Friday, May 1, 2020

Tired of Weather, Tired of Covid, Just Want to Act Normal - So We Did

The Ridge
On Friday, May 1st I woke up around 7 and we got up together at 7:30. There was no sun, instead a cover of fog and cloud across the land. Good grief! I’m getting tired of this weather, up, down, back and forth and I know we’re not done yet. I hate to be the one always complaining about the weather but here I am, doing just that. I am just looking forward to getting out for an early walk again.

another interesting bird
I'm sure you know what it is
If we were heading into the winter months these dull, wet days would be expected and I would appreciate any reprieve. We’re not. This is spring and it is natural to expect improvements day by day, week by week. I’m thinking that I am not alone here in Ontario, at least, and we are all anxious to get outside to prep gardens and to empty our storage sheds of the ‘summer’ stuff. This weather isn't encouraging with one good day here and there.

In the local paper, I always do the Word Search and 'try'
to work on the Crossword
They screwed up this time and there were about 5 words not included
Bill tried to help find them too
I’m also tired of the Covid-19 controlling our lives. Nothing much we can do about that and I respect it to a certain degree, but we are ready to branch out bit by bit, carefully, and move on with life. Our few visits over the past couple of weeks have been almost breath-taking yet we still feel like we are taking part in criminal activity. We’re not and we refuse to let the fears rule us completely. We are careful when we go out and protect ourselves and others in our midst. There is my rant.

Views like this out our window makes things a lot nicer
See the two male goldfinch in the tree?

Here is a close-up
Last night, I went to bed around 10 and soon after I was in bed I noticed that I had a large twoony size patch of shingles on the back of my upper thigh. The second batch in a week and a half with the first one being tiny and insignificant. It was gone in two days. I should have gotten up and taken a couple of Famciclovir pills but didn't. This morning, I showed Bill and he agreed that it was a large dose and we wondered if it was excitement and concern over yesterday’s visit. That’s all it takes.

Same daffodil plant, still blooming

One of the first things out of my bins was this 'picture'
It was a gift last summer from our friends, Ron and Loree
Because of the fog, once more I couldn’t get out for a walk and it was chilly again anyway. We had our tea and coffee together and read blogs. Our work pensions had gone in the bank so Bill caught up on our banking. It was nice to see that my Income Tax refund had been deposited too. The nice thing about doing our taxes online, the refunds are very quick.

I did get my 'hear no evil, see no evil' frogs out in the garden
Oh, and also ElScott my gnome came out
On with the day! Bill called Home Hdwe. in town and ordered a gallon of the paint he needed to finish his cargo trailer as what he had left had frozen over the winter. Crap! That was $ out the window, I guess we weren’t thinking of having to store it elsewhere when we packed up last fall. Live and learn. He left to pick it up and also planned on returning by way of the Acreage to fill our water bladder. Shoot! I meant to send a couple of things over with him for Donna and Gerry. They will be out tomorrow so we'll deliver them later.

I rehung our Turtle Crossing signs
this one is at the entrance
 With the wet weather and sandy gravel up here, our floors get dirty really quickly so after he left, I swept the downstairs and shook the mats. The upstairs doesn’t get the grit so I didn't do that today. When Bill came in from hooking the bladder up to the fresh water tank, I made us lunch of bacon and eggs. After dishes, the day had cleared and the sun was coming out in between the fluffy clouds. So, we went outside.

One facing down the lane as well
Bill backed the lawn tractor out of the storage shed so I could get at my two bins of yard ‘things’. He questioned whether I really wanted to do that yet, wasn’t it too soon? I told him ‘NO! it’s time and I’m tired of waiting'. I thought I would open another bag of mulch and spread it in the flower garden first. I raked and pulled grass from the phlox, geraniums and corabelle.

Our Welcome and Steep Hill sign at the corral
I realized that I couldn’t see the hostas yet and sure didn’t want to cover them up with mulch. That meant I wouldn’t be laying any today. Instead I spread some little ornamental things around. 

The pond is reflecting the brilliant blue sky
We’d talked last summer about taking down my knick knack shelf because it was looking pretty rough. However, looking at it now we agree that the wood is still solid and all I need to do is sand it a bit and paint it. I put my stuff on it and will remove them when I’m ready to paint.

The white shelf is what needs painting
This is on the east side of the Bunky

The back of the Bunky
I took the puzzle apart and boxed it up. I may loan it out but I won’t get rid of it as I enjoyed working on it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again another time. After filling the bird feeders, even the one I’d had tucked away, I filled the hummer feeder as well. I’m not sure if they are around but maybe they were just waiting! The sky was pure blue now and the sun warm but that wind was still chilly if you were out in it. I was done working around 2:30 and offered Bill a drink.

