Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Los Algodones – Last Trip for Me, New Cake Recipe, Happy Birthday, Buddy!

I woke early on Tuesday, Feb. 26th and noticed that Bill was up and lights were on downstairs. It wasn’t even 5 am yet but all he was doing was turning the heater on low and turning the hot water heater on. We had a busy morning and time was of the essence. Bill came back to bed until 6:30 when we got up together. Clemson remained where he was, snug under the covers.

Well, now isn't that pretty?
I skipped my morning walk, instead reading blogs then hopping in the shower first, before having my tea. Our Canada Pension Plan deposits arrived in the bank overnight so Bill worked on our banking. He had his shower after me and we each had a piece of toast with jam for breakfast. I finally finished the Aljoe’s homemade rhubarb strawberry jam. I made it last as long as I could and later returned the empty jar.

Mexican workers hard at it in the field
Bill and I left in Black Beauty at 8:10 for Los Algodones but took a detour first of our own choosing. We stopped at CVS and withdrew some spending $ to take care of a few things today. When we arrived at the border and parked in the $6 lot, we walked first to the Yellow Courtyard (my own name for it). I wanted to choose something kind of ‘perfect’ for our buddy. Pat was celebrating a birthday today and this was the perfect opportunity to find something special. Usually we are all together in Mexico which poses a problem when trying to surprise someone.

Green and purple vegetation
Must be lettuce
After I found it, It kind of jumped out at me once I started looking, we each got a 10-minute haircut. Bill’s cost $4 + tip and mine $5 + tip. It doesn’t matter that I only wanted an inch trimmed on my hair but what does matter is that the $5 sure beats the $18-$20 I’d pay back home for the same cut. We were both happy and made it to Dr. Eva Urena’s office by 9:25 for Bill’s appointment at 9:30. Rob and Pat were already there, he had an 8:30 appointment. They were out of there by 9:45.

Yesterday I began 'the cake'
It is a Tres de Leche (3 milk cake)
We first tasted one at Ridgeview RV Park and loved it
Step 2 was to pour and soak it in the 3 milk blend
filling holes and cracks - LOTS of liquid
And when cooled, mix the topping and ice
It was unfortunate for Bill that Dr. Urena had just returned yesterday from a week’s vacation. Unfortunate because, she had so many patients that it put her an hour behind schedule. We hadn’t counted on that but at the same time, we were happy that we took care of the shopping and hair cuts pre-appointment. I waited inside the office with Bill until just after 10 and then took my book outside and read in the sun on her beautiful courtyard patio. He will have to return with Rob on Thursday for the final work. Almost done for this year!

another picture of Dr. Urena's outdoor waiting area
Finally, around 11 Bill came out and we walked back to the Purple Pharmacy where I bought some more shingles medication ($7.99/50) and Omega 3 capsules ($5.44/60!). With a quick price check in the Liquor store side of the Purple store, we got in the 'busy enough' line to cross back into the U.S. It was 11:30. We chatted with other travelers from Oakville, Ontario and the wait time moved much quicker. 

I picked up 2 more bottles of Shingles meds and when we discovered 60
capsules were so cheap, I bought 2 Omega 3's
Bill and I both take these and had run out a month ago
It was funny to me to see that our Border Guard was the same one I had last time. So serious until I asked him ‘how are you today?’ His answer was ‘I’m working at “joyful” today’. Priceless, I enjoy his humor as he ‘tried to keep a poker face offer.’. We were through within half an hour which we didn't figure was too bad around the noon hour. A lot of visitors are doing the same thing. Getting the last dental work taken care of, hair cuts, glasses, shopping and one last Mexican meal before getting outta Dodge.

Not a complaint but Bill and I had the A/C on for our drive home
We walked back to the truck and when we got our phones back on, Pat had texted to let me know that our little boy was with them. What a blessing they are and I’m sure a nice visit for Pat on her birthday. They do love Clemson and visa versa. His second parents. We had some errands to do in Yuma so it was great not to have to worry about him especially with the extended time away from home.

He doesn't seem to be any worse for wear in our absence
We stopped at Discount Liquor to stock up on some wine (4 for $10) and Bill's Appleton's rum and then to Sam’s Club to pick up some groceries. We’ll do the remainder of our grocery shopping tomorrow morning at Fry’s. We were tired and ready to get back. We unloaded food, picked up our happy, spoiled pooch and while I had a coffee, Bill had a wee snooze with Clemson. We were expecting Kim and Ken for Happy Hour today.

