Sunday, February 3, 2019

Groundhog Back Home, Sunday Brings Wind Relief and Sunny Skies, Pool Day

We were up with Clemson on Sunday, Feb. 3rd at 5:00. Bill first and then when they came inside, he needed a bum wash so I got up to assist. Clem and I went back to bed until 6 when I got up and joined Bill with my tea. Bill doesn’t cough all night and seems to sleep well with this cold. It is when he is sitting up that the sniffles come and plug him up. He takes DayQuil through the day with Vitamin C and the odd XS Advil. There is improvement. Tonight, he'll get the old fashioned Vick's chest and foot rub.
The park streets are long and pretty
Pat, on the other hand,is coping with her ear ache too but not showing much improvement and has difficulty sleeping at night. I went out for my walk around 7:20 after Bill had gone back up to bed. He slept a lot yesterday, off and on, so we believe that is aiding in his recovery. When I returned, he was still in bed, awake but resting, so I hopped in the shower. Then it was time for breakfast, even though early.

Some very elaborate toys
The streets are named after desert plants
We are debating running across the road to see about Pet Grooming, if it is open today. We’ve looked at Google maps to find it but the name isn’t clear so can’t search it. The bottom line is that we need to tend to our little hairy guy. When dishes were cleaned up, we checked in with Rob and Pat to see of their plans before we made any decisions. Rob is taking her to an Urgent Care clinic to get started on some antibiotics. No one wants her unwell during our stay here and meds will take a while to kick in.

Good morning, he said to me as I walked by
Yesterday, our back-home groundhog, Wiarton Willie, didn’t see his shadow so that means spring is supposed to arrive early. I hope so, we want the snow gone come April! I read that Punxsutawney Phil predicted the same in Pennsylvania. How often are these rodent’s predictions correct? I don’t know but you might want to keep your winter clothing handy during the month of March, just in case. Here, in the beautiful state of Arizona, we’ll enjoy the warm weather for our fellow Canadians!

I wasn't sure what was on this cactus

And a close look reveals cluster flowers not yet in bloom

And the sun also rises
Not sure what the puddles were from, we don't think it rained
Use your imagination here
This gazebo is for short people - ha ha
Bill and I drove to try and find the dog groomer just down the road, but they have obviously moved. We drove further to S. Frontage Rd. to Southwest Exchange and made an appointment for Clemson’s groom on Thursday. With some time on our hands, we decided to drive to E. Yuma Palms to the Hobby Lobby. I could buy some yarn and Bill can get some paint for his model. After that drive, we were disappointed to find them closed on Sundays. Never even thought of that! Duh to us!

Sunday morning arrives with gusto
There is a Joann’s Craft store in the same mall location and they are having a store wide closing store. We popped in to check for what we needed and Bill was pleasantly surprised to find the model paints. At a 20% discount, it was a better cost any way than H.L. No yarn for me but we will come back another day. We drove home and took a swing around to the Yuma Flyers model airplane field. No one was flying so we drove home. Bill took a couple of his DayQuil and settled down with his book.

Colourful selfie in front of the Office/Ballroom
I’ve got the itch to either swim, read or go work on the puzzle. Prepared for both scenarios, I dressed for the pool with cover-ups and took my bag with towel, book, water and phone to the clubhouse. Oh! And my pool noodle. First time in a new park is always the most intimidating when I'm alone so I never make any promises to myself. 😊 The day was a nice one though with the temperature rounding 68F and light winds around 3 mph. I had no doubt that I'd be getting in the heated pool. 

