Thursday, September 26, 2019

Work Day to Start, Visit with Mom, Frustrations of this Pretend Author

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Sept. 25th we got up together around 7 and Bill made his travel mug of coffee. I don’t have mine before going to work but I will be home in an hour for my tea. Bill was going in to help Jamie at the Mat to try and figure out the lighting and where power runs etc. We didn’t know if it would be a long day or a short one so he took a couple of snack bars just in case. We took two vehicles and when I finished cleaning, I left.

A visit to Rockwood Terrace to see Mom on a sunny day
From there, I drove to the West Grey Library and sat in their lot trying to download the newest software for BookWright, which is the program I’m using for creating my photo book. I’m frustrated with it as it says I need to update but also that their website is not responding. That’s just dandy. Even at the library, the message was the same so I came home after updating Facebook. At home, I decided to download the program again but got the same message. Grrr!

Mom showing off her matching fingernails
Back home, I had my tea and fiddled away trying to figure it out until it was time to go see Mom. She was asleep on her bed and when she woke up, I knew she was quite chilly. ‘Why don’t people like heat?’ she asked. So, we got another layer on her and she warmed up with that and my hugs. It was a fun visit and her spirits were good. There was no delay at her table when I walked her down for lunch, she sat and waved me goodbye with 3 kisses for Bill. She’s a flirt I tell ya!

I sat on the bench for a while and just watched it
I stopped at the Mat to see how the boys were doing and they were getting frustrated too trying to find where electrical plugs were connected. I’m sure they’ll succeed so I left them and drove around for my 2nd annual (at least) photo shoot of McGowan Falls. It draws me with the rushing white water. Then I came home to make something to eat. It was 12:30. 
This picture shows how shallow it is at this point up at the bridge
(which I won't cross)

Of course, a selfie

And the calm water of the Saugeen River on the other side
I knew Jamie would take Bill for lunch so I made myself a lovely breakfast quesadilla with 2 eggs, olives, tomato, onion, bacon, pepper and cheese. With sour cream and salsa, it was delicious but I could still only eat half.

Love this little wildflower, there were plenty all around
so I pulled one up by the roots to try and plant it at home

 I'm not sure it is a Gerbera daisy but it's lovely
I sat and took pictures of each page of my new book so I could print the pages and copy them into a new program. Then, I will delete Bookwright altogether so I don’t start using it later. should have just stayed on its own instead of creating ‘new and improved’ pages under its umbrella. I’m determined and as Mom said today to a nurse and me ‘I have lots of patience!’ 😊 The nurse gave a lop-sided smile so I’m not sure that is always true.

Such a yummy breakfast

I heard from Jess that she was happy with the pictures I took of their wedding so that is a relief. I would feel terrible if she were disappointed. Bill texted at 3 that he was on his way home and I was busy plugging away at copy-writing my book into another program when he walked in the door 10 minutes later. The weather has taken a crazy turn today from how it started this morning. We had sun and so I unplugged from electric power when I returned from town at 9.

My walk/drive has yet to show pretty fall colours

Most of the cows are laying down today and although it doesn't look like rain
we did get a light shower later on
Now, it is looking very ‘iffy’ with very strong winds and heavy clouds overhead. I’m holding off plugging in since our batteries are still registering 13+. I’ll need to plug in to make supper regardless so I can use Madame IP. If I had mushroom soup in the cupboard, I would cook our chops in the convection oven but I don’t. They are very thick so I’m hopeful that cooking them less will help them appeal to me more.

The sauteed pork chops
 At 5:30, I started to sauté them with onion soup mix and then cooked for 6 minutes with the inner pot of rice and string beans on top. In the microwave, I cooked Bill’s corn and everything turned out great. The thick chops were done perfectly again and I enjoyed and ate all of mine. The beans were nice for a change, I seldom buy fresh beans. We cleaned up the dishes and sat to watch some of our recorded programs.

And a wonderful meal
Good night!
Starting with The Good Doctor, we ran through the list until 10 pm. We had a dish of creamy Jello that was left over and needed to eat. It was a good day and I got to see Mom for a nice visit. Bill and Jamie made some progress at the Mat and we are one step closer to our trips. Life is good!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Love it there by McGowan falls such a real place to enjoy.
    And the warmer weather was wonderful too.

  2. Those falls are beautiful. It's always so peaceful sitting by running water. I hope you get the book app to work. Sometimes you just need all the stars to align. Dinner looks fabulous!! I've never tried pork chops in the IP. I'll have to give it a shot!!

    1. Yes, they are very peaceful. Thank you, I think I've got it!! (the book, I mean)
      The chops are easy, you would like them. Browning them first is the key and then only 6 minutes for really thick ones. Manual release.

  3. I was saying to Ken as reading your blog..I'm thinking it might be time to find a new site and dang if you didn't LOL.. I hate when apps say new and improved NOT! Love the picture of mom, she's just too cute! Glad you had a good visit with her. I know Ken hates anything electrical, but then staying with it he usually finds it and saves tons of $$! The quesadilla and dinner both look delicious! Life is good isn't it!

    1. You're absolutely right, it was sure time!!!
      It meant doing the book all over again but I took pictures of what I'd written and the pictures I used so it was mindless. :)
      Mom and I had a nice visit and i count those blessings Life is wonderful! Yes!

  4. The falls are gorgeous! I do so enjoy being near water and am hopeful that someday I'll have something like that nearby.

    Your mom looks so sweet with her painted nails. I'm glad the visit went so well.

    1. I, too, hope you end up near falls like this. It is so peaceful.
      Mom was making cute faces and this was the only one that I could get downloaded. :) She's a character!

  5. The flower is a calendula. I save the petals from mine to make salves and soap. It's an annual that will produce lots of seeds that look like little green caterpillars.