Monday, August 13, 2018

And It’s a Take-Off! Hot Day at the Field, Home Turf and Home

It was 7:30 when Bill and I crawled out of bed on Sunday, Aug. 12th. That was a much better night sleeping for all of us. Clemson moved from Bill’s side to mine once through the night and didn’t seem to experience the disorientation of the previous night. The actual Fun Fly was only one day so today meant the field was available for free flying to those of us left.

Little sleepyhead
 Bill was dressed and out the door within minutes of getting up and I sat at my laptop hoping to get my ‘belated’ post done. Our neighbours, Bob and his wife, Ruth (who he brought back Saturday night) were still inside so when I got the message that my battery was dying, there was no way we were turning the genny on. This is still our old, reliable but noisy, one since the new one is still at the repair shop back home.

My view from the table with the tv turned
It was nice that the tv in this trailer is on a swivel between the living area and the bedroom area. Nice feature indeed but for me, it meant I could sit at the table and watch for when Clemson began moving. The bed is at least 18” high. So, the decision was made for me anyway since I couldn’t work on my laptop. I made a pot of coffee and watched for him to wake up.

Just showed enough of a hunger so that I could slip the pill in a piece
Once he did, he appeared hungry, no doubt! and ate a couple of pieces of his soft food. That was my opportunity to slip his half pill into the food and he ate it. We moved outside and sat in the sun for a little while. The fridge in this Mallard is finally starting to cool down appropriately so I went to move the stuff Bill had placed in the freezer yesterday down to the fridge section.

So, Bob and Bill walk the Stinson Reliant out for take off

And she's up
Woops! He had put a Coke up there and it had burst. What a mess! The cream was half frozen and so were the remaining eggs in the carton. My goodness! I don’t think we were thinking straight on that plan. I poured Bill a coffee and started his breakfast. Have you ever cooked frozen eggs? Cross that off my bucket list. Ha ha!
The shells were cracked and when I peeled them away, the egg rolled into the fry pan like a child’s toy. They cooked up fine when I cut them up and made Bill a sandwich. 

The pilot and the builder
 He is pretty easy to please with most meals and when he is this involved in other things, even more so. I had to toast the bread on the burner but he didn’t mind the blackness at all. At least he didn’t say so. 😊

And there she is, up, up and away!
Instead of doing the same for me, I waited a bit later and had a grilled cheese sandwich with the crusts of the loaf. It cooked up nicely in the fry pan. I can’t believe I am drinking coffee and enjoying it. Mind you, I am adding sweetener so it is like a ‘special’ coffee to me. The big thing on the agenda today is to get Bill’s big Stinson in the air for its maiden flight. Come hell or high water, it is going in the air! Yesterday, they managed to get it running at a steady rate.

Bob and Bill worked steadily on it this morning and soon it was time. I was inside sorting pictures when I heard the motor. That was my cue to run with the camera. The flight was successful and there were smiles all around from the few friend’s aka spectators but none as big as Bill’s. This was his goal this weekend and he met it. It didn’t matter that he didn’t fly it, Bob was able to get the feel for what trimming it needed. It went up a few more times, successfully, before it was time to start packing up.

That, my friends, is a happy camper and a happy pilot
Walt left, Tom said goodbye and then Keith and Oreo pulled out. Packing up was not a chore I looked forward to but I set to stripping the bed. The ants in this trailer were enough to drive me nuts! In the kitchen cupboard over the counter and in the bedroom closet. I’d put my purse in there on Friday night and when I pulled it out this morning, at least 25 came crawling out. Nothing was in my purse to attract them other than maybe a dark place to hide.

Keith pulls out with his unit
 I swatted and killed as many as I could before they scrambled across the mattress so I apologize to Nicole for the dirty floor. I forgot my broom or I would certainly have swept the trailer out before we dropped it off. Of course, things never go back into the same bags as they came out of but I did my best. The last thing I did after emptying the fridge was turn it off and pour some warm water into the freezer so I could thaw the frozen mess from the Coke.

I loved these clouds on our way home
With that cleaned out, Bill loaded the truck and we were on our way to CanAm. All we had to do was drop the Mallard out front and make sure it was locked up. Back at the field, Bill hooked up the cargo trailer and say goodbye to Bob and Ruth. The drive home should have been uneventful but we were so busy chatting, I guess, that we completely missed Exit 222 which takes us home through Embro. Driving through Woodstock was a pain in the butt with the construction and a delay of another 30 minutes.

Obviously a Corvette club was having a ride together
One is missing.........Jim?
We arrived home by 5 and unloaded the truck. Clemson needed to re-acquaint himself with ‘Home’ again, in his new state, and we closed the bedroom door so as not to entice him. We both kept a watchful eye on his attempts to jump on the couch and chairs and put his bed on the floor hoping that would be enough. It worked for a while Sunday night. Bill went out to cut grass, yes, hard to keep a good man down, and Clemson and I just relaxed.

I had to add this picture of Bob and Ruth when we said goodbye
What a character he is

The night sky was very pretty here at the Ridge
By 9:30, with my post finished, I was done for the night. Still trying to catch up on Friday night’s sleep, I guess. Bill and Clemson followed later, but I was asleep so didn’t hear them. I was glad to be home, at least glad to be in our own home again. It was a fun weekend though for sure.

