Thursday, February 7, 2019

A New Puppy? Or a Fresh New Look?

When we woke up on Thursday, Feb. 7th, we had one thought in mind. Clemson. Today was all about our little guy. We had made an appointment at Southwest Exchange to get him groomed. Bathed, nails, ears, clipped. He has been told every day since we did this but it didn’t seem to be sinking in. Bill and I were up before 7 and I had been out for my walk before he moved out of the bed. Not excited at all.

This view is from up on the top level
These guys have the best view of the sunrise
I showered when I returned, and we had poached eggs on toast for breakfast. That was nice. At 9:15 we all 3 hopped in Black Beauty and drove to the groomers on S. Frontage Road for 9:40. We dropped Clemson in at Pooch Parlor and wandered through their very busy store. I found a couple of bath poufs, of which we use and can always use more when they are the good ones on for a good price. I also found a kitchen tool that I’ve wanted but couldn’t locate. An apple slicer/corer. I love it!

Still finding cool things on my walks
Recognize Woody and Cowgirl Jessie
from Toy Story 3?
What a view from up here, across the rooftops
We went out to the truck and Bill read his book and I chose to crochet. We passed the next couple of hours like this in between popping in to check on our little guy. There was a window across the hall from the lady’s washroom and we could see him throughout most of the process. When we explained his last experience at a Pet Smart, the barking and discomfort from the blow dryer, they offered to put him in a cage with a fan after his bath instead. Perfect! They care.

Indiantree Spurge

What a weird looking tree
and apparently bad news for your skin
We could see that from the window, plus his grooming, and his mid-cut break. Because of his age, they do it in stages and we really appreciated that a lot. At the end, he looked cute as could be. He also looked about 3 lbs. lighter! We had brought his sweater along because we knew he’d be cold but with the heat rising the way it 
was, I didn’t bother putting it on. Let’s let him test the waters first in his new coat.

The Pooch Parlor at S/W Exchange
My best boys
before the haircut
This is how they got Clemson dry after his bath
a nice gentle warm fan
When we got home, I cut an apple with my new toy and we shared it with a coffee. 
Then I rode my bike up to the Clubhouse. The laundromat was busy, 3 washers free but the rest full and dryers as well. We had considered doing our laundry but it wasn’t imperative today. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. I stuck around though and Robin and I began a new challenging 1000-piece puzzle. I enjoy sharing the time with her and today we shared more about ourselves.

He was being such a good boy for her
The time zipped by and when she left at 3:30 for her workout in the gym, I also hopped on my bike for home. We got the border done at least and some of the other pieces. Rob and Pat had just returned home from a morning out so we got together at their place for Happy Hour. Everyone is finally feeling better and my tickly throat hasn’t amounted to much other than the occasional cough. I’m still gargling with salt and taking Advil and cough syrup when necessary.

We got a chuckle out of this parking job
Well, he was handicapped but my goodness!
And our skinny little guy looks
like a puppy again

When he looks at us, we fall in love again
Just like the sign says
(reference: Jerry Maquire)
We came home for supper around 5:30 and Bill lit the Weber and turned our power back on. I wanted to do the ‘test’ process on my Instant Pot as directed in the manual. At least we know it works that way. I searched for recipes on line today and joined a couple of the FB clubs for Instant Pots. There are a lot of helpful tips as well as recipes available.

Voila! Worth the $3
Our yummy Richards' burger
Bill grilled us a bacon, cheeseburger tonight and it was absolutely delicious! I was hungry enough to chew on my arm, but it was still delicious. After dishes, we watched some tv together while Bill worked on his model and I caught up on here. 

Today, it was all about Clemmy
This was a good day with much less wind that what we had yesterday. There were a lot of people at the pool too so the days are warming up again. Thank goodness. The rest of the evening was relaxing with our books and/or hobbies. I hope you’ve had a great day too.

This picture from first thing this morning
as the sun rises over our Suite and Silverback
Goodnight all
Thank you for visiting my blog today. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. What a difference a hair cut makes. He looks so different. Still cute of course!! Always nice when folks care about our pets as much as we do and take the time to do the little things that count.
    Interesting things one can find on a walk if we only look. Keep on having fun!

    1. He was overdue for the cut at 3 1/2 mths! It really changes his appearance. :)
      I enjoy my walk discoveries just like you do, although different.

  2. Glad to hear you found a place that took good care of your Clemson. It is hard to understand though how he could not be excited about a "spa day" That warm air fan after a bath sounds pretty nice.
    That is a weird looking tree. Pretty colors though.
    Nice Valentine's Day gift, enjoy your Instant Pot.

    1. Thanks Deb, happy pup, happy life. :)
      Oh, and the 'wife' is also happy with her Instant Pot.

  3. I like your apple thing a ma jig. You got a good buy too.

    1. thanks, I used to have one but it got lost in the purging shuffle obviously. :)

  4. Clemson looks pretty spiffy.
    Love my apple corer/ slicer sure makes easting an apple easy, have had it for years.

    1. Yes he does!
      I must have purged mine as I couldn't find it. We'll eat more apples now, both of us. :)

  5. Awwww he's such a pretty boy!! I wish I could get Cooper cut, but it always seems to be a traumatic event. LOVE the apple corer!!

    1. Clemson says thank you, Nancy!
      We were worried because of his hearing and balance issues but they said he did great. :)

  6. You must have sent your high winds here...we have gusts up to 90kph as well as snow flurries.

    1. Sorry, sis! Didn't mean to do that, you've had enough crap weather. I just knew we didn't want them, it has been a weird winter for us too.

    2. I am glad that the Suite isn't up on the Ridge though!

  7. Clemson looks adorable! That was a lot of hair cut off the boy! Beautiful colors on that Indiantree Spurge! The burger looks delicious, thinking I'm going to have one soon!

  8. Glad that you are all feeling better. Clemson looks very sweet.
    Could I have the number for the pooch parlour please. Ron is celebrating a birthday today and we leave for Pilot Knob tomorrow.