Saturday, September 7, 2019

Another Unpredictable Day, Jell-O, Mom

The Ridge
On Saturday, Sept. 7th I woke up a couple of times, early morning. Bill was on his back and snoring up a storm so I rolled over again and went back to sleep. With my ear plugs, I can do that. It was 6:15 when I woke next and felt quite awake so slipped out of bed and got dressed for work. Because it was still quite dark, I waited until 6:45 before driving into Durham.

Things you find in the lint trays
The Mat was open (unlocked) since it was 7 am when I arrived but no one showed up for the whole hour I was there. You never know what you’ll find in there. The recycling signs seem to be working pretty good but do you really need to remind people to empty their pockets? Actually, I’d rather not because I found 30¢ today. I also found nails, long nails in the lint tray BUT also in the dryers. Jammed in the holes, causing the drum not to turn. Good grief!

You can see what I was up against

And unfortunately, as the drum turns, the sharp
point digs into the wall
I managed to work away at it and get them out but that could screw someone’s load up for sure. When I left there, I dropped our 2 Stuart Woods books off across the street at the private book drop box and then stopped at Foodland to pick up some heavy cream. 

The good news is that the fly sticker thingys work well
Only a couple of flies buzzing around
Back home, I made my tea and finished mixing up the cream part for Creamy Jell-o. I did it a bit different today, not blending the cream/cheese into the Jell-o. Instead, I just stirred it in and it made it a little chunkier.

I was surprised on the way home that fog made an appearance

Then around 10 I made Bill his bacon and eggs and I got cleaned up to go see Mom at 11:15. When I arrived, the nurse told me she had fallen again this morning. A common occurrence in there, not just Mom, but about 8 had fallen since last night. They have to report it to family so she filled me in on the details of Mom’s blood pressure, heart rate etc. No injury and she didn’t even remember so all is good.

It was quite thick on Baptist Church Road as I got closer to home
She was sleeping again in the room by the nurse station and I couldn’t get her to wake up enough for a decent visit. I sat with her and tried a few times but she said she could see me without opening her eyes. Oh dear. So, I sat there for 20 minutes before patting her knee and walking out. I know she was okay, because she spoke to me and smiled before dropping off to sleep again. It struck me again how aged she is appearing these days, especially in her slumber.

A generic brand and they work great for us
I went to the I.D.A. Pharmacy to pick up some back pain medication that seems to work for Bill and lucked out. Instead of $13.99 for 18 tablets, they were on sale for $5.99 so I grabbed 2 boxes. He doesn’t give in and take them often but they do work on occasion and they are nice to have. 

Coming home from seeing Mom, the sky looked promising

I watched these cows bee-line (do cows bee-line?) to the apple tree
for their snack
Back home, I decided I’d better eat so warmed up the last sealer jar of my homemade tomato soup. I made it last September and it turned out quite nice. It had to come out of the freezer – you know why.

Lots of desserts right there
After dishes, Jamie came out to pay me for my 2 weeks work and talk to Bill about starting the job of painting the interior of the Laundromat. I’ll stay out of that equation, not much for washing walls and painting. I did offer that Bill and I pick up the cleaning materials and tape for masking off around things. Jamie is probably busier than us right now so we can use my connection to his account at the hardware store to get started. It is planned that they meet Tuesday at 8 am.

My soup was good
When he left, Bill had awee doze and I sat beside him with my book. He wanted to get the Telemaster outside again but the weather was too 'iffy'. The clouds are breaking up a bit now after a full morning of fog, dark clouds, light rain and even darker clouds. We can actually see some blue sky. The winds are high enough making for a mediocre day. Not too warm but pleasant enough to do things outside if you wanted to. Bill went down and sanded the hitch/tow bars on his cargo trailer.

My finger isn't too bad after all
While he was outside spraying primer on the bars, I read quite a few chapters in my book and then bagged a gift for the bridal shower I’m going to tomorrow. After making myself a nice creamy tea, it was time to address my toe nails. When I took the bandaid off my finger after work today, I was pleasantly surprised that it was only my finger that appears cut and bruised. My nail will look fine and shouldn't blacken. At least it isn’t hurting now. I was just wimpy yesterday.

He loves me he loves me not
I think he loves me!
Speaking of nails, I needed to trim my toe nails as I mentioned above and then touch up the polish. When I commented on how I understood older people getting pedicures (something I’ve yet to have) Bill joked that all I needed to do was ask him to do them (like I do his). The position for my lower back doing my own is very uncomfortable, the older I get. So, I handed him the polish to do them for me. 😊 So, he did! Then I did my finger nails and finished them with a top coat shine.

I'm surprised that I haven't bumped them yet!
I'd sat for at least half hour so my nails were completely dry. At 6 o’clock, I began supper. An easy meal of leftover meatloaf and some hash browns with mixed vegetables fried on the stove. Now that I finished making the Creamy Jell-o, we had a dish for dessert. It was 7 when we’d cleaned up everything and were able to continue relaxing for the remainder of the evening. I wanted to get my blog published so I could get back into my exciting book!

And another change in the sky
 This was a good day. I was a little disappointed that my visit with Mom didn’t quite pan out but at least I saw her and that warms my heart anyway. The sun poked through off and on all day but mostly off. Along the horizon to the east, north and even the west, there appears to be light just in time for it to get dark for the evening. Crazy weather!

I couldn't eat all of my meatloaf so Bill helped
Good night y'all!
Thank you for your visit today. If you are so inclined to leave a comment, that would be wonderful. Thank you!


  1. Glad to hear your nail wasn't as bad as you originally thought!

  2. Yup cows beeline - they can also be slow as a 7 year itch! Lol.
    They do make a nail hardener. Dries in a minute. Works great.
    It’s sure nice of you guys to help Jamie.

    1. Then that is what the cows did. Laughed at the slow as a 7 year itch comment! :)
      Can you put the nail hardener on top off the regular polish? I need some! it's why I seldom wear nail polish.
      Earning a bit of extra cash is good and Jamie offered.

    2. Yup ... it's clear and goes right over your polish. Dries them really fast. I think they call it a nail sealer and is usually available at the drug store ... probably Walmart like stores also.

  3. Just one thought on your mom....check to make sure they haven't changed any meds without letting someone know. I just finished a really good book...My Mother Your Mother...forget the author but if you can find it was good. I realized that at 89 my mom is doing the best she can and actually doing good. Though you can see the decline your mom is still happy and she has kindness in spades in her life...that was the number one thing in this book.

    1. They did tell Donna that her meds changed recently because of late afternoon and eve depression. I'm sure that's adding to her sleep habits. She is happy, we see the joy in her face when we visit. :) I've written the name down of that book. Thank you, next library vist.

  4. glad you got the books back to a drop off so other people can have the pleasure to read them. ;) Did you do the meatloaf in the instant potÉ

    1. I knew you'd appreciate that act, Lori. Yes, the meatloaf was done in the inner pot in the IP. :)

  5. Nice when a day just comes together with no plans. Getting things done and enjoy some decent weather . Sounds like the mat will be keeping you busy.

    1. It is nice, isn't it? We all have enough days with things on the go go go. The days are nice enough generally with cool nights, so all is good!
      Bill will be busy for a few days this upcoming week. :)

  6. The cool weather is definitely well on its way - it was only 4C here today! A little too cool for the fog but we've had that too.

    I've had pedicures and to be honest, I'm not really a fan. Nice of Bill to do your polish for you.