Saturday, February 2, 2019

Necessary Fry’s Run, Winds, Clouds, Sun, Puzzle

I heard Bill getting up around 6 on Saturday, Feb. 2nd but I still felt like snuggling under the covers. It certainly wasn’t because of a cool night, as no heater was necessary last night for sleeping. Even for those of us who are ‘warm’ sleepers. It was 61F when I did get up an hour later. We have a street light right at the back corner of our site, which is nice, but other than that, it was still very dark.

This is looking out our front door
When it lightened up considerably, I headed out in capris, my hoody and vest. What a lovely morning and there were no winds yet. By the time I got ¾ of the way around, I felt a few spits of rain but still trucked on since I had my hood to put up if I needed to. We aren’t sure what kind of day this is going to be but first thing, we need to head into Fry’s for the mainstays that we are either out of or soon to be out of.

Clouds made for a darker morning but the camera flash
made it darker still
When I returned, Bill was outside setting Weber up and putting our solar lights out around our patio. We both walked over to check on Pat around 8 to hear that she was a wee bit better but still not over the earache. I’d tried offering a few suggestions but she really needed some good ear drops and probably just more rest, out of the wind. We agreed with Rob to meet in an hour to go shopping.

My oatmeal

Bill's poached eggs
I warmed up a cup of steel cut oatmeal for myself and made Bill a couple of poached eggs on his last 2 crusts of bread. Hard times!!! Bread was on the list. Rob rode into town with us and we all got the basics today. A commenter on yesterday’s post reminded me that Wednesday is Senior’s Day so we’ll all go in and really stock up.

Pretty things on my walk this morning

Some trees are so 'shapely'

At the back corner of the park, there is an upper level
I'm looking down over the lower homes
As it says - "Humbug"
I made myself a coffee when we returned and got the vacuum out. The Suite needed a good cleaning so all floors got spiffed up. Tough life, it took all of 10 minutes. I joined Bill outside with my book and we talked shop. You know, finances, shopping and things to do this week. Rob popped over on his way for a walk and we discussed the typical park wifi woes. We have been good using our hotspot, that we’re not fretting about the poor connection. Maybe in the clubhouse and office area it is better.

Truer words were never spoken?
The thought crossed my mind to hit the pool and hot tub this afternoon but with the winds and clouds, it isn’t appealing to me so much now. Rob told me that there were 2 puzzles on the go in the clubhouse so that was my afternoon plan. I don’t know how I missed them when I was out for my walks but I’d certainly take advantage! Soon after, I took my phone and a bottle of water and walked back to the Clubhouse by the pool.

The seating area at the pool for happy hours
or for listening to the afternoon music

A better picture of the pool without any occupants

Dog park for Clemson if he could ever stop sniffing long enough
to enjoy it! haha
There were 2 tables each with an ongoing puzzle. One was very tough looking but it was unattended. The other one was child’s play and an older man was working on it while his wife sat waiting. I appreciate that because of Mom who can now only feel confident working on smaller puzzles with larger pieces. Kudos to her at 92! I worked on it alone and then with another pleasant lady for a while before heading for home a couple of hours later.

Shuffleboard, Curling, Pickle ball courts
 I felt completely comfortable and had a view looking out the windows to the pool. There was non-activity for the first hour and then when the sun made more frequent appearances, there were about 10 people either in the water or on lounge chairs. Bill knew where I was and he encouraged me to stay as long as I wanted. His cold was making him very drowsy and he was spending the afternoon reading and dozing. The perfect day for it!

Putting practice and horseshoes
When I returned, I joined him in my recliner and we both read and dozed. I took Clemson for a long windy walk around the block feeling completely wind-blown by the time we got back. The winds had been gusting to 26 mph over the last hour and our Suite was rocking on occasion. At 5:45 Bill lit the Weber Q and began grilling farmer’s sausage for supper. It was a slap-it-together supper tonight. He wasn’t overly hungry with the cold and we didn’t want potatoes again.

Pussy-muck as Bill calls this type of supper
He had toast, I avoided the extra carbs tonight
I opened 2 cans, something I seldom do unless we’re having chili. Brown beans and diced tomatoes. I made a couple of pieces of toast for Bill because ‘stuff a cold, starve a fever’ has been well rehearsed over my growing years. It wasn’t fancy but it tasted good and it was indeed fast. We were finished eating and dishes before 7. I plugged away at finishing my post before we sat and relaxed for the evening. We had programs to watch that were recorded on our PVR.

It certainly wasn't a desert sunset tonight
Good night from Sundance
It has been a good first day in the park and we look forward to many more. I hope you’ve had a good day too.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Tell Pat to try a bit of cotton in her ear on windy days. Bill's a trooper out there cooking in the wind with a man cold. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day. Keep on enjoying!!

    1. Thanks Deb. I suggested that on Friday night after supper. She said that helped. But for when she's outside it wouldn't hurt either.
      I asked Bill if he was bbq'ing in the wind and yup, he trooped through it. Luckily sausage only takes 15 minutes. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a some what similar day weather wise. The wind was with us and the rain joined the party around 5:30. Sorry to hear Pat's earache is still with her and Bill has a cold never fun to not feel well. Hopefully, they both will be feeling better soon.
    Looking at your pictures it looks like you have some great spots and are in a very nice park. Enjoy!

    1. We figured our weather was about the same. The morning spits didn't amount to anything but it did rain after supper for a while.
      There is certainly lots to do here once we could get these two feeling better.

  3. A nice park and the area around the pool is nice we went for HH and some music when we were there, but there was not seats left. Hope Pat and Bill are soon feeling better.

    1. Looking forward to spending time back at the pool.
      Thanks George.

  4. You've got to love those full hookups!! Nice park ... I LOVE the doggie park!! Yup a piece of cotton in the ear helps in the wind.

    1. We do love the hookups after 2 1/2 weeks dry. The doggie park looks like a fun romping area for pooches.

  5. There seems to be a lot of areas for activity if people want to get involved. The pool looks really inviting! I would likely spend some time at the putting green and the horseshoe pits as well ;-).

    1. Lots to do and we'll get there when these two are feeling better.
      The pool is lovely and huge hot tub! I figured you would like the putting green, I'll have to try it too. :)

  6. Last week they had karaoke here at the park. While we were there my friend and I enjoyed working on a puzzle. I love doing them. We stay so busy and when we aren't I try to take advantage of a little cleaning and taking care of things around here. I hope Bill and Pat feel better soon. Earaches are no fun - had lots of them as a child. My sister just asked me if I could get ear drops for that purpose in MX, but I haven't checked that out yet. Something to think about if you are close enough to go over.

    1. There is karaoke on Saturday nights but we're not keen on them. Especially if we have to pay to get in!
      I'll mention to Rob and Pat about ear drops in Mexico, we're going tomorrow for dental work.

  7. If you buy an Instant Pot you will love how it easy it is to make Steel Cut Oats, you dump everything in the pot and walk away, three minutes later, plus time for the steam to naturally release, and they are done!

  8. Welcome back to Yuma. Enjoy your visit.
    Your blurker from last year. Vickie
    Not sure blurker spelled correctly.