Monday, February 25, 2019

Dash to Fry’s and Goodwill, Sunbathing Day, Busy TV Night

On Monday, Feb. 25th we got up together around 6:30, all 3 of us. Clemson went back to bed for a little while after his piddle and at 7 I slipped out for a walk. 

Hello Monday - looking to the southwest
But the sun also rises
I got distracted at the Dog Park when I saw 9 pooches running around. Some were playing, having fun, others were barking and having no part of it. It was cute watching a couple of them as they greeted each ‘new’ friend. Even in the dog world ‘there are no strangers. They are only friends who they haven’t met yet’.

This was one of 'twins' having the most fun

It was hard to catch them, they were enjoying themselves

Told ya! Twins!
I moved on to continue on my walk and once more I got distracted by going into the puzzle room and pool area. The way the sun reflects on the water is so pretty and for the first time, there was no one in the pool or the hot tub so I felt comfortable taking pictures. I had to stop and check on the peacock puzzle since we hadn’t been back for a couple of days. It was finished as was another nice one that I would have enjoyed working on. The only one left unfinished was a Disney one of about 250 pcs. Seriously?

Someone finished it - phew!!
I'm just pleased that I contributed to such a challenging puzzle

I would have enjoyed helping out with this one
but it was done quickly

With a stop in the Card Room, I perused their books with a more casual eye than I did on my first visit. I found 4 books that we haven’t read so brought them back. 

It was so peaceful at the pool this morning with no one claiming the still waters
except the sun
At home, I went through our cupboard and sorted through the ones that I’ve read and determined which ones Bill likely won’t read. That gave me 3 books that I can take back up this afternoon in exchange. We got cleaned up and I bagged up the rice cooker and Bill’s clothes along with my old beach towel. Still in great condition.

From the outside looking into the puzzle room
a place where I've spent a fair bit of time
Bill and I drove into CVS where we were able to use the Allpoint ATM. We are so happy to have found these machines as with some rough calculation, we probably save between $7 - $10/month and $35 - $50/winter. That is a big chunk out of our pocket. After getting some cash, we drove down the road to Fry’s and took advantage of our fuel points. The price of diesel at the Chevron was $2.79/gal, Flying “J” was $3.33/gal and Fry’s was $2.67/gal. We had .20¢/gal built up so got it for $2.47/gal. Just from buying groceries!

Today's selection
A good breakfast this morning
Now that is two things worth smiling about! Our last stop was at the Goodwill Store on S. Frontage Rd, just around the corner to drop off the 3 bags. While Bill found a parking spot, I took quick walk in the store (quick is right, I was in and out within 10 minutes!) to look for one thing in particular. It is a beautiful store and I would have loved to poke around more but with Bill waiting, I am never comfortable doing that. We returned home just before 11, in time to grab a coffee before the timer on our Keurig kicked off.

It was supposed to be a full sun day
Hmmm, what went wrong?
I had 3 of Murray’s Sugar Free cookies left so I had those. Bill prefers his Nutter Butters. The clouds were changing my mind about going to the pool. It is mainly for the sun that I like to go. I like my brief swim/float around and then I like to sit out and read. The temperature is certainly warm enough at 67F/19C with low 2 mph winds but we’ll see. I may just walk up to the puzzle room and then I may just sit outside here with my book.

This little ball is our baby, and this is where he remained from
7:30 until 2:30

Our little boy is in his sweater, wrapped in his blanket
in the sun
Rob and Pat went into town before us this morning and by 12:45 they weren’t back yet so I might just wait for her and then decide about the afternoon activity. When Bill sat back in his chair with his book and soon dropped off, I made my decision. It was 1 o’clock and that sun was fighting for control with the clouds again. This goes on often this winter. However, it reached 70F and I grabbed my book and crocheting bag and walked back.

Although I didn't swim, I enjoyed my time at the pool
The 3 puzzles were finished, no new ones started, so I walked to the pool and snagged a lounge chair. There were only 3 empty chairs, placed close to someone else. I chose one where the people beside me were more into soaking up sun, reading or sleeping than chatting. Because that was what I wanted to do too. I hadn’t put my bathing suit on, I wasn’t into swimming just relaxing in the warmth. It was an hour and a half later when I walked back.

And the sun won control a few times
Bill was sitting outside on the patio reading and greeted me with a smile. I asked about our little boy but Bill said he still hadn’t moved off the couch. When he woke through the night, he sneezed 8 or 9 times and then 3 or 4 times this morning when he got up at 6:30. Oh-oh. We know dogs can get colds too and when he hopped up on the couch, shivering even after I put his wool sweater on, we assumed he had caught a chill.

A nice supper tonight
Rob moved his truck as instructed to
 Bill covered him in his blanket before we left at 10 am and when we returned and for the rest of the morning and until I came back from the pool, he remained there, sound asleep. It was 2:45 when he went for a walk around the block with me (in his sweater) and had his supper just as late. He seems to be feeling somewhat better and no more sneezing. Even though it is warm to us, we will leave his sweater on overnight.

Bill moved Black Beauty as well
We joined Pat and Rob between the sites at 3 and caught up from the day at Happy Hour. While sitting there, one of the staff came around and asked the boys to move their trucks to the front of our units. There is an event here tonight, a Tribute to Chicago and 400 people are attending. They need the room to park so at 5 Rob and Bill took care of that before starting supper. We had barbecued Italian sausage with salad and leftover dressing.

and I caught the sunset tonight
 After dishes, we started watching our Monday night programs. First, we watched the premier episode of The Voice while recording Magnum PI. This has been a great day. The weather has turned around for us and we got a couple of things taken care of and crossed off our list for this last week. I hope you had a good one too.

Good night all!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Hope Clemson feels better soon. It sounds like a nice day, soaking up some rays is always nice!!!! Keep on having fun!

  2. My pups spend at least 8-9 hours a day sleeping on the couch. They usually wake up around 3-4:00 for food and play. Hope Clemson is feeling up to par soon. It kills me when they feel bad!!
    Wish I could soak up some warm with you!! The pool and sun look very relaxing!!

    1. Yes, he sleeps a lot too. He was shivering and sneezing a lot so we bundled him good. :)

  3. Gotta be liking the warming up weather now, keep enjoying it as we will too.

  4. Hope Clemson is better soon..poor little guy! Busy day, glad you got to spend some time soaking up some rays! Weather sounds wonderful. Dinner looked yummy too!

    1. Thanks, he has warmed up finally. It is 70+ so he needed to! :)