Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lazy Day, Snow Warning? Birthday Boy, Patrick Calls

I woke up around 6 am on Tuesday, Feb. 27th and felt pretty rested. I lie still for another 30 minutes and then got up. There were clouds covering the eastern and most of the north sky so I wasn’t surprised to see the sun didn’t break through for a sunrise picture. Even though it was 12 degrees warmer than yesterday morning, I didn’t go for a walk. I made my first tea instead.

"Do you want to go for a ride in the truck, Clemson?"
Something I didn’t mention about yesterday’s shopping trip was the great deals we get here on our vitamins. Many times, you ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ so I have stocked up a bit on our D and hope to do the same with the B100’s. Our Omega 3 and my Calcium pills were all purchased under the same kind of deal. They seem to sell a B3, a B12 and a B Complex but no B100’s here so we need to compare the facts.

I’m not sure what we got busy at but before I knew it the clock was reading 10 so I made our bacon and eggs. We cleaned up and Bill went outside to check the tires and torque on the lug nuts on the Suite. While he did that, I separated the meat we bought into individual packs.
Now that is a deal
Our second pack had just as many chops for $18
I cut each pork chop into two because of the thickness. Bill said he wouldn’t need a whole one. Some bones were cut out and packaged for soup broth and I kept one large boneless piece for stuffing and rolling. Thanks George for the reminder! Then I divided the ground beef roll into 5 packages. 

Our freezer is looking full again and it should last us for the rest of the winter.

This was about the extent of my 'busy-ness' today
Then I gave some attention to my finger nails. Yikes, they have been neglected and showed the worse for wear. I clipped and filed and then used a ridge filling base coat. I’m not good with coloured polish, it always gets marked up within minutes, but I might try a light colour anyway. I’m a sucker for punishment, I guess.

I babied these nails after painting them this afternoon
Tadah! No marks!
We discussed the weather, after being informed by a couple of people about some nasty stuff coming. They weren’t entirely wrong, at least according to the few weather stations we’ve tuned into. Looks like temperature dropping to 47F before bedtime tonight, 43F at 1 am and rain starting. Still looks like the low is only going to hit 34F and that is by 7 am Wednesday so still not cold enough for the *s* word. We’ll have to see.
Pretty International stamps
We ‘could’ get flurries here but at this elevation, not likely or very little. Because we don’t know for sure and we are pulling out Thursday morning, we’ve planned 2 supper meals inside. We’d rather be safe than sorry. Tonight because of the winds, mainly, we don’t want to barbecue. I have fish and chips planned so Bill can put the Weber, the table and the chairs away.

I tried walking with Clemson earlier and the gusts of 40 mph made it extremely difficult to walk with him. It actually blew him over in the middle of a nature call. I tried not to laugh, instead turned back towards home. I didn’t want to hurt his little feelings, he was so determined to finish! 

When I got back I told Bill, “okay, I won’t be sitting out anymore you can put things away.” We needed a nibble so around 1 we had some cheese and crackers and then drove into Huachuca City to get some quarters for laundry and some more stamps. March is a birthday month.
One of my favourite pictures of Nathan at 2
Speaking of birthdays, there is one very special one today. Nathan, my son’s little fellow turns 8 today. I don’t know if his card made it on time but I hope so. Bill finished putting a few things away in the truck so now tomorrow we can do our last clothing laundry here and relax for the remainder of the day. As I was inside, my son called to chat. He is the darnedest one for answering emails so I was very happy to hear him on the phone instead.
Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Leading a very busy life, Patrick admits to making life even more difficult for himself. A party for Nate on Saturday and after working long hours at work, Patrick took on much more than necessary. He even made a 3-layer birthday cake (Chaela doesn’t bake) along with setting up a fun playing field involving the online game Mine Sweeper for the 4 friends that stayed overnight. I’m tired just thinking of it.