This is the puzzle I worked on yesterday
 There were 4 people at the pool but in the 2 hours I was there, that number doubled. People came and left but the original 4 stuck around enjoying the pool, the hot tub and the sun. When I returned back at our site, I noticed that my sweetie had removed my bike out of Black Beauty and she was prepped and ready to ride. Once I’d changed out of my bathing suit, I took a chair to the back of the Suite and sat in the sun for a while longer.
A couple of desktop computers available for guest use

We weren’t interested in the Super Bowl so had no desire to partake in the goings on at the Ballroom, right next door. Once I’d moved inside around 4, I noticed many people going in with their bags of drinks and nibblers. It is good that the park opens up a central location when the sports minded can hang out and have fun. It is almost too nice a day to be indoors but unless they have an outdoor tv, inside it is.

And lo and behold, our Canadian flag flies proud
Rob and Pat returned while I was at the pool but we hadn’t talked to them yet. I know that Pat got some attention and medication for her diagnosis of an ear infection and strep throat. I’m hoping that she soon sees some noticeable improvements. I want my puzzle buddy back! So, at 5 I texted to see how they were doing, specifically how Pat was. She answered in the positive, noting that she at least wasn’t any worse so we invited ourselves over for a visit. We didn’t turn down a cuppa tea when Rob offered it.

Looking at the mountain view near the flying field
a flyer could get distracted
Tomorrow is Mexico day, 3 of us have dental appointments so we needed to firm up a time for departure. Pat will have to wait and see how she feels in the early morning to determine if she stays home or goes along. When we returned home, I put together the Easy Meatloaf recipe we've come to love. My turn to look after my sickie and give him a break from barbecuing supper tonight. With some mixed veggies on the side, it was a filling meal with leftovers for another night.

You're not seeing things
You are wished Happy Chinese New Year
by this inflatable dragon in the park
To try and conserve some $, Bill turned the meter off to the park’s electric supply. With the full sun, we could take advantage of our panels. At 5:45, he turned it back on so I could utilize our convection oven. The park's electric cost isn’t as bad as we’ve seen nor as good but at .14¢/kw it was reasonable. (since we have no choice when staying for the month).

Supper was very testy
After supper, yum that was good, we cleaned up dishes and relaxed even more for the evening. We have some taped programs to continue watching and that’s a good thing with the Super Bowl on. Starting with Madame Secretary from a week ago and The Good Doctor. This has been a nice quiet day. I enjoyed the pool and the weather. Has yours been a good one too?

Thank you for checking us out today.


  1. Well to heck with that groundhog stuff. Everyday is a nice day. :O)

  2. Glad you are having fun there cruising around the campground, have fun in Mexico.

    1. I'm enjoying the park for sure. Mexico is all about health today, no fun stuff. :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful day there for sure! Hoping Bill and Pat are both on to better health soon! Nice temps in the afternoon and plenty of sunshine for sure. Glad you enjoyed the pool and hot tub. Dinner looks yummy!

    1. It was a lovely day just like where you are! :)
      Hope to see you soon.

  4. Because we have an annual site we have to hook up directly with Arizona Power which you think would be cheaper, but it's not! So we use our solar panels for the RV and only use power for our fridge in the shed. I think it's smart to make use of your solar panels when you can, good for you guys :-)

    1. Thank you M.T. We wish Rob and Pat had the same advantage. It is a good plan.

  5. Sounds like a pretty darn good day.
    Glad to hear Bill is feeling somewhat better. Hopefully Pat will be able to say the same thing soon.
    Nice view down the street of the mountains in the distance.
    Take care.

    1. Thanks, Bill has licked his cold in a short time for which we're happy. Pat is finally on the mend too. :)

  6. Glad to hear Bill is doing better, hopefully Pat follows in his footsteps soon. Dinner looked wonderful. Be safe!!

    1. Thanks Deb. Hopefully Pat's antibiotics kick her virus to the curb!

  7. I can remember ear aches from when I was a kid.....there is nothing more painful! Hope Pat is soon back to her normal chipper self. Get well soon, both of you!

    1. I remember them too but never as bad as what I've seen Pat wince from. I think the antibiotics will help now that it is an infection.
      Bill is much better too, I think it was the Vick's rub I gave him last night. :)