I sprinkled some shaved chocolate on top and popped the candle in before serving
They had checked in at the sister park next door today for a few days. Taking advantage of a Quartzsite ‘free’ stay coupon like we did last year. We were happy to have them near by again. At 3:15 we gathered next door at the birthday girl’s site for H.H. 

Pat took a BIG breath and blew the candle out
We didn't have to help her :)
After about an hour, Bill and I slipped home to get her birthday cake with one lonely tea candle (it was all I could find in a pinch) for her to blow out. The cake was a hit so I was very pleased about that. Everyone (all my guinea pigs) approved of the result.
Ken and Kim
So nice to see these guys whenever we can
Rob and Pat
We chatted until near 5:30 before saying goodbye for now. Time for supper. Bill grilled 2 chicken thighs for us and inside I made him a salad and some mixed vegetables to share. That was a great filling meal and we shouldn’t need any dessert, since we had it at 4 o’clock. After dishes, we watched FBI and then The Voice. This was a very full day and I’m glad that Clemson let us take his sweater off today. It got over 70F even without full sun. A very nice day.

Pat modelling her new jewellery
Her earrings blend into her blue chair
He was finally warmed up but he seems to be having some breathing issues, off and on. Other than giving him attention and taking him out into the fresh air, there isn’t much we can do. When he is sleeping it doesn’t seem to bother him. It is something we’ll just keep an eye on in the days to come. One last note and that is to wish Pat a very Happy Birthday. We hope you liked your Quintet singing to you in Yuma, Az on your special day.

Supper was good
Thank you everyone for stopping by today. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Another fun busy day and celebrating Pats birthday with a tasty looking cake.

  2. What a busy and wonderful day! I love the necklace/earring set you got for Pat, absolutely beautiful! The cake looks amazing! Birthdays are definitely a day for not being good...yum! Nice that Kim and Ken came to celebrate with you guys! Hope Clemson is better today..poor little guy :( Jealous of the haircut prices for sure!!

    1. We had a great day and i was happy to celebrate with our buddy. Clemson is ok just the strange breathing thing.

  3.'ve got some strange videos popping up on the right sidebar? One is advertising tips for sex over 60..thinking that you didn't put that switches too..There's actually 2 of them one above the other..just fyi..

    1. Yikes!! I don't like the sound of that! Il have to check it on my laptop.

  4. Your cake looks yummy!!! Any trip to Algodones is a good one, especially when you get all your meds for such good prices. Hugs for Clemson!!!

    1. Thankyou. It tasted pretty good too. I think!!
      It was another successful trip to L.A
      Thankyou, Clemson is doing better.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Pat. Beautiful present you gave her, I like it very much. Good you took advantage of all the bargains at Algodones and in town. Makes the trip so worthwhile. Guess you are heading out soon?

    1. My last trip to L.A. was fruitful. We are leaving here Friday.

  6. Thanks Pat for a wonderful birthday cake, you did a great job on it and it taste really good . I absolutely love my birthday gift and will always cherish it . You and Bill made my day feel special . Also thank for the birthday wishes on the above comments .
    It’s always A pleasure having time with Clemson .
    Thanks so much buddy 🌹

  7. It was nice meeting with you yesterday as we waited to cross the border. Safe travels.

    1. Hello and thankyou for your comment. We also enjoyed meeting with both of you.
      Good luck with the arrival of the new grandchild!

  8. Happy Birthday Pat. It looks as if Clemson is right at home with Pat. I'll bet the cake was wonderful, very thoughtful of you to bake it and get her a gift as well. Love the first photo, the sun is an amazing subject to photograph!! Enjoy.

  9. Looks like a real fun, satisfying day. Cake looking yummy.
    You said your purchased Shingles medicine in Mexico.
    Is it a pain pill or something to soothe the pain for someone who
    has Shingles? Our elderly uncle suffers from it and I’d like to know about
    your medicine. Hope you don’t mind sharing info.

    1. Hi Linda, didn't get back on to check later comments. My bad!! :)
      The shingles medicine I get is called Aciclover in Mexico but Famciclover in Canada.
      I get pills and cream but the pills are 400 mg in Mx - at home 250mg.
      The cream is called Zovirax and very expensive at home for a 2 gram tube $130 - here 5 gram for 13.44 but we now buy the Cold sore cream 'Aciclover' again for $2.99. If he has a large amount of shingles, it would take a lot, mine are just loony size doses.
      Sorry, I didn't see this yesterday to answer sooner. Hope that helps.