Monday, February 26, 2018

Morning Walkabout, Birthday, Sierra Vista Shopping, Helping a Friend, Free Wifi, Happy Hour

It was 15 minutes before 7 when I woke up and got up on Monday, Feb. 26th. I’d been awake a few times but seemingly dropped off again, a couple of times. I slipped out of bed leaving the lumps of my loved ones under the covers undisturbed. I got dressed to go downstairs. Upon opening the window shades, I noticed the sun about to pop in the east and frost on Rick’s windshield next door. A cold morning.

The thermometer silently reported 32F but I wasn’t deterred. Yesterday I wimped out but today I accepted my own challenge of a walk with gusto. I bundled, of course, against the cold although thankfully there was no wind yet. I had a nice brisk walk around the perimeter of the park before returning home. For some reason, I felt a bit on top of the world. šŸ˜Š
So, who do you think runs this house?
I'd guess the puppies.
Bill and Clemmy got up soon after I returned so we had our tea and a grapefruit together. Clemson doesn’t go for the grapefruit so Bill and I shared one. We read blog posts written by our friends and played our Scrabble games on Facebook. We were both tickled that we were able to connect to the park’s free wifi today. Last night, even my pictures downloaded on ‘their’ penny with the exception of the final ‘Publish’. 

While we were doing dishes, we called our good friend, Pat, back home, to sing Happy Birthday to her. Our voices leave a lot to be desired but she patiently let us finish our song. Hope you had a fantastic day, Buddy!šŸ’—

Cheers Pat!
After we cleaned up dishes we drove into Sierra Vista. First, we went to Walmart where Bill picked up some Def fluid. The price there is awesome compared to back home. Next, we stopped at the CVS Pharmacy in Target to pick up Bill’s vitamins and then drove across the parking lot to Fry’s for groceries. We had quite a list but love shopping there. Shopping at Fry’s gave us a 23% savings on our bill today and points enough that we could fill up on diesel for an amazing $2.59/gal.

Peter Rabbit let me get closer this morning
After filling Black Beauty we drove home and decided on lunch. Bill made a toasted cheese and peanut butter sandwich and I had another bowl of my vegetable soup. I only have one left but that’s perfect, it just means time to start thinking about another one. We put our groceries away and I’ll deal with separating the meat into freezer packs later.
If you can see the surveillance blimp in this picture
your eyes are as good as mine!
We receive the best deals on meat down here. Buy 1 pack of huge thick pork chops (4 lb.) for $19 and get another pack free of the same or lesser size. Each chop is thick and large enough to cut in half. Bill will be able to eat chops all the rest of the way home. 

Holly Hobby and a Military Man
We sat outside with our books to relax for a bit and Scott and Eowyn stopped by. It was nice to sit outside in the warm air and even after Eowyn left with Ulrich, Scott sat with us. We discussed their plans after they leave here and their home plans as well as our plans when we pull out on Thursday and beyond. It feels like a lifelong friendship, Scott is such a nice down to earth young man. 

I had made plans with Debbie to pop around this afternoon and help her advertise her jewelery so at 2 I walked back to her trailer.
Debbie made this for me last year, after our first meeting
She showed me her creations and I must admit they are beautiful! I wish had a cash flow that I could purchase of couple of her necklaces. Hopefully another time. Between the two of us we figured out how she can join the Sierra Vista selling group on Facebook and post pictures of a few of her necklaces. Nothing would make me happier than to hear that she was selling her stuff. We chatted some more and I hooked her up to my blog site before I left before 3:30.

Indulge me while I show you Debbie's beautiful work
this one is gorgous!

shades of purple pearls

I love this one but the photo is blurred a bit
They are little skulls
Happy hour turned out to be an inside thing here at the Suite. Just the two of us. Bill had a Caesar and I had a beer margarita. It was too windy to go visiting and sitting outside so we stayed in. I wrote some on my blog post and Bill watched reruns of NCIS in between pages of his book. 
Around 5:15 he lit the barbecue and I prepared a potato, 1/8th  of a spaghetti squash and corn for him. These were our side dishes alongside pork chops and chicken breast.

