Monday, September 16, 2019

Less Exciting Day by Far, Drizzly September Day

The Ridge
Bill was up after 6:30 but I lingered in bed on Monday, Sept. 16th until 7 before joining him downstairs. Today wasn’t going to be near as pleasing a day, weather-wise or event-wise as yesterday. Painting and laundry are all that’s on our agenda. After walking the garbage down to the road and loading the laundry basket in Ptooties, I lead the way into the Laundromat. We figured we may as well take both vehicles so I didn’t have to go back and pick him up.

Yesterday pictures were all about the wedding
but this was on my way to work in the morning
Bill and Jamie were painting again today to see what they could get done and I decided not to wait for the weather anymore. I did 3 loads of wash and dried them in 2 big dryers for $1.50. I sat down while at the Mat and downloaded yesterday’s pictures and started my blog post of the wedding. Good thing I dried our clothes there, since it was spitting soon after I arrived home. 

Because I didn't take many pictures today you get to
what our drive to the wedding looked like

Such pretty trees along the journey
Back home, I put our clothes away and then had a b.p. coffee. I just couldn’t seem to get warm. It was only 63F inside so I turned the Blue Flame heater on. With the dampness outside and in, it is hard to regulate temperature between clothing and heat. After my coffee and a snack of cream cheese, homemade red pepper jelly and crackers I was adequately warmed enough to turn the heater off. I published my post and then worked on my puzzle. Hopefully I will finish it tonight. Great progress is being made!

the old CN bridge in Stratford
And last evening on the drive home
The rest of the day went very quiet with one exception. I looked out my window and glanced something light coloured moving along behind the Suite, along the ravine edge. When I focused on it, I realized it was a coyote OR what we commonly call a ‘coy dog’ up here. We hear them sometimes at night and the other day I heard them at 6 in the morning. I’ve never seen one up here and it freaked me but intrigued me at the same time. I moved slightly and reached for my small Canon but with his sharp hearing, he must’ve heard movement, even inside the rv. 

Jamie working on the change machine for a customer
and Bill sitting on the pop machine to mask the last corner for the checkerboard

He sped up and trotted down the corral hill. All I could capture was a blurred photo as he disappeared down the lane and who knows where. I sure wish I'd been able to get a good picture. He was very interesting but oh, my goodness! I didn’t want to have to worry about them wandering around as I’m working outside in the garden or walking down the lane. I hope this was just a fluke.

Jamie moved around and painted touchups and some of  the hard to get areas
behind the washers
Working steadily at the puzzle, putting pieces in groups according to their shapes made things much easier and I worked quicker. With only about 40 pieces left, I stopped and sat in my recliner with the tv on. It was 3:30 and I hadn’t heard from Bill yet so he had to still be working. He walked in the door at 20 after 4, looking tired but happy. He figures probably 8 more hours and they’ll be done. That would be good as we have a commitment on Wednesday and company coming Friday to Saturday.

Laundry done and ready to go home
We sat together and caught up on the day and I was happy to hear that he was able to get in touch with Peggy at CanAm. She will look into the situation regarding our microwave oven. At 5:30, I got 2 potatoes out and thawed 4 haddock filets. 4 because they are filets and filets are so thin. They didn’t have loins at Costco, unfortunately, which are our preference. Bill cut the potatoes into French fries and I boiled our last 2 cobs of corn. The air fryer was put to good use and cooked up the fries well. The fish was fried on the stove.

I had a little snack with my coffee
Supper was ready to eat just after 6 and it was delicious! We took care of the dishes and because we’ve had a closet door come apart on us, Bill took it off the hinges to take it down to the Hangar for gluing. 

It has been getting worse over the past week and finally today, dropped on me. I hope this doesn’t mean that there is one more thing to go wrong in the Suite. Ssssh! I caught up on my post and after publishing it, I finished the puzzle.

Soon after taking this picture, I realized that all I had to do was shift the middle and it came
together better
and another nice supper
It has been a steadily cloudy, misty, rainy day but not too bad in the temperature department. I’m just happy that we didn’t have this weather yesterday. I was lazy for a lot of this day but don’t feel an inch of guilt for it. I hope you had a wonderful day in your world.

And here was today's excitement
Good night everyone

Thank you for your visit!


  1. The laundry mat looks great and that is a neat puzzle you are doing.

  2. Another good productive day keeping yourselves busy as usual, enjoy you company on the weekend.

  3. I do love finding the critters and pepper jelly!!! That's a lot of work, doing checkerboard at the Mat. Sure looks nice. How wonderful to have a handyman around the house to fix things.

    1. Seeing the coyote was freaky but interesting too.
      a lot of work at the Mat but they had fun doing it :)

  4. The mat looks fantastic! How fun company again! The coy dog was a little too close for comfort..glad you were inside! Dinner looks tasty too!

    1. Thank you, our last company of the season. Coy dog definitely too close for comfort!

  5. Wow, the coyote was certainly close. At least you got a photo, the coyote I saw the other day moved too quickly for me.

    1. During the day I was very surprised to see him at all let alone as close as he was. I'm sure he wouldn't have come had I been outside. He's more scared of me, everyone says. :)