I mentioned how we had no residents in this bird house a few posts ago
As you can see, there are a lot of choices for entry but not
enough pegs to stand on
Oh, I remembered that I wanted to hang our 3 signs so did that before I sat. We both were ready to come inside around 3:30 as we were expecting a video chat with Jess, Matt and Easton at 4pm. 

Around here, Chippy provides a lot of entertainment
When she called and we saw that little boy’s face on the screen, we had to ooh and aah. At one point he was chattering and then near the end he walked across the room for Grandma and Grandpa to show us how well he is walking. It was great to see them all and that they are all healthy.

We just want to hug this little gapher!

Jess's little family

We're looking forward to the day we can see these guys in person
Both Jess and Matt are able to work, she is an essential worker in a nursing home so we are happy that they are doing okay. I caught up on our blog after the chat and around 5:30, we started heating the oil in our Fry Daddy for French fries. We’ll have Haddock fillets with them for supper. We were eating by 6:30 and had dishes done soon after. 

The temperature rose in the last 2 hours higher than it has been all day. Usually that means it is the sun hitting on the area of our outside thermometer but it can’t reach it so we believe it is because of the winds. They have died considerably. I took a walk down to the end of the lane, across North Line and entered in our front field gate. It was gorgeous out and I took a little video with the sound of the chorus frogs in the background.

Cirque de soleil featuring Chippy

What a little imp
I just love watching his antics!

A pond reflection from the west
This actually turned into a wonderful day with a high temperature of 14C/57F. That allowed us to get some things done around the property. I hope your weather was also good and you enjoyed the day too.

It did get prettier but I didn't capture it
Good night all!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. The weekend is looking up!!

  2. I like your rant. Yes tired of this whole thing. No one is sick here. Open things up. I of course am ignoring all the rules. Someone has to help with herd immunity!! Thank goodness RV parks are opening up. Btw I’m pretty sure Chippy has you wrapped around his little toe!!!

    1. thank you. Enough is enough and we have been abiding by 'most' rules. Now it is time to let us build up our immunity! People do need to get out there or we're gonna catch everything going around.
      I agree about Chippy, the little rascal. :)

  3. Taking out the garden ornaments is a good thing and puts you in the right mind for spring. It has to warm up some day, right? Love that little chipmunk you have. He looks like your pet. If we ignore the news, life seems almost normal when we are outside and doing garden work and it is good for the soul, I think. Keep warm!

    1. Thank you for the support. I agree, now I can at least look out the window at my ornaments even if the weather doesn't allow us to go out. :)
      Chippy thinks he is family, I'm sure! haha
      We don't listen to too much news and I believe that has helped us get through this with a positive outlook. It's time to get out in the community.

  4. I didn't think we had hummers around but filled the feeder anyway ... they have gone through two fills now so they are definitely around.

    Glad you had a nice day :-)

    1. Woohoo! That must be the trick so I'm watching for the hummers now!
      Thanks, it turned into a lovely day all around.

  5. How nice to get a chance to visit with Kim and Ken. Looks like a beautiful area they live in. Well at least we have been having decent weather but we are sick of the whole Covid 19 thing, also. We are lucky to be here in Mississippi but we would like to get back to Michigan. Fingers crossed the Governor stops extending the stay at home order so the campgrounds will be able to start opening. Putting out all your garden decorations must have felt good.

    1. We had a nice visit with those two. After being joined 'at the hip' for the last 3 months of our travel, we missed them!
      I hope things open up for you guys to get home soon. Putting the garden stuff out was very refreshing!

  6. I'd be more agreeable to opening things up if we had a vaccine. But we don't and we won't for many months yet. While I understand the desire for people to get back to work, there needs to be many changes in the way we do things to ensure health and safety of all. I suspect there will be limits to the number of workers/customers, masks and gloves will be the norm, and increased cleaning in all workplaces. Hopefully we can continue to flatten that damn curve and keep our loved ones safe. (my rant over).

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Seems we all have rants these days. And opinions are also good. I am afraid of what will happen when we do get out there. Staying isolated for so long is not allowing us to build up an immunity. Staying safe is key but we need to start venturing out slowly and safely. :)

  7. After reading your final paragraph I thought you should go back and revise your first two paragraphs!

    1. It is so funny you said that because I almost did!! ha ha :)