Clemson has a private rendezvous with Katie
Supper was ready at 6 just when this season of The Voice came on. Remember, we are watching programs on Ontario time so 8 pm at home is 6 pm here. It threw me for a loop at the beginning of November, getting used to it, but Bill has been on the ball all winter long. We’re not Kelly Clarkson fans, but we won’t let the fact that she is one of the coaches this season stop us from watching it.

Our supper together
We settled in for a nice evening, finishing up the last two glasses of the Barefoot wine. Finally! See, Nancy, we don’t drink a lot of wine either! We’ve had a very nice day and look forward to a couple of easy going ones before we leave this resort. I hope your day has been a good one too.

just over a week ago, I showed you pictures of The Ridge (our summer place) back home
Now, the snow has melted (for now)
And from up on the hill behind our car shelter, this one
Thanks Donna for keeping us informed
Thank you for taking the time to read my post today. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. You always make me feel guilty with your walks. I have not been walking a lot this year for no other reason than laziness. Keep on making me feel bad and I will join you soon. The Ridge looks just a little inviting but remember old man winter is not done with it yet!!! Stay warm for a while yet.

    1. No guilt trips are intended, I have enough lazy days myself!
      The Ridge will definitely be snow covered again before April, we just hope it is gone when we get home. Taking our sllllooooowwwww time getting back.

  2. Are you sure that's the blimp and not a dust spec on your clean lens? Those are beautiful necklaces and ear rings. Really liked the first set.

    Hopefully, it warms up soon, but it isn't as bad as back home, so we can't complain.

    1. ha ha you are funny with your wit! I'm sure, this time!
      They are beautiful necklaces.
      You are correct, we'll take this mildness as long as it lasts.

  3. Nice jewelry!!

    The Ridge looks pretty good, lots of water down there below, must have been a fast melt down. Hopefully it stays nice enough to have everything green and pretty much dried out by the time you reach home.

    Enjoy your last few days there at Quail Ridge.

    1. Yes, it is. I saw a few favourites in her collection.
      The Ridge ponds are overflowing and as much as I love taking pictures of them when I'm home, I can wait for a while longer. :)
      Thank you Deb & Riley.

  4. Nice to see the snow is melting for you back home, I wish it would melt back at our home. Beautiful jewelry!

    1. Yes, I'm sure it will turn white again a few times yet but hopefully all gone by April 7th.

  5. It was a very nice day. clear blue skies and sunshine. Debbies' creations look very nice hope she can see some Glad you got to chat with Scott and part of the crew, super people on an amazing adventure. Suzie chatted with them in the morning visiting the you couple just down from us.

    1. We had a great day. I'd love it if Debbie sold some of her jewellery.
      always nice to talk to Scott.

  6. Batten down the hatches ... they say a big storm is coming today and tomorrow!!

  7. There are some talented people out there. The jewelry is beautiful and she should have no difficulty selling it. With a store like Fry's in Sierra Vista you guys live like the King of France, as the saying goes. Dinner looked very appetizing.

    1. Debbie has the patience for stringing those tiny beads. I would love to do something like that, not sure if my fingers could! :)
      Fry's and Smith's are 2 really great stores and we find the prices reasonable even without the 'specials'.

  8. Love those beads, so beautiful. Does she have a website or something to see pricing? Love Fry's and Smiths! Boy that's a lot of water at the Ridge! Good for you for taking that morning walk!

    1. Aren't they pretty? No website yet, she is struggling so not set up anywhere yet. If you are on Facebook, check out "Sierra Vista az buy, sell, trade". Hopefully the Ridge dries up soon. :)

    2. Her name is Debbie Gray and she has lots of necklace sets and bracelets made up and will make as per your tastes. :)

  9. Glad to read you were able to get your camera cleaned, I know you were frustrated by the dirt specs in the pictures...yeah!
    We always enjoy eating at Big Nose Kate's when we visit Tombstone. If it is the same gentleman entertaining, we found him enjoyable to sit and listen to while enjoying lunch. Looks like a fun time with your friends. She makes some pretty jewelry.
    The bunny is cute.

    1. Thanks Deb. You can imagine my relief to get my camera cleaned up! :)
      Big Nose Kates was great, it took someone else to go with us so we could try it out. :) The entertainer was very good. We had a good time and yes Debbie makes lovely jewellery. Love the bunnies.