These were good
Anyway, it was a great chit chat and 20 minutes later we said our ‘I love you and goodbyes’. Bill was out talking to Rick next door and when he came in, he sat with his book and the tv in the back ground. Well, I know he for sure has earned relax-time. It was 3 pm and I decided it was time for a Happy Hour drink. Beer Margarita or tea? Hmm. Let me think about it.
Clemson's position while we prepare supper
So, I decided to have a margarita since I remembered to pick up the frozen limeade yesterday. I sat on the couch where the sun was coming in the windows and watched television with Bill and Clemson. The afternoon slipped by and at 5 we began making supper. It is Tuesday night and our night for watching our favourite programs.

Bill washed and cut up the potatoes for fries and I prepared the cod filets. This didn’t leave me much to do because the only cod we could find at Fry’s yesterday was frozen with 2 in a box. So, all I had to do was open the single packets, put the filets in the baking pan, pour the seasoned sauce over them and add lemon slices on top. The oil was heating up in the fryer and soon enough we were good to go. Supper was ready at 5:30 and we were all cleaned up by 6 when NCIS started.

Distractions while trying to finish my post don’t go hand in hand but in this case, it will just slow me down. I download pictures and do my writing during commercials. At 7:15 we both had a craving for the white chocolate/raspberry swirl ice cream we bought yesterday. We love Tillamook ice cream, it is so creamy.

Finally, I am ready to close off this post. NCIS New Orleans is on and it isn’t one I’m stuck on. This has been a very lazy day and yet a good one. I hope you can say you had a good one too. 
Good night from Quail Ridge

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  1. Poor Clemson. At least he had the 'dogedness' to finish what he started. We can all learn from that!!
    Hope your weather improves!

    1. I know! So, in an earthquake, stay on that toilet! ha ha You are right though. :)
      A couple of colder days and then improvement when we move.

  2. Hope the weather improves. I'm not looking forward to those kinds of temperatures at all.

    Happy Birthday Patrick!! He's a cutie.

    Love the nails, I can't paint mine without a mess. They are always getting scuffed because I can't sit long enough for them to dry thoroughly.

    Your days sounds like mine, lazy without much to do. Not a bad kind of day at all.

    The rain has been falling here off and on since earlier this evening. Hopefully it doesn't rain all night.

    Enjoy your last couple of days.

    1. The weather will be up and down from here on in, I suppose. Oh well, we're still dealing with it as best we can!
      Nathan is the one with the birthday, I think you just mistyped the name. no worries, thanks for sending wishes. :)
      Thanks Deb

  3. Great looking nails Patsy! Poor Clemson. That high of wind could knock anyone over. We're having rain tonight. Hoping my campsite isn't a field of mud when I take Yuma for a walk. At least I know it won't be white ☺.

    I actually watched Bull and some of NCIS N.O. tonight but turned it off. Enjoy your last days there.

    1. Thanks Doug. Clemson forged on and finished, tg!
      I hope you have a dry morning for a walk.
      We are hooked on our Tuesday night programs.

  4. Happy birthday to Nathan, but more important at this moment is thanking you for not laughing too hard and again at Clemson. I would be so disappointed if you laughed at him doing his business again and being blown over. No worries Clemson, we have your back!

    Great post to read. Thank you my friends! :)

    1. Ha ha, thank you for looking out for Clemson, Lori. I held the chuckle back and hugged him tight when I lifted him into the Suite. :)
      glad you enjoyed the read! Anytime!

  5. We do like some of the great deals we can get here when shopping around. Stuff a roll the large piece of pork and enjoy.
    It was a windy day , but we managed to find a sunny spot out of the wind for most of the day. Cool overnight but no snow. We have had colder nights on the weekend.

    1. The meat deals, as you know, are hard to resist. Very windy day, yes, glad you found a spot to sit. We prefer inside on days like that.
      Just rain, tonight might be snow. It hasn't been below 32F for us so fingers crossed it is dry in the morning. :)

  6. Oooooooo Tillamook. Love it!

    It rained most of the night here ... no snow, but it's cold.

    1. Yes, we do too! Back home we buy Chapman's. It is the equivalent but still not as creamy as Tillamook.
      fingers crossed the snow stays at bay.

  7. Happy Birthday Nathan! What a cutie! Great deals on the meat. Poor little Clemson, being blown over ...teehee.. Great sunset and wonderful looking dinner..