If you squint, the lower clouds look they are sitting on water
Our late supper on Sunday night
On Monday, Aug. 13th we woke up around 7 again. Bill and I. I know I slept well because Clemson was cuddled with Daddy all night long. I had room to move, turn over and stretch but I don’t know how Bill slept. He was up and out the door after I sorted the laundry. First on the agenda was to get the water bladder filled. We were down to 13 gallons and Bill was leaving tomorrow for work.

Piling stuff on the couch and moving his bed to the floor
we were hoping he wouldn't try to jump
Clemson slept until 8 and after taking him out, I sat with him while Bill was gone. Then it was my turn to head into town to do the laundry. Bill sat inside with Clemmy. We wanted to monitor how he is with the furniture. Will he try to jump up on the couch etc. if he’s left alone? And can he do it safely?  We were both really pleased to see his eyes had stopped their rapid side to side motion and he was less wobbly on the legs but noticed that he still had the head tilt. It is endearing, I must admit, as if he is constantly asking a question.

I did miss my walks and this morning view of our pond

The road home

When I finished at the laundromat, I drove to Foodland to pick up bread and some veggies before returning to the Ridge. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then I hopped into the shower. We had a bank appointment in Markdale; one of Mom’s investments were coming due. This day is just flying by and I haven’t really had a chance to tidy up the Suite. The floor needs a good cleaning. I brought more than half of the clothes in off the line before we left at 1:30. They dried really fast!
Another view from my morning walk
What say you?
Someone had a pleasant safe experience?
on Baptist Church Road. LOL
Back at home, Clemson and I settled in my recliner. Bill was outside working on one thing or another. I was really feeling the heat again today and I’m sure I dozed off while trying to read my book. It is an Anne Penny story called Bluegate Fields and I’m enjoying it. It is strange though because it was written about times in the 1880’s. It is a mystery so I’m hooked. I’m enjoying the Kobo too but need to make an adjustment on the book cover that it sits in. A little bit of Velcro should do the trick.

The elastics on the right hold the kobo in place but they are all stretched

That is a project for tomorrow, I'll add some velcro to hold it in place
For supper, Bill grilled a couple of burgers with the works and I made up a Caesar salad. He also barbecued a couple of small pork loin chops for his supper tomorrow. I cooked some corn for him to eat with them. As we were doing up dishes, there was a knock at the door and we had welcome visitors. 

I missed you soooo much, Pat
Rob and Pat decided to drive out and see how we and mainly Clemson were doing. I love that they feel comfortable enough to just drop in. That is what good friends do.

Clemson managed to get up onto Bill's recliner where the sun was this morning
They stayed for a nice visit and then headed off home around 8. I brought the rest of the clothes in off the line and Bill made up his lunch sandwiches and packed his bag. Clemson settled on the couch while I write this post and we watch Mash reruns. This has been a fine day. The temperature rose to 84F today and just before supper, I caved and turned the a/c on. It is going to be hotter tomorrow and Wednesday so I’m going to leave it on.

And with a bit of a head tilt, Clemson says goodnight all

I hope you’ve had a great day! Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated, I enjoy reading them.


  1. Your little trip has me exhausted. So happy Clemson is doing better. Elva Shannon

    1. Are you sure I didn't just put you to sleep with my rambling? ha ha
      Thank you Elva, we are also relieved Clemson is on the mend.

  2. That plane is huge!!!! Very cool. Glad to hear Clemson is better. I ended up stacking cushions up so Coop could climb up on the couch. Works great as long as I don't trip over them. What can I say - that trailer was an adventure!!!

    1. Yes, the plane is huge. I want to say 84" wing span but can't remember exactly. I thought about stacking cushions because of your story with Cooper but the way our goofball is, he would stumble on those even more. Thankfully, he does fine getting onto the couch but it takes him forever to get up the nerve. Everything is on a tilt for him. :O

  3. What a fun time Bill had with his planes. There used to be a good sized club that utilized our city airport to fly their planes. They are fun to watch.
    We have had more issues this year with ants than we have in a long time. We had to do some house cleaning a couple of days ago to get rid of some. As soon as I see one I am in cleaning mode!!!! Right afterwards Dean accidentally dropped a pitcher of Apple juice on the floor. Once we had the mess cleaned up I had him bring the "Home Defense" spray in and go along the slide, and then outside. I'm sure some juice got under the slide that I was unable to reach. In fact, i think I'll have him spray again today just to be on the safe side. Lol!!
    I'm glad to hear Clemson seems to be feeling a little better.

    1. When we are in a new area down south, Bill searches for clubs close by. He wants to take one plane along this year, his small one, just in case he can fly as a guest. If not, he'll have his drone again. There are a few clubs in Ontario too that utilize the airport for special event RC flyers.
      Mice! Ants! At least the ants aren't in the Suite (yet). They do drive us crazy, don't they?
      Thank you, Clemson is definitely on the mend. :D Big smiles for that!

  4. That is great that Bill got his Stinson Reliant in the air even if he did not fly it after all the time he spent building it, sure is a wonderful plane.
    Too bad the fridge in that trailer was not turned on a day earlier, they do take at least 24 hours to cool down.
    Sounds like you had a fun time, and glad Clemson is doing better.

    1. Thanks George. You saw that plane up close and personal and you know what it meant for him to get it in the air. There was a mishap when it landed the last time but something he can fix. He is still very happy.
      Nicole apologized for not turning the fridge on the previous day for us and we, of course, are completely unfamiliar with propane fridges now so didn't ask her to!
      Thanks, Clemson is getting back to normal slowly but surely. :)

  5. The head tilt is rather cute......I agree, but glad that he is on the mend!