Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Fix and Repair Day, Clouds and Rain, Some Play Time, Places for Sale

I woke up at 6:30 on Thursday, Feb. 21st and Bill was already up. Clemson was asleep in his place instead of under the covers so I assumed he had already been up once. He jumped off the bed when I got up a few minutes later. Bill said he hadn’t yet been out for his piddle. I came downstairs and made my tea, deciding to take a chance on the weather.

I was surprised to see the clouds breaking up
Our Keurig has started to leak, this is the second morning we’ve woke to find a puddle underneath. Hmmm. Bill cleaned up under it yesterday and today I pulled it out so we could clean it and with any luck get to the root of the problem. It has been good to us, being at least 5 years old and used 3 or 4 times per day, every day. It gets a lot of usage. Someone asked on FB which appliance could you NOT live without. I think this would be our answer.

Looking good!
I’d missed my morning walk yesterday so hoped to get one in before the rain. You can guess at my surprise to see that the clouds were broken in places where some blue patches peeked through. After my brew, I slipped on runners and only my vest (no extra layer required this morning) and went for my walk. Bill was asleep in his chair, after his 5 am rising, with Clem on his lap. The sky was entertaining in all directions but I could sense a sky war in the future. Which would win?

Clouds moving in

The sun was still fighting to stay

I noticed that it was Pool Exercise Day as ladies and men gathered and were bouncing in the warm water. The instructor was calling out various steps. I’ll bet there were at least 25 attendees! I didn’t want to take an obvious picture but I snapped a couple through the fence, as discreetly as I could. When I returned, we started on the Keurig issue with a vinegar rinse and I don’t know what else Bill did to it. Results to follow, this may take longer than we hoped.

Morning Aquatic Class

There was a nice size crowd in there
So, that is two things that have gone awry and I don’t want to think what that even refers to so we won’t go there. The temperature overnight and this morning is a mild 53F/12C and the winds are minimal at 2 mph. By the time I write this, at 8:30, the sky war appears to be over and the brief sunrise and blue sky has lost the battle.

I had no major plans for the day, knowing it would be an inside one for sure. We are still plugged in on the park’s power and our batteries are being charged constantly. We will remain this way until we get home, unless something happens in our favour along the way. 

Up on the hill, this is my favourite back yard
I wonder how often the occupants use it though
After a breakfast of bacon and eggs and dishes, the Keurig spurted after many many trials and spit out a coffee for me. I’m afraid to count on it working later today but for now, I’ll sit and sip. Rob and Pat took a run into Yuma today to see about a diagnostic test on their living room tv. Boy, they are small things for sure, but it seems we are being tested with a lot of electronic issues right now!

There are a lot of park models for sale in these parks
at this time of year

I thought I'd share some
Bill called Peggy at CanAm about our transfer switch and then talked to Al, the tech who knows our Suite. Al confirmed over the phone pretty much what Bill thought had happened. The switch has failed and we now have one on order for when we return. One problem solved. Around 12:30 I walked back to the clubhouse and found 3 people working on puzzles. The peacock, of course, was still unfinished so I accepted the challenge along with Dennis, who doesn’t give up.

There are lots of golf carts
but this is the Cadillac of golf carts
Rob and Bill came back to play a couple of games of pool, I could hear them next door laughing. It was an indoor day for everyone, apparently. At 4, I walked back to the Suite and sat with my crocheting for a while. I took Clemson for a couple of walks through the day. He enjoys the walks around the block and on the right leash it is so much easier.

Another one, their clock needs adjustment though

I made us each a cup of tea and the cleanup job on the Keurig seemed to help and it worked fine. There is a small leakage somewhere underneath so we’re not sure just how long we’ll be able to keep it. At 5:30 I pulled the air fryer out and began cooking fries. When they were done, I steamed some veggies and cooked breaded shrimp. This all sounds well and good but it isn’t the best result simply because you need to keep the fries warm while doing the second step. Hmm.

Okay, I'm done, you get the picture (literally)
Next time, we’ll either have fries OR fish in the fryer and cook the second entrée dish a different way. Nothing worse than having your heart set on a good meal and part of it is cool. Well, Bill got the shrimp that the Olive Garden didn’t have for him yesterday so that was a good thing! We cleaned up dishes and I finished posting on my blog before watching the recorded episode of This is Us. This is one of my very favourite shows.

My supper plate
It has been a good day despite the wetness outside. I hope you didn’t get washed away by rain in your area and had a good day too.

Although I missed the sunset, the sun's reflections on the eastern
clouds show it was still fighting to win
Good night all!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hope you get the issue with the Keurig solved. We all need our brews to get us through the day, don't we. It's probably the same every spring time that people think of selling their trailers after having spent a nice winter down here but they don't want to do it at the beginning of the season. Couldn't tell from the picture if the fries were cool ;-)

    1. Thank you. It works again but there is a definite leak and we can't figure out where. LOL
      You're right, it is probably a constant turn around of property in parks.
      Cute! The fries looked good for sure!

  2. We are considering buying a Keurig. There are so
    many different models. If you buy a new one, which one
    would you buy? Have you cleaned it with the vinegar rinse often?

    1. We love our Keurig and will replace it, no question. It is the 8 cup model but don't know other than that. Sorry.
      We do clean it about 2wice a year, probably should do it more often with this hard water.

  3. Good luck with your repairs , always something to fix It was nice day to do inside things and enjoy a restful day. This is the time of year everyone wants to unload their winter homes, always pretty good prices too.

    1. Thanks George, at least they are mostly small things to repair. :)
      It was a good inside day and the rain wasn't steady or heavy by any means so walking briefly was feasible.
      Tons for sale all over.

  4. I use a Walmart single cup Keurig knock off. It does not have a water reservoir so you have to fill it with the water for a single cup at every use. They sell them for only $10. I even use it for boon docking as it only draws 600 watts, as opposed to 1200 watts for the Keurig.

    1. Hi Peter, yes, we've seen those too. I wouldn't change the kind that we have, we don't mind the 1200 watts as it works well even on our solar. I'm glad they have different models for everyones different needs. :)

  5. I have the same cup-at-a-time model that I never use. It's the microwave for me. If not plugged in, I use the old fashioned method ..... pot on the stove.

    1. The price is right for the Walmart one and the space it takes up. For us, being full-time, wouldn't change what we've got. It's a love relationship. :) haha

  6. We have a Walmart Keurig too. We paid $19. for it but it works well and better than $99. Its small too so good for an rv.

    1. It is a good thing Keurig has various models for all different needs. We love ours and will replace it (if and when we have to) with the same one. It doesn't owe us anything.

  7. Wouldn't it be nice if while you were there the littles homes for sale all had open houses on the same day? Just for fun to go through. Hopefully your Keurig will last a bit longer. Dinner looked yummy!

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking? If I were ever looking to buy, I would have to call each owner up to time that perfectly! :) It would be fun to see them all. There are so many different setups.
      Hoping the Keurig sticks it out until we reach home.

  8. I use the air fryer mostly for fries, onion rings or wedges and do the meat in the oven or frypan.;-). The shrimp looks good though Gerry won't eat it.

    1. I don't have the oven though for breaded shrimp and chicken balls so have to come up with some other plan. :)

  9. I'm really enjoying following your posts! It sounds like a great place to winter, with lots of activities and opportunities to socialize.

    Good luck with the repairs!

    1. Hi there! Thank you Maebeme. Just when I think I must be boring some readers, a new commenter pipes in. I appreciate that very much!
      We are enjoying Yuma, always meeting new people and always lots to do with regular friends who do the same thing.