Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hola Mexico! Puzzle with my Buddy and a Quiet Evening with my Sweetie

After a night of dreams, one very unpleasant one, I woke on Wednesday, Feb. 13th to the sound of Bill’s phone alarm at 6 am. He was up out of bed right away and went downstairs to turn the furnace and hot water heater on. He knew I was going to hop in the shower when I got up. With my shower done, we had our morning drinks and some cereal for breakfast.

This is our morning sky today
We met Rob and Pat at the truck at 8:15 and Bill drove to the Quechan Casino, west of Yuma. The plan was to meet Ken and Kim at 8:45 and yup, there they were. They followed us to the parking lot along the Los Algodones border. This would be their first time crossing into Mexico here and as I’ve said before, it is always nicer to go with friends who have already been. We were all excited to share this morning together.

On I-8 to meet our friends, I love this RV park setting
Back in off the road and surrounded by tall palms
Money was spent, we all found something that we were looking for and then we met at the indoor courtyard restaurant for a real breakfast. None of this toast and cereal stuff, let’s get real. This place was recommended to us and as many times as we’d walked through and past it, we’d never once stopped for a bite to eat. Today, we did and we all thoroughly enjoyed our omelettes.

Ken and Kim followed us to the border
I had the Ranchero and the plate came with a huge omelette, refried beans with melted cheese and Spanish rice. Oh, and toast. We parted ways after we ate and made the trek back to the entrance. 

We're all looking pretty serious here, as we enter Mexico
They muse be listening to the tour guide (Bill)
With a quick stop at the Purple Pharmacy we were pleased to see that the lineup back across the border was not that long. It took us about 20 minutes before we were through the line and on our way back to the truck.

Creative minds
I liked the Ant ferris wheel
Dental, optical, pharmacy?
No matter which way you look, there was no shortage
There is also no shortage of brilliant Mexican colours
We all loved the bright yellow courtyard for brunch
Notice the hanging noose in the tree?
Rob said that is what happened if you don't pay your bill
One to include Rob as well

My mouth still waters when I look at this picture
This was and AWESOME meal for $5
And then we are in the short line to cross back into the U.S.
Back home, Bill and I sat for a while together. He worked on his model and I did some crocheting. Clemson had been sleeping up on the bed and was happy to come downstairs to greet Mom and Dad. At 2, Pat and I walked back to the Clubhouse to work on a puzzle. This was a fun couple of hours too and we walked back home around 4:30.

We watched this Boeing C-17 Globemaster cargo plane circle over us
preparing to land
(it helps to have an airplane enthusiast in the family)

With my camera at the ready, I said come closer please

Closer, please

And he did
He was so big!
Bill turned our electric back on and I started prepping supper around 5. I made up some Cheddar tea biscuits to have along with our leftover meatloaf stew and because there were enough to share, I slipped next door with 4 for Rob and Pat. Just in time for their supper too. We cleaned up dishes and I went for a walk around the park before it got dark.

It's a pretty picture
Bottom right hand corner missing piece, drove Pat crazy
We hope someone found it
Meatloaf stew was wonderful even the second time around
While I caught up on my blog post, Bill turned the tv on and we watched some of the recorded programs from the past couple of nights. We had a great day and look forward to more of the same.
This guy beside the Clubhouse has his place
and birch tree all lit up

When I returned to our street, it was Bingo night
and I got a kick out of the golf car parking zone
Thank you for visiting with us today. Your comments are always appreciated if you care to leave one.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the yellow courtyard, we find the food better there.

    1. Thank you, it is soooo much nicer, we'll go there in the future. Prices are amazing.

  2. What a great day you all had. Breakfast looks really delicious for sure! Dinner looks yummy too!

    1. We had fun with the 'newbies' to Los Algodones. They are quite the world travelers so I'm sure they could show us a thing or two! :)

  3. Glad that you all another nice day in Mexico. It's a fun place to visit with friends. It's nice that you showed us around too. The food did look good.

    1. Hope you are soon feeling better Loree. I was sad to hear you have been under the weather. Sending a big hug!!

  4. That courtyard has some very nice food we ate there once years ago. Always a fun time there in Algodones. Checking our the sites. Always enjoy leftovers like that always seem tastier the second time around.

    1. We love the food there, much better than the other courtyard for sure. More choices that we like.
      It is never a disappointment going to L.A. and usually leftovers work out. :)

  5. I loved that your shirt matched with the yellow. How cute was that? It looks a fun day was had by all and the meal looked awesome. Glad you have a good time. The meatloaf stew looks very much like something we would enjoy. Yummy.

    1. I noticed that when I looked at the picture. Too funny, I blend right in. haha
      We enjoyed ourselves as did the rest of the group. I love that stew and will make it again and again. :)

  6. Your Mexico trip sounds interesting.
    Was wondering, can you fill your prescriptions while there?
    I hear so many people go to dentist there.
    Your stew looks yummy!

    1. Los Algodones is always a fun experience.
      You don't need your prescriptions at all, just the name. We either write it down with the dosage or take a picture on our phones. They will find it and if not exact, a suitable replacement. I get my shingles meds here and save tons. At home for 30 - $130, here for 50 - $8. Not the same name but close and they work just as well. Abreva cold sore cream at home for a 2 gr tube - $20, here called different but $2.99. Crazy! Even his cholesterol meds are here for around $12/30.

  7. Was Bill playing air guitar in the picture going into Mexico? lol You guys will be speaking Spanish soon with all those Mexican visits.