Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Morning After, Route Planning, RC Flying, Pool Dip, Surprise Company

When I woke up on Sunday, Feb. 10th, it was 6:30 and Bill had just nicely risen, I think. I rolled over for another half hour of shut eye but it was merely a rest. I remained awake. I got up at 7 and joined Bill downstairs while he drank his coffee. He began filling our pill cases and I chuckled, thinking ‘we’ve turned into our parents’. Not really, we only take daily vitamins.

2 for you, 2 for me
I had a blog post to finish so worked at that and then around 8 I went for my walk.  Nothing exciting to report today, it was later and I didn’t get the pretty sunrise photos that I’m used to seeing. The good news is that the sky was clear and we were in for a sunny day. With a forecast of some 6 to 12 mph winds and a high of 65F/19C, we were in for a pretty nice day. It started out calm and I had a nice walk. I didn't get a picture but I saw a new sign "I make wine disappear, what's your magic trick?"

The sun was already bursting, way ahead of me today
After getting back and making breakfast, we walked over to visit Rob and Pat for a 'chat'. Every time we mention a ‘chat’ to Pat, she starts wondering what we’re up to. I guess we need to word it differently because we basically just wanted to re-touch on our route plans for heading home. Things have changed over the last few days from a week ago. We pinned a few more ‘possibles’ on our calendars and some were changed into ‘probables’ with ‘definites’  still hanging in the balance.

I still haven't tried this little putting field
Back home, I set about making up Jell-o dishes and did a bit of crocheting. Bill and Rob took a drive to the Yuma Airmodelers air field for a couple of hours. They enjoyed some great planes and even better flyers. Bill said Rob really enjoyed the entertainment. At 1:30 I took a walk up to the pool since I hadn’t been in for a few days. The pool area was packed but I found an empty lounge chair and settled back near the seating area, facing the sun.
View from the Upper level
with palm trees and mountains off in the distance
The water is so warm but alone, I just swam around for about 10 minutes before getting out and stretching out on the chair. The wind gave me the chills but the sun was so nice. At 2:00, I flipped over to dry the backside of my suit and I got a text from Ken and Kim saying they were in the area. “Yes, come for a visit!".  At 2:30 I was dry enough to walk back home. They arrived a few minutes later.

Creamy lime Jell-o
Sugar and carb free
It was so nice to see them! We set chairs out on the west side of the Suite and all 6 of us enjoyed a good couple of hours. I guess it turned into Happy Hour, really our first real outdoor one since we’ve arrived here. They said goodbye around 5 with promises to see them either tomorrow night at Pilot Knob or at least on Wednesday. What a nice couple they are, we are all so glad to have made their acquaintance this winter.

Yay! We were so happy to see these guys again
on their way home from the Market
Pat, Bill, Kim, Ken and Rob
We’d decided on a simpler supper than originally planned mainly because the pork tenderloin was not completely thawed. Poor planning there. So, instead we turned the switch on to electric power and I preheated the air fryer for fries and pork meatballs. At 5:30, things began to cook. Rob popped over with a couple of chicken wings that Pat had cooked in their air fryer. They were very hot (to the touch) but they were very good!

Bill - a thorn between 2 roses?
Pat and Kim
Supper was ready shortly after 6 and Bill gave the fries a thumbs up. Woops, forgot the picture! We were hungry. The meatballs were good too and we had a nice easy clean up. We shared a couple of meatballs with our neighbours. 😊 After dishes, I focused on finishing my blog so I could either sit and crochet or read before I got too tired. It was a nice day today in the sun, some at the pool and some at home.

A picture from last night
4 friends toasting to another fun evening
and into our 4th month together
There is nothing on tv worth watching tonight again, so we spent a quiet night together. I hope you had a good day. Thank you for the visit today.


  1. Glad you had an Enjoyable day with a surprise visit from Kim and Ken.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this beautiful weather.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys. Always nice to see Kim and Ken and get to know them better.

  2. It was a very nice sunny day and a nice visit from Kim and Ken as well. Continue to keep having fun.

    1. It was a great day and a visit from K & K topped it off for Happy Hour.

  3. Kim and Ken are a great couple, glad they stopped by and sounds like you get to see them again! We're hoping to see you in the next few days too! Sounds like a great day!

    1. Yes, they are, we are fortunate to have met them.
      Looking forward to seeing you as well for a visit. Other than tomorrow, we are free this week, just let us know!

  4. Wonderful to see your new friends again. The jello looks yummy! Happy 4th month together, it seems you are all having a wonderful time. Enjoy!!

    1. Yes, it was great to see them again. The Jello is a nice easy treat.
      We are continuing to enjoy the companionship of our travel buddies. :)

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying your air fryer. I have some onion rings to try...have you ever done that? We have sunshine here as well but -6 C us not pool weather! ;-)

    1. I do like the air fryer, 2 new appliances, need to get rid of something. :)
      No, haven't done onion rings, not a favourite for Bill so not worth making them. I'm sure they'll be great. Google the length of time to cook or start with less and add time.
      Chilly winds here dampen the pool mood here too but not -6!