could and we talked about the inverter. He’s thinking perhaps it is a fuse/bulb? Whatever he said. We had to replace one soon after purchasing the Suite. He wondered about the transfer switch, which Rob also mentioned, but it would be odd since we haven’t moved any where since last using it. It is not anything that needs to be addressed before the weekend so I’ll just remain plugged into electric until then.

And I decided to place Clemson's bed, blanket, sweater and monkey
up there on the top shelf with all of our other sentimental stuff
We'll be ready to move around Hallowe'en so may as well get this ornament
from our house out now
The cows watched me get the mail before they went about their business
Our election notices came
After I had the veggies all cut and salt added, I let them sit for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow after work, I will add the spices and cook everything together. I’m hoping to get 3 or 4 jars of relish this time. 

Putting the veggies for the relish together
Then I began frying liver for supper and I cooked a cob of corn in the Tortilla Oven that I bought at Quartzsite last winter. It took 5 minutes instead of the 2 it said but that was fine for one cob. I had some olives on the side and by the time I finished eating, it was 7.

Delicious supper
No dessert required
With the dishes taken care of, I had already gone on and set up the programs for recording tonight. As I sit at my laptop, I’m watching the sky play its usual game of catch me if you can. I take a picture, download it and then the sky gives me something else to capture on film. Up and down for a few more times and I could hear thunder rolling across the sky too. I checked the weather and yes, we could get a thunderstorm tonight and early morning.

Pretty evening sky

I watched Wheel of Fortune, then Jeopardy before turning The Voice on at 8 pm. I should be able to get into my next book, 5th Horseman by J.P. This was a good day with a couple of visitors, some baking done, some relish almost made and a birthday for a very special guy. Happy Birthday, Bill! I love you!

thanks Jo-Anne for the picture
Good night all!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Bill will be home before you know it! My sweetie is leaving next week for an elk hunt...kind of looking forward to a couple of days to do things on my own but know after that I will be ready to see his truck pull up the drive.

    1. I know he will and I do enjoy the alone time as well. it is always nice to have him return.

  2. Happy birthday Bill. Pretty picture of the evening sky!

  3. You got to enjoy a nice warm day and even warmer today. Good luck with the inverter issue when Bill gets back.

    1. Any dry day is a good day. We figured out the inverter issue. yay!

  4. Cute pic of Bill and his bday pie! That was a busy day for you at home! Dinner looks really yummy! The young pics of Bill are too cute :)

  5. Happy birthday Bill. Great pictures!!! I love liver and onions, but never cook it myself.

    1. thank you. I skipped the onions this time and it was still good.

  6. Happy Birthday to Bill!

    Isn't that the way of things, something goes wrong when the person who knows best how to fix it isn't available. I can think of many times that happened in my life.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. That has happened 3 or 4 times up here after he leaves.