Friday, August 3, 2018

Another White Sky Morning, Doing Our Own Things, Visit with Mom

Bill and I both woke up together on Friday, Aug. 3rd when Clemson had to go out. Since he hopped up onto the couch, it gave us more time to cuddle, closer. He is in between us 95% of the time so we take advantage when we can. Since I’d been in bed since 9:30, I was soon up and left Bill to try and drop off to sleep again.

Good morning, Pond reflections
It was 7:30 when I headed out the door, leaving sleeping beauty, and walked east on North Line. I could see George headed in the westerly direction and didn’t want to step on his heels. I walk faster than he does. When I got to the farmhouse at the top of the hill, I turned around and headed the other way. George was on his way back home when we passed each other and I kept going, down Baptist Church Road to the second house to the north.

the farmer who owns the cattle across from us lives here
We picked the perfect time to walk, as it got quite hot and humid later in the morning. Bill was up and had had his shower when I returned and we had a hot drink together while checking blog posts. 

From a different angle, I can see 4 turbines
Well, look at that! A campground through the trees
Oh, wait a minute. That is the Ridge!
His mind was on his planes and went out to work on a few of those, trying to get them running. I’m glad he is showing some interest in them again, he loves the hobby and sometimes is kept too busy around here with other things.

The pretty orange berries of the Ash Tree
My turn to hop in the shower so I came inside and took care of that. It was about 10:15 when I started frying up our bacon and eggs, called Bill in at 10:30 and was on my way to Durham at 10:45. That was a busy hour! We left the dishes until later, just rinsing the plates in the sink for now. I said goodbye to Bill and he sent me with a ‘smooch’ for Mom as she always sends a specific one home for him. 😊

I love the branches on this tree
Looks like a big family like some Saguaro cactus we've seen
in the southwest
I found Mom in her room, sitting on her arm chair looking out the window. Things were neat and tidy and looking back to normal. Her babies were no longer in the pillow case, but instead spread out nicely across her pillow. She was not confused, knew exactly where she was but didn’t remember that she ate in the dining room. No worries. I suggested we go outside for a walk and she thought that was a great idea.

Mom and I took a walk today
She felt free!
We walked down to the school driveway and back and then moved the chairs into the shade of the tree and sat for the remainder of our visit. Her spirit was wonderful and we had a nice time together. Some days it is so easy to make her giggle like a school girl. I love those times. I took her into the dining room for her lunch and gave her the ‘smooch’ from Bill. That got a chuckle and she pointed a finger at me and said ‘you got me!’ On my way out, a brief hello to Aunt Mary and then the continued wave and kisses all the way out the door.

And then we came back and sat in the shade until her lunch time
Doesn't she look great?
Back home, I relaxed in the shade for a while
I went in to Foodland for something and scooted for home, glad to get out of that busy little hubbub. We sat outside together for a while and Bill and I shared the remainder of the Caramel Apple Dip and a Granny Smith apple. Bill enjoys the word searches so after we’d plucked away at the crossword, he worked on that until Happy Hour. We moved to the shade of the cherry tree and caught up on things.

Rose and George relaxing in the shade too

I tied two of my potted tomato plants to
my ornament shelf
Before everyone joined us, I used some of Bill’s heavy-duty string to stabilize a couple of my tall tomato plants and stakes. They were getting top heavy with the weight of the tomatoes so I used my little shelf to secure them. I have more in the garden that need attention so will work on that tomorrow. Some just need stakes hammered further into the ground. I offered Pat and Suzie a couple of tomatoes and need to take some to Rose as well.
When Rob and Pat returned from Hanover and Durham
she brought me these beautiful sunflowers
They look droopy now but they perked up after having a drink
from our rain bucket
Gerry had driven over at 3:30 to pick George G. and Rose up to go and see a property in the area and to show them the Acreage. By the time we had all split up because of the lateness of the hour, the cooler winds and began our preps for supper, Gerry returned. We couldn’t tell if the black sky and thunder storms were headed our way or not so we closed up the sheds and cargo trailer and brought the awnings in.

Depending on which way you turned, these 3 pictures were taken within seconds of each other
to the north west

to the east

to the west
We had burgers and corn on the cob and it was delicious. So easy but so good. With dishes cleaned up, Clemson and I walked down to see if there was any mail. 

Looks simple but it was delicious!
I got my exercises as I walked and while I got my arms moving there, Clemson got his exercise on his legs by running 75% of the way down and back. What a goof! Ears flopping as he ran until he realized he is way ahead of me and has to stop and check up on me.
Coming, Mom?
Inside, we noticed our kitchen faucet needs another good cleaning so we soaked it in vinegar. Bill also said the Water Pik needs the same treatment so he took care of that. 

Rinsing the Water Pik with vinegar

The dark skies had moved on past and darned if the sun didn’t return and warm it up all over again. Bill had decided to have a fire tonight since it may be the last night here for Rose and George. They have been invited to move to their daughter’s in Mount Forest.

After supper, this was the sky that moved in
We are really enjoying our friends spending time with us up here on the Ridge but it is up to each of them when they need to move on. We are grateful for their visits. I changed into long pants and long sleeves and joined the gang outside for the fire. 

Looking up at Clemson, Rob's GMC is parked under our canopy
Brightens up the place, doesn't it?
It was a very calm night although Bill had some wind while waiting for it to light. The sky was beautiful tonight too and we all tried to capture the red sunset. I just like the way the pink plays with the clouds like candy floss.

By 9:30 everyone but George G., Bill and I had gone inside and when the mosquitoes made an appearance and seemed hungry, we said goodnight and came inside. This has been a great day, no complaints at all so I dare say a perfect day. I hope you can say the same.

I couldn't capture a very good picture of the red sun so this will have to do

another nice fire before George and Rose leave tomorrow

Goodnight from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping by. It is always nice to read your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. It was a fun day doing this and chatting for a while tasty meals and a nice campfire.
    Nice that you can visit you mom as well. Thanks for the tomato.

    1. We also enjoyed the day very much. Hot ones ahead, we're ready!

  2. Another great day for you guys! Your mom looks happy. Love the pics of the two of you together :) The sunflowers are beautiful and a sweet gesture! Dinner looks awesome! The clouds do make for a pretty sunset don't they? A nice fire to top off the day..such is the life!

    1. It was a great day. Mom was a treat for my visit. I love those days.
      Pat knows I love my sunflowers. :)
      Life is tough but someone has to do it.

  3. Patsy, where did you get your fire pit?

    1. Hi Kristin and John. We picked it up at Rona last spring. We paid about $170, can't remember if that was a sale price or regular price.

  4. Great photos of you and your Mom.

    1. Thank you, I try to get many selfies of day I won't be able to.

  5. Your mom and Bill sending each other "smooches"....I love it! Elva Shannon

    1. she takes my face in her hands and plants one right on the lips and says "this is for that man of yours". Flirt, she is.

  6. Having your friends to the Ridge is so nice for all of you. It would be nice to have space available to do that some day. Love the visits with you and your mom. She has a beautiful smile. I see where you get yours.

    1. We are fortunate to be able to offer space for friends. they seem to enjoy it up here almost as much as we do!
      Mom does have a great smile